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How To Exchange Cryptocurrency With BRD Wallet?
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In recent years, cryptocurrency has seen a dramatic rise in its adoption. With the improvements in the technological advancements, crypto managing, storing and trading turned out to be a cushy task. With BRD wallet and ChangeHero, you can exchange your crypto assets quickly on-the-go.

BRD wallet is one of the long-standing Bitcoin wallets enabling the users to store and manage cryptocurrency on-the-go. Launched in 2015, the wallet was formerly known as Bread Wallet. It is a free-to-use wallet which is aimed at providing financial freedom and to empower people with the benefits offered by the Bitcoin. The wallet supports the most popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BCH, and ERC-20 tokens.

BRD’s gigantic user base in over 150 countries indicates that it is well on its way reaching the purpose of its inception. The user-friendly interface of the wallet that is designed specifically for the freshmen in crypto drove the adoption. The mobile-only wallet can be accessed through the applications for smartphones of the major operating systems — Android** and **IOS.

Privacy and security are given major emphasis in the BRD wallet and connects directly to the blockchain network without any servers in between. It is a non-custodial wallet and doesn’t store or have access to the user funds. All the private keys are encrypted locally and don’t leave the user device. The wallet uses a Hierarchical Deterministic security architecture which creates a new address for every transaction making it as anonymous as a bitcoin can be. An additional layer of security can be added by opting for fingerprint authentication. The 12-word passphrase is also available to recover the wallet along with funds in the event of loss of device or password.

If you are looking to exchange your crypto assets stored on BRD wallet then you might be interested in ChangeHero as it is the best place to swap your crypto in a breeze. With over 140 cryptocurrencies listed, ChangeHero is arguably one of the most reliable instant cryptocurrency exchange platforms. For all the exchanges, we provide you with both standard and fixed rates. ChangeHero selects the** best rate** available in the market and delivers your crypto at lightning speed. You can quickly exchange your assets in a few simple steps on ChangeHero.

How to swap your assets on ChangeHero with BRD wallet:

ChangeHero homepage old version

**1. Choose the assets to exchange on ChangeHero homepage — **Select cryptocurrencies you want to swap, insert the amount, pick the preferred type of rate and click on “Exchange”. ChangeHero estimates the amount of crypto you will be receiving.

ChangeHero transaction process

**2. Provide BRD wallet address — **Copy the BRD wallet address of the payout currency and paste it to the ChangeHero platform.

ChangeHero exchange confirmation
Confirming details

**3. Confirm transaction — **Check all the details one more time, accept the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, KYC policy and confirm the transaction.

ChangeHero exchange processing transaction interface
Waiting for the funds
BRD wallet user interface
Sending assets from BRD wallet

**4. Send your assets — **Copy ChangeHero deposit address and transfer your assets to it from the BRD wallet. Also, you can simply scan the QR code on the transaction page and send the funds.

Changehero exchanging screenshot
ChangeHero crypto exchange interface
Sending your assets to your BRD wallet

**5. Confirmation and exchanging — **Wait for the transaction to be confirmed, then ChangeHero quickly exchanges them and delivers your assets in 5–15 minutes.

Successful crypto exchange on ChangeHero
Transaction complete
BRD wallet ETH transaction history
BRD wallet with exchanged cryptocurrency

**6. Success! — **Lightning-fast isn’t it? Check your BRD wallet and you will have the crypto safe.

There you go! Exchanging crypto on ChangeHero is a piece of cake. No more hassles of registrations or sign-ups. We offer the most user-friendly experience with secure transactions at the best rates. Also, you can top-up your crypto assets in BRD wallet by buying crypto simply with your credit card on ChangeHero.

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