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ChangeHero’s Achievements in 2023
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In contrast to an impactful but also tumultuous 2022, this year in crypto saw a turn to the change for the better. The same could be said about both the crypto market at large and our own business. We’re more than happy to tell you what ChangeHero has achieved this year in the final article of 2023.

New Partners of 2023

Let’s start with those without whom ChangeHero wouldn’t be where it is today: our partners! A shoutout to all the continued partnerships that started before 2023 but carried on this year to some impressive results. Our deepest thanks to you!

At the same time, in 2023, we scored a few new partnerships which we would like to highlight.

✨ ChangeHero’s quick and economical crypto swap feature was integrated into several cryptocurrency and Web3 wallets: DiveWallet (Android, iOS), Rabbit Wallet (Web), ISLAMIwallet (Android, iOS), and hardware wallet BC Vault’s companion app for PC/Mac.

Web3 browser Mises offers cross-chain swaps enabled by multiple providers — ChangeHero included.

Portfolio tracker for Windows BitTab has also integrated ChangeHero for our lightning-fast and accessible crypto swaps. Now you can track the performance of your favorite assets in BitTab and move at the market’s speed with ChangeHero.

✨ Plenty of our users come to our website looking for fiat purchases of crypto. We integrated the widget of our EU-licensed on-ramp partner FinchPay to enable it — learn in our guide how it works.

✨ ChangeHero is featured in a leading exchange comparison and analytics portal Cryptoradar. There are even more places to compare our competitive rates with other providers.

New Currencies on ChangeHero in 2023

We started 2023 with a little more than 200 crypto coins and tokens under our belt. As the year progressed, our team added over 50 new assets, including red-hot arrivals to the crypto market: BLUR, CSIX, OKT, SUI, OP, ARB, ARKM, and WLD. This brings the total number of all assets listed to over 250 — a new record!

New Features on ChangeHero

Even in the relative calm before a new market cycle, 2023 presented our team with plenty of opportunities to build and grow.

💪 Do you remember that ChangeHero has a Telegram bot? No worries if not: right now is the best time to be (re)introduced to it. We have updated the bot to make it more streamlined, responsive, and fast. Find it here: @ChangeHeroBot.

💪 Due to high demand, the ChangeHero API received a new version specifically for off-chain exchanges. It is a perfect solution for custodial wallets and platforms and white-label exchanges. Drop our business development a line to learn more if it piqued your interest!

💪 We always say our rates are the best, and work hard to back these words up: our rate-matching engine has received a serious facelift in 2023. The estimations and updates are even quicker, and the exchange rate sourced from our 10 liquidity providers is matched even more effectively.

Our Outreach in 2023

It’s the job of developers to make a product worth your while but more often than not, it is only half of the way to success. A great product is not worth much if people don’t know about it — and this is when ChangeHero’s marketing team comes in.

In 2023, we launched many exciting campaigns with our old and new partners. New listings, cooperations, and mentions brought in new customers and gave our returning users many chances to get a nice bonus.

Changehero's achievements in 2023 - 50+ new assets, 110+ new affiliates, 10+ new partners, 12+ collaboration campaigns

Press about us

ChangeHero received quite a few media mentions in 2023. Captain Altcoin highlighted our platform as the place to buy Bitcoin safely and exchange crypto. Bitcoin Insider covered our joint campaign with Edge Wallet about Optimism L2 integration. Critical Hit made a guide with instructions on how to buy TRON on ChangeHero.


As usual, in addition to updates and bite-sized content, the ChangeHero team also held a few campaigns for our social media followers. Check out some of the most exciting ones:

User Statistics

When we say 2023 helped our user base grow thanks to new users, we mean it! The number of new users visiting and using ChangeHero this year grew by 220 thousand. The number of page views is closer to a million.

Can you guess where all these people come from? Our number one is India, followed by the United States. ChangeHero also seems to be popular with users from Thailand, Myanmar, Russia, and France — thanks to the localized version we released this year. Closing the top ten are Brazil, Pakistan, and Indonesia. We’re happy to have an audience so global and diverse!

2023 in Numbers

Crypto is all about numbers, so check out some more stats that highlight our achievements this year.

Top 10 Pairs of 2023

As usual, Bitcoin was the most frequently exchanged asset. It was swapped for stablecoins and some of the most popular altcoins. These altcoins were often exchanged for stablecoins as well. The most frequent exchange pairs of 2023 were:

  2. BTC_ETH
  3. BTC_USDT (Ethereum)
  4. BTC_LTC
  5. BTC_BSV
  8. BTC_XMR
  9. BTC_SOL
  10. BTC_BNB (native)

What to Expect in 2024?

No one knows for sure what 2024 will bring, aside from a reasonably expected post-halving market growth. We are intent on keeping up with the pace: fostering new audiences in different markets, coming up with new value propositions for more partnerships and improving the existing ones. All we can say for sure is that 2024 is shaping up to be even more challenging but rewarding than 2023!


Looking back, 2023 can be described as a time of recovery and renewed growth in the crypto market. On the path charted this year, the most exciting new developments await in 2024.

This concludes the final article for 2023 in our blog. We will be back shortly with more updates here and on X (Twitter), Facebook, Reddit, and Telegram. Have a happy New Year!