How to exchange cryptocurrency on ChangeHero with Atomic wallet?

Whether you are a veteran hodler or a newcomer to the exciting world of cryptocurrencies, we all are looking for the same things in wallets: security and usability. This week, we want to introduce you to Atomic Wallet that efficiently covers these aspects.

Originally a desktop application, Atomic Wallet is available on Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora as well as on mobile devices on Android and iOS. It supports 300+ coins and tokens: BTC, ETH & all ERC-20 tokens, XRP, Cardano, DASH, TRX, LTC, EOS, DOGE, XLM, DGB, BCH, VET, ONG, BNB and so on… As well as native AWC.

The wallet also has in-app exchange and you can perform a peer-to-peer atomic swap. Though right now it only supports BTC, LTC and QTUM, atomic swaps are gaining more attention, so keeping an eye on products that support this technology might be a good idea.

Last but not least, Atomic Wallet is very easy to use thanks to its clean interface.

From a security point of view, Atomic Wallet is a non-custodial HD wallet. Let’s take this definition apart.

Non-custodial means that the private keys belong to the wallet’s user. Only you will have access to all your funds, and the wallet will show what you have but not store or access your assets. What this also means is that backing up the wallet is entirely on you. If you lose your mnemonic seed phrase, your funds become inaccessible, and no one can be held accountable for that. If you keep it though, even if you lose your device, the wallet can be restored from backup using the recovery phrase.

HD, which stands for hierarchical deterministic, means that the wallet generates all the addresses for incoming and outgoing transactions based on one main private key. Thanks to this, only the seed phrase is needed to gain access to user’s funds on different blockchains. However, this also means that if someone gets your seed phrase, they gain access to all your funds stored in a wallet.

In addition, Atomic Wallet uses different kinds of encryption to protect stored and transferred data. Data on your device is encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocol, and the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol takes care of the data you send or receive.

If you enjoy this wallet’s simplicity and security, you will surely find ChangeHero to be the most appropriate service to exchange your cryptocurrency. And if you’re thinking of trying the wallet out, we can also help you with that! This will take you just a few minutes and very little effort. You can choose the standard rate or go for a fixed rate exchange — we will find the best possible rate regardless. Either way, your transaction will be super fast, and in an unlikely scenario, our support heroes are available round the clock.

How to exchange crypto in ChangeHero with Atomic Wallet?

1. Choose your assets: Go to and choose currencies, input the amount you wish to exchange. Check if you chose a fixed or standard rate. ChangeHero will instantly display the estimated amount.

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2. Provide an address: Generate a recipient address in your Atomic Wallet. Copy the address of the currency you are going to receive and paste it in the next step on the ChangeHero platform.

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3. Double-check and confirm: In the following step check transaction details and accept Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and KYC Policy before confirming the transaction.

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4. Send the assets: Copy ChangeHero deposit address or scan the QR-code and transfer the necessary amount from your Atomic Wallet.

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5. Wait… (for the transaction to be confirmed and then for the delivery of your assets) This should take you from just 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the currency.

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6. Presto! And just like that, we are done! Your funds are now safe with Atomic Wallet.

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Not too complicated, is it? With the user-friendliness of both services, even a novice can easily exchange crypto on ChangHero with Atomic wallet. You can also add up to your crypto funds in Atomic Wallet by buying them on ChangeHero the same way.

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How To Exchange Cryptocurrency With Atomic Wallet?
You can exchange cryptocurrency on ChangeHero with Atomic Wallet in a few steps. Select, Send and Receive. As simple as that.
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