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Cryptocurrency News: Swiss City Embraces Crypto
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If you thought the news last week was big, wait until you read our weekly crypto news digest of this week’s events. Lugano (Switzerland) makes Bitcoin, Tether and their own token legal tender (but not really), Ethereum miner revenues flipped Bitcoin, crypto execs turn down blanket ban on Russians. Continue to learn more about these events and other crucial news!

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Crypto News Digest: February 26-March 5

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Benjamin Cowen recorded a new video with a timeless message: manage your risks. He reviews the current situation with Bitcoin and provides practical information.

Cryptocurrency News from Twitter

As more and more businesses exit Russia and introduce sanctions, concerns that the sanctions will be circumvented with crypto are expressed. Here is a thread why the probability of it is low.

Centralization and censorship are not exclusive to Web 2.0, unfortunately. Iranian users were banned by IP from OpenSea, following MetaMask, which drew backlash and highlighted the problems with the current state of Web3.

Another controversy happened after a highly anticipated NFT game Pixelmon, which attracted $71.4 million initial funding with NFT pre-sales. Users criticized the reveal for haphazard art, stock and stolen assets and for the anonymity of the founder.

Influencer of the Week

In the spirit of the upcoming International Women’s Day and our Women in Crypto week, we would like to highlight Maliha. She is not only an artist but also a fervent activist, uplifting female voices and rallying for the rights of women worldwide.

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Despite the shocks of the last week, cryptocurrency news of this one was mostly bullish. Crypto is gaining massive acceptance on an official level, and diligently working out the current drawbacks. Tune in for our next digest in our blog. Follow ChangeHero on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Telegram for live crypto news and more content.