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Crypto News Digest: Correction in BTC, Arena
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What happened this week in the world of crypto? will have a stadium named after it, American officials are fighting for more appropriate crypto regulations, and the Constitution DAO fell short of its goal to own a copy of Constitution. This and more is covered in this weekly crypto news digest, so sit back and enjoy the round-up.

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Educational channel Whiteboard Crypto made a video explaining each current Top-50 cryptocurrency. Starting from the bottom of the list, he goes over each project explaining what it does as shortly as possible.

Crypto News from Twitter

This week, Crypto Twitter was following one of the most successful DAOs and crypto fundraisers in history. ConstitutionDAO was formed to buy a copy of the American Constitution off the Sotheby’s auction and raised $40 million. Unfortunately, the DAO failed to win the auction. Even though they collected an amount equal to the winning bid, the fundraiser fell short on gathering extra funds for transportation and storage of the document.

At the La Bit Conference, Athena Bitcoin CEO announced an infrastructure project for digital economies. Athena Bitcoin contributed to El Salvador’s Chivo wallet, and they plan to use this experience to help other sovereign nations onboard to the digital economy.

Will Bitcoin rise? Analyst Plan B, known for his Stock-to-Flow model, which predicted $100 thousand for a Bitcoin in 2021, seems to stay positive. To reach it, though, BTC will have to appreciate for about $2 thousand every day, which seems far-fetched to other users.

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Finance analyst and engineer Lyn Alden is not limiting herself to traditional or crypto markets only. She uses her business and finance acumen to share insights to the latest news and trends.

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Bitcoin and the rest of the market is undergoing a lasting correction from the all-time high. Meanwhile, new breakthroughs in DAOs and blockchain businesses are being made despite it. Tune in for our next weekly crypto news digest in our blog. Follow ChangeHero on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Telegram for daily updates and more content.