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How to Exchange Crypto with ChangeHero in Edge
Author: Catherine
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Last month, ChangeHero and Edge officially became partners. Who is Edge, what kind of value does ChangeHero provide to them, and how do you use the exchange in the app? Find all answers to these questions in our new guide below.

About Edge

Airbitz Inc. DBA Edge is a San Diego-based company founded in 2014, which now consists of 25 employees. At its helm are Paul Puey, CEO, who has a background in engineering and computer science, and William Swanson, chief architect. For more than eight years, the team has been refining and redefining self-custody in their flagship product, Edge Wallet.

About the Wallet

Edge Wallet, previously known as Airbitz, was initially a Bitcoin wallet. The name was inspired by the concept of edge security: a method of securing a network with nodes outside of centralized servers or the cloud. Unlike most other crypto wallets, which leave custody, and key and address management entirely to the user, Edge shifts the focus away from these complications.

Self-custody means the keys and backups are secured on the client’s side in a secure environment. Authorization, synchronization, and transaction broadcasting are performed by three different types of servers. Thanks to this infrastructure, lost access to accounts can still be restored, which can be an issue for standard crypto wallets.

While the outside of the wallet is represented by top-class security, the inside of the wallet is also packed chock-full of features. From FIO domain names support to AAVE lending right in the app, Edge users will not need to close it to put their crypto to use. You can install Edge right now by following this link.

One of the features of particular interest to our community is an in-app exchange. Let us show you how it works.

How To Use ChangeHero in Edge Wallet: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Turning On

Before you start, make sure ChangeHero is enabled as a provider in your Edge Wallet. Here is how you do it:

Edge wallet app menu
Go to the Menu by clicking on the three-stripe icon in the top right corner.

Next, go to Settings and find Exchange settings.

list of exchange providers of Edge with toggles, ChangeHero is highlighted
Make sure the toggle next to ChangeHero is turned on. You are one step closer to the fastest swaps and best rates.
list of exchange providers of Edge with a bullet point, ChangeHero is toggled on

Next, scroll down to the Preferred Exchange and make your pick. If you choose ChangeHero here, you will be able to use it even when multiple exchange providers can fill the order. Now you are good to go!


To start a swap, go to the Exchange tab by choosing it in the menu at the bottom.

Edge app, tab Exchange, two fields to fill - exchange from and exchange to

You will be prompted to choose a source wallet of a cryptocurrency you send for exchange and a receiving wallet of a cryptocurrency you want to get.

exchange tab in edge app, litecoin is chosen as a currency from

We will be exchanging Litecoin.

exchange tab in edge app, litecoin and solana are chosen as assets for crypto exchange
For a resulting currency, you can choose even assets with zero balance.

We want to get Solana.

exchange tab in edge app, 20 usd worth of litecoin and solana are chosen as assets for crypto exchange
Type in the amount you want to send for exchange: to switch between the cryptocurrency and USD (or your fiat currency of choice), click the icon with looping arrows to the right.

Alternatively, you can click Max if you want to swap it all. We are swapping $20 worth of LTC for Solana.

the tab shows a loading animation, message says "hang tight"

After you double-check and proceed with the Next button, Edge is going to take over the process for you. Since we chose a preferred exchange, it made the rate search and thus, the whole process, a bit faster.

tab shows a message saying "congratulations"
Wait for a bit, and Edge will inform you when the exchange is complete and the funds have arrived. The whole process took us only three minutes.
comparison of the wallets tab before and after the swap, upper one froom before has $30 usd worth of ltc, bottom one from after has $20 worth of sol and $10 worth of ltc

And here is the Wallets tab before and after the swap. The total cost of the transaction is $0.05 in commissions.


Looks easy, doesn’t it? The design and UX of Edge were crafted and fine-tuned to achieve this level of usability. Edge’s partners, including ChangeHero since recently, help them to further improve their product with the convenient in-app exchange integration.

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