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Weekly Crypto News Digest: China Bans Crypto (Again)
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Not only crypto traders but all markets felt dangerously close to a global crisis this week. All you could have missed while catching the dips — in our fresh new weekly crypto news digest!

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Video of the Week

What are oracles and how do they work? Whiteboard Crypto answers this and many other blockchain-related questions in an easy-to-understand way.

Crypto News from Twitter

Jack Mallers recorded the moment tips in Bitcoin became available for iOS users. Down the thread, he even showed how to send a tip abroad using the new function.

China has issued another warning against cryptocurrencies and their trading this Friday. The frequency shows that it is not very effective, though.

Tired of the Stock-to-Flow model and halvings narrative? How about a theory that global Bitcoin price trends have been tied to the Chinese debt crisis instead of halvings all along? While this may look like a wild assumption, it is based on Ray Dalio research of Chinese markets. Perhaps there is more to the truth than a single model or chart.

Influencer of the Week

Messari chief researcher Ryan Watkins shares deep dives into the crypto markets. If you are looking for unconventional wisdom, his account would be a good place to start!

This Week on the Market

How is the market this week? At the moment of writing the digest, the general stats are:

7d Change in Top Coins

7D crypto digest: September 24, 2021
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At the moment of writing, the weekly change of the top currencies is:

Gainers of the Week

What is the best cryptocurrency to buy now? Even in this week’s bloodbath, there are winners:


With September, a historically negative month for Bitcoin, coming to close, the bulls and bears will battle each other more desperately. The shockwaves sent by the news from China will have less effect going forward, but no one knows what other news the next week may bring. In any case, you will know it from our next weekly crypto news digest in our blog. Follow ChangHero on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Telegram for daily updates and more content.