Hiring Privacy Policy

The Hiring Privacy Policy explains how we collect and purposes for the use of your personal data in the hiring process.

The purpose of this document

This privacy notice applies to you if you apply to work with ChangHero as an employee, contractor or in any other capacity (an Application). It is intended to make you aware of how and why your personal data will be used in the Application process.

Data Protection Principles

ChangeHero will comply with the following data protection principles:

  • Your personal data will be used lawfully, fairly and in a transparent way
  • ChangeHero will collect employee personal data only for valid purposes explained in a clear and transparent way
  • ChangeHero will only collect personal data relevant to the Application and limited by this purpose
  • ChangeHero will ensure that your personal data is kept accurate and up to date
  • Your personal data will be kept only as long as necessary for the Application purposes
  • ChangeHero ensures the security of collected personal data

Types of personal data and sources

Standard Personal data

When you make an Application, we collect, store, and use certain personal data about you. This includes the following types of personal data from the following sources:

  • You may provide us with the following data when you complete our application form or when you agree to provide the data through a recruitment agency or platform: your name, email address, phone number, location (city), social media profiles and, where applicable, qualifications, certifications, employment experience, training, current salary, desired salary, professional skills and qualities, motivating reasons for applying, any additional information in your resume and/or cover letter, or any similar documents
  • You may provide us with certain personal information during an interview, test, assessment or other part of the Application process
  • We may obtain personal data about you from your listed references such as your previous employment dates, positions held, duties, performance, disciplinary record, personal qualities, skills, reasons for leaving previous roles and similar relevant information

Background information and sensitive personal data

As part of your Application, we may also need to collect, store and use the following types of personal data. This will only happen under the circumstances specified below and for the limited purposes:

  • We may obtain personal data about you from publicly accessible sources such as social media websites and other sites where you have a public online presence
  • We may ask you to disclose the existence of any fraud listings, criminal convictions and/or offences. ChangeHero’s security team may also independently check this information with the information on your credit score. The security check is performed only for the candidates that have been offered a position
  • In case any special adjustments and accommodations are required for any reason whatsoever (e.g. health or religious beliefs), you are encouraged to share this information during the hiring process so the necessary adjustments can be made

Purposes for the use of personal data

We use personal data (with the exception of sensitive personal data, the use of is specified in the section 3.2) to evaluate and hire candidates for the relevant role or services. This may include any of the following specific purposes:

  • to assess your skills, qualifications and suitability for the relevant role or services
  • to notify you or your recruiter on the progress of the Application proces
  • to verify your identity, reference check and other assessments necessary for the role or services
  • to keep records of hiring and appointment process
  • to comply with legal or regulatory requirements

Consent to personal data processing

  • By submitting an Application, you consent to the use of your personal data including, where necessary, sensitive personal data for the purposes set out in the sections above. We acknowledge that your consent is limited by these purposes only
  • You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. If you wish to do so, please send a written request to [email protected]. Note that the consent withdrawal will imply immediate stop to the Application process and can be made till the possible extent under the legislation

Failure to provide personal data

  • Should you fail to provide any personal data that we request, we may not be able to finalize processing your Application.

Sharing of personal data

For the purposes of processing your Application, we may share your personal data with:

  • ChangeHero employees and contractors directly involved in the hiring process
  • Third-party providers of any recruitment management software that we use
  • Services that assist us with identity verification and employment checks
  • All third-party service providers are required to take adequate security measures to protect your personal data. Third-party service providers are not allowed to use your personal data for their own purposes, and we only permit the processing of your personal data for specified purposes.

Securing personal data

  • ChangeHero acknowledges the importance of data security and employs appropriate security measures to prevent your personal data from being lost, altered, disclosed, used or accessed in an unauthorised way.
  • Any third-party involved in the Application process is subject to a duty of confidentiality.

Data retention

  • We retain your personal data for a period of 12 months upon finalizing the Application process, unless required by law to retain it for a longer period of time. We retain your personal data for the purposes of recording and establishing that our appointment process is fair and transparent as well as for internal data analytics, internal auditing and talent mapping.
  • If we need to retain your personal data for a further period of time for future hiring opportunities, we will notify you of the intention. Please note that in that case we reserve the right to retention of personal data for a longer period of time.
  • After the relevant retention period, we securely destroy your personal data in accordance with applicable laws.

Global company

  • By providing us with your personal data in accordance with this Hiring Privacy Policy, you agree to the transfer, storing or processing of it outside of your jurisdiction.


  • Depending on the country in which you live, you may have certain rights under data protection law, including the right to object to the processing of your personal data or to request that we (i) provide you with a copy of your personal data; or (ii) correct, delete, or restrict the processing of your personal data. If you would like to exercise any of the above rights, please send a written request to [email protected].
  • We keep the Privacy Policy and the Hiring Privacy Policy under review and reserve the right to make any amendments without any prior notice.
  • Should you have any query in relation to this Hiring Privacy Policy or how we handle your personal data, please contact us at [email protected].

Please note that ChangeHero uses a risk-scoring automated system aimed to spot suspicious activity during operations. In case your transaction is flagged by this system, ChangeHero reserves the right to conduct the KYC procedure and process the transaction in accordance with our AML/KYC policy and our Terms of Use (paragraph 3.6).
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