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How to Start in Crypto? Interview with Conor Kenny
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From setting up wallets and accounts to understanding the key principles, to an ordinary Joe getting into crypto may seem like a daunting task. Don’t worry — we all have been there. The ChangeHero team talked to a YouTuber Conor Kenny about joining the crypto revolution as painlessly as possible.

Who’s The Guest? Meet Conor

An introduction is in order: Conor Kenny is a UK-based influencer on “the adventure of business”, as he put it himself. His main outlet is the YouTube channel with 144 thousand subscribers, but he is fairly active on Instagram and Twitter, too. Sharing tips and helping to navigate the crypto world is one of the directions he covers in his content, so we deemed him to be the right person to ask all about crypto beginnings.

See a Conor Kenny's video guide for beginners for yourself — concise and informative.

And now, let’s get right into it!

Tips for Crypto Starters

ChangeHero (CH): How did you get into crypto? What caught your attention?

Conor Kenny (CK): I always thought there should be a different system for the way money is transferred, the banking system never really made sense to me, so when I started to read about Bitcoin it really got my attention.

CH: What was most difficult for you in the early stages? If you don’t know anything about blockchain or crypto, what should I do first?

CK: At the early stages, learning how to use all the different platforms and understanding how crypto addresses and contracts worked was a tough part for me. 

I would suggest trying to understand all of the basics before investing, learn how the blockchain works and decide if it’s something you see a future in. 

CH: In your opinion, how much would one need to start investing in crypto?

CK: I would say as little as $100, although to put it lightly, it is not going to go too far. On the other hand, having a little skin in the game will go a long way to help you pay more attention to the markets.

CH: Top 3 reliable educational and news resources you will recommend to newbies?

CK: Youtube, Twitter and Discord.

So You’re Good to Get into the Fray

CH: What strategies will be perfect for beginners?

CK: Picking a few blue chip cryptos, learning the ins and outs of them and then dollar cost averaging over time. 

CH: How to handle stress and FOMO in crypto?

CK: Understand that there is always another opportunity in this market; never invest more than you can afford to lose; stick to your original game plan, and always take profits. 

CH: Have you ever got rekt with trading? How not to lose everything?

CK: Yes, I have been rekt many times but this is part of the game. We are very early on and what’s important is always taking a lesson from what happens and understanding the mistakes you make so you don’t make them again.

_CH: Your personal opinion on the ChangeHero exchange? _

CK: It has a nice and basic interface and it’s very easy to use.

CH: Do you think it can be useful for crypto beginners?

CK: Beginners that want an easy to use platform should definitely check it out. 

Lightning Round

CH: Thanks for the insights! Just a few more very quick questions for our readers.



CH: BTC or altcoins?


CH: The coin that worked best for you?

CK: In the long term, it has been Bitcoin, ETH and ADA. I sold ADA with some other altcoins in the bull market and have been reinvesting profits as the bear market has set in. 


Short and sweet, this has been a list of tips kindly shared by Conor Kenny. Many thanks! This has been the tip of the crypto iceberg, which you can explore in more depth on his YouTube channel, Instagram and Twitter.

If you still feel like doing more in-depth research explained in a newbie-friendly way, how about the ChangeHero blog? And if articles are not your cup of tea, we are on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Telegram.