Exchange Verge | Live XVG Price, Rates and News

Exchange XVG | Live Verge Price, Rates and News

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Live Verge Price

Currently, Verge price is $0.02 with a circulation supply of 16461181744.46 XVG.

Verge in a bag
price-9.84959777% (24H)
0.02000 $
Verge 24-hour high
24H high
0.02865 $
Verge 24-hour low
24H low
0.02426 $

Verge price chart

Live XVG Price Change and Market Cap

Currently, XVG price is $0.02. From the XVG price chart, we can see that the 24-hour change is -9.85%. The total market capitalization of Verge is $411108938.00 with a circulation supply of 16461181744.46 XVG and the trading volume (24H) is $5157331.49. In the previous 24 hours, Verge price hit highs of $0.03 and lows of $0.02.

Verge Price Prediction

Verge currency is one of the very few cryptocurrencies that offer privacy and anonymity during the transactions. During the initial years, the Verge price was relatively stable. In December 2017, XVG embarked on a massive bull run and reached a peak at $0.3 on December 23, 2017. The whole of 2018 saw a correction while 2019 looked stable. Verge price at the beginning of 2020 was just above $0.003 and fell to $0.0025 in April. The second quarter of 2020 was better and the Verge price rose to $0.0074 by June.

Verge price predictions hint that there is another bull run ahead and by the end of 2020, Verge price will be around $0.235. Five years from now, we may see one XVG to be traded at $0.64. Verge price will continue to grow in the coming years and by 2030, it may reach dollar parity. Though these predictions sound optimistic, we may likely see them come true. Verge is playing a key role in the crypto adoption with strong partnerships like PornHub and Manny Pacquiao Foundation. With more of such partnerships and increased adoption, Verge price will continue to increase over time.

Verge Exchange

On ChangeHero, you can exchange Verge against a wide range of cryptocurrencies. For your Verge exchange, we offer two types of rates – Best Rate, Fixed Rate. In the Best Rate Verge exchange, you will be given the best available rate in the market. Please note that the final amount of crypto you receive may differ slightly from the estimate. In the Fixed Rate Verge exchange, we freeze a good rate for 15 minutes, it’s optimal to avoid price fluctuations during the Verge exchange. In any case, we process your Verge exchange in a few minutes and deliver crypto safely to your wallet.

How to exchange Verge


Choose xvg pair you want to trade and put your Wallet address(es).

Confirm your transaction

Check all the data one again and confirm your transaction.

Send xvg

Relax a bit while we process the transaction. ChangeHero finds the best rate for the exchange, quickly converts your crypto and sends it safely to your wallet in a few minutes.

Wait for the exchange to complete

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What is Verge?

Bitcoin enabled us to make peer-to-peer transactions without any central authority. But, the ledger is transparent, making all the transactions visible to everybody which may result in tracing back a transaction or address to the identity of a person in real-life. Addressing the issue, Justin under the pseudonym Sunerok developed DogecoinDark in 2014 and rebranded it to Verge Currency in 2016. Verge Currency is a community-driven cryptocurrency and the team consists of volunteers from all over the world.

Verge is quite popular in the crypto community for the privacy features. Verge uses The Onion Router (TOR) and Invisible Internet Project (I2P) to obfuscate the internet traffic while using XVG to make a transaction. Verge also features Stealth Shield transactions in which one-time addresses are generated which makes it tough to link the transaction to a specific address or person. XVG is capable of processing 100 transactions per second. The upcoming Rootstock (RSK) sidechain implementation is expected to increase the throughput further. Verge is also accepted as a means of payment by merchants online and the partnership with PornHub boosted the mass adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq-arrow-down-iconWhat are the fees for Verge exchange?
We charge a low fee of 0.5% for your Verge exchange.
faq-arrow-down-iconHow long does it take to exchange Verge?
Usually, it takes less than 15 minutes for a transaction to be processed. The time may vary depending on the blockchain.
faq-arrow-down-iconDo I need to go through a KYC procedure for exchanging XVG?
No, you are not required to go through a KYC procedure for Verge exchange. In some cases, we may ask you to go through a verification procedure if our threat detection system raises an alarm.
faq-arrow-down-iconCan I buy Verge with Paypal?
No, we don’t accept Paypal. On ChangeHero you can buy XVG only by exchanging it against other cryptocurrencies.
faq-arrow-down-iconWhere can I find the latest XVG news?
Subscribe to ChangeHero blog for all the latest XVG News and updates.
faq-arrow-down-iconIs there any way to track live Verge price?
Yes, use our XVG price chart to monitor the live Verge price, we update the prices constantly.
faq-arrow-down-iconDo I need to create an account to exchange Verge?
ChangeHero is a completely account-free cryptocurrency exchange. You will not be asked to register for your Verge exchange.

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