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ChangeHero’s Achievements in 2022
Author: Catherine
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Anyone else finds it hard to believe that 2022 is coming to the finish line? With so many news and events, it felt both like a lifetime and a flash. Anyway, this eventful year wasn’t dull for ChangeHero at all, either! Let us share more details with you about what we have achieved this past year.

New Partners of 2022

We would like to give thanks and a warm welcome to a new wallet partner of ChangeHero, Edge! They are a popular non-custodial crypto wallet with the support of dozens of features and the majority of popular cryptocurrencies. Starting this year, ChangeHero is providing Edge users with seamless swaps at the best current market rates. You can also learn more about them in our beginner’s guide or an interview with the CEO, Paul Puey.

Another crypto software partner in our roster that joined in 2022 is Onez is a developer of white-label software solutions for crypto businesses. Wallets, exchange pages, DEX — they can provide it all, ready-made or customized. To integrate in-app crypto swaps for their products, they are using the ChangeHero API.

New Currencies on ChangeHero in 2022

In the last year’s recap, we mentioned that we had managed to list 184 cryptocurrencies by 2021’s end. Well, guess what: this year, the number exceeded 200 coins and tokens! Some of the new listings were promoted in collaboration with their communities, such as Volt Inu (VOLT) and Pitbull (PIT).

New Features on ChangeHero

In 12 months, plenty of work can be done, and our team wasn’t wasting time. We have reported on introducing DEXs to our liquidity pool, making the number of platforms where we find the best rates reach 9 in total.

Security researchers and enthusiasts also helped us make ChangeHero more secure and safe. Did you know we have a bug bounty posted? If you can help with identifying security issues, you can earn Bitcoin as a reward.

Collaborations of 2022

ChangeHero's achievements and new partners

Press about us

We have been in a number of top crypto publications this year! Our marketing manager Mila talked to Cointelegraph about FDIC insurance in crypto. She also shared a favorite piece of crypto jargon with Blockleaders. Finally, our insights into trading and saving in a bear market appeared on

Of course, this is not it. ChangeHero was also reviewed and appeared in Coincodecap, Captain Altcoin, Cryptolisty, and CryptoNewsZ.

For better insights and more interesting blog material, we worked with a number of influencers and had them share their opinions to complement our team members’ thoughts.

In June, we received comments from Donald Lee, Michael Gu, and Conor Kenny about the collapse of Celsius. A bit later, Conor gave us an interview about making a painless start in crypto.

We have talked with the CMO of our long-time partner SwapSpace, John Steinmuller about the main reasons to use TRON. Last but not least, Crypto Caesar contributed generously to our joint articles about the post-Merge Ethereum and the Bitcoin bottom.


As always, we kept our community entertained with regularly held collaborations and giveaways. Some of the highlights of 2022 are:

2022 in Numbers

Crypto is all about numbers, so check out a few of the most curious stats that illustrate our achievements of this year.

Top 10 Pairs of 2022

It probably won’t come as a surprise that Bitcoin was in the lead as the most frequently swapped crypto. However, you showed some love for altcoins and stablecoins, too. The most popular exchange pairs of 2022 with our users were:

  2. BTC_ETH
  3. BTC_USDT (Ethereum)
  4. BTC_LTC
  7. BTC_BSV
  8. BTC_TRX
  9. BTC_SOL
  10. BTC_USDC (Ethereum)

What to Expect in 2023?

The ChangeHero team is already making plans to keep growing in 2023. Our roadmap is not public and not much can be divulged, but you can look forward to a few global updates to the ChangeHero platform — some of them may even surprise you! Not to worry, though: they all aim to improve the user experience and ease of use of ChangeHero.


2022 has not been as euphoric and bullish as 2021 but so what? We kept growing, reaching new heights, and achieving new milestones. Let’s hope that for the crypto community at large, 2023 will be a great year.

This concludes the final article for 2022 in our blog. We will be back shortly with more updates here and on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Telegram. Have a happy New Year!

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