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If you are looking for some serious security for storing the cryptocurrency, then a hardware wallet is the optimum choice. Coolwallet is a multi-currency hardware wallet developed by CoolBitX. CoolWallet intelligently combines both hot, cold wallets and delivers the best of both worlds. The company states that it is on a mission to provide a blockchain tool that allows everybody to participate in crypto trading in a safe environment.

The first version of Coolwallet was started as an Indiegogo project in 2015. After the success of the initial edition, it garnered the attention of the crypto community which resulted in the investments in the company. In 2018, the company released their upgraded version named “CoolWallet S” with the robust security. Unlike other hardware wallets, CoolWallet is portable and can be connected via BlueTooth to the computing devices.


Manage coins
Multi-currency wallet
User-friendly design
Instant in-wallet exchange

CoolWallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash and ERC20 tokens. Users will be able to store, send, receive, track and manage cryptocurrencies through this wallet. The wallet can be connected to the CoolBitX Crypto App in the user’s smartphone via BlueTooth. The app is designed with a minimalistic touch and easy-to-use. It also features an in-app exchange service to swap cryptocurrencies instantly within the wallet.

Anonymity is guaranteed by the coolwallet as all the private keys remain in the CoolWallet and don’t leave the wallet. Transactions are recorded on the blockchain under the wallet address and cannot be traced back to the identity of the user. Also, CoolWallet doesn’t collect any personal information like email-id while setting up the wallet.

CoolWallet is well-known for its concrete security features. A password is required to access the wallet and during the initial set up, users are prompted to configure a seed which can be 12, 18 or 24 sets of word sets or numbers. This seed can be used to restore the wallet along with the funds in case of any loss of the device.

The wallet features 2+1 factor authentication to transfer the funds, this includes biometric and physical 2FA checks to ensure the security of the assets. The Bluetooth communication used is a military graded AES-256 and considered as a best practice for data encryption.


Easy of use
Supported coins

CoolWallet offers a user-friendly solution to cryptocurrency managing and storage. It delivers with its promise on making crypto available for everybody. CoolWallet resolves the portability issue of the traditional hardware wallets making it possible for everyday use.

How to exchange coins on ChangeHero with coolwallet Wallet?With ChangeHero, you can exchange over 140 cryptocurrencies instantly. You can also buy crypto with Visa or Mastercard and simply pay in USD/EUR/RUB. We offer the best rates available in the market and deliver crypto to your wallet at lightning speed.
Choose assets to exchangeSelect cryptocurrencies you want to swap and insert the amount. ChangeHero will
automatically calculate
the amount of assets
to be received.
Provide coolwallet Wallet addressCopy coolwallet Wallet
address of payout currency
and paste it to ChangeHero
Check all the data one
more time and confirm the transaction.
Send your
Copy ChangeHero deposit address and transfer your
assets from coolwallet Wallet.
Check your wallet.
ChangeHero delivers
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