Things to Know Before Using ChangeHero

Things to Know Before Using ChangeHero

Cryptocurrencies are volatile assets, and investing in them includes a substantial amount of risk involved in the process. We recommend you be aware of the following risks.

  • Transactions on the blockchain are irreversible. Once a transaction gets added to the blockchain, it is not possible to revert it. ChangeHero is not responsible if you have sent your funds to the wrong deposit address or provided the wrong payout address to which we send the exchanged funds.

  • Cryptocurrencies are prone to high levels of volatility. Please note that in extremely volatile situations you may lose your funds. Furthermore, transactions on the blockchain may sometimes take longer than expected, in such cases, volatility may change the conversion rate greatly.

  • The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies impacts the conversion rate during the transaction. ChangeHero is not responsible for the differences in exchange rates during the exchange. We recommend using Fixed Rate transactions if you wish to avoid volatility.

  • ChangeHero is a non-custodial service, we quickly exchange your cryptocurrencies. 

  • ChangeHero team never asks for your private keys.

  • The crypto sphere has a lot of malicious actors and impersonators. The ChangeHero team communicates with you via live chat on the official website or the email: [email protected] and our official Telegram Chat.

  • All the articles published on the ChangeHero blog do not constitute financial advice. Please do your own research, and all the investments made by you in cryptocurrencies are your responsibility.

Please note that ChangeHero uses a risk-scoring automated system aimed to spot suspicious activity during operations. In case your transaction is flagged by this system, ChangeHero reserves the right to conduct the KYC procedure and process the transaction in accordance with our AML/KYC policy and our Terms of Use (paragraph 3.6).
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