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Crypto Digest: New Coins On ChangeHero, BTC at $11k
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Our weekly crypto digest is here! ChangeHero team is going to give you a brief update on our progress before looking at the hottest crypto news and stories from Twitter, as well as price change of top cryptocurrencies.

ChangeHero Updates: New Tokens

This week we enabled three new currencies on ChangeHero:

They are now available to all users and can be traded against any other currency supported by ChangeHero.

Next, we will cover the most interesting news from the world of crypto in a short crypto digest.

Latest Crypto News Highlights

Bitcoin News

Blockchain & Tech News

News on Crypto Adoption

Number of crypto ATMs in the world by month.
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DeFi News

Hourly transaction fees in ETH (USD).
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Lots of stories and news start on Twitter. What was Crypto Twitter talking about this week? See in the following section of our crypto digest.

Crypto News from Twitter

Chef Nomi, developer of Sushiswap, returned the assets they sold upon ceding the overseeing position in the project. Previously we reported on the outcry that their act caused, which could have even resulted in legal action. However, Chef Nomi proved to be the person who knows how to be accountable.

Gene Simmons of the legendary rock band Kiss just tweeted this this Tuesday. Needless to say, Crypto Twitter got hyped?

Oh, by the way, if you needed more proof that Crypto Twitter can be crazy sometimes: after Vitalik Buterin tweeted this on Saturday, actually pumped 1800% from $4.41 to $85.24 by Monday. This is not the first time a similar thing happened: in 2017 social network users spotted an OmiseGO sticker on Vitalik’s laptop and the consequences were pretty much the same.

Another development in a story from the previous week: a user sent approximately $1 million USD to a contract address of Swerve protocol. Three days later, Tether managed to reimburse the user. Love it or hate it, Tether did something that wouldn’t have been possible in other blockchains for various reasons.

Recap on 7d Market Change

At the moment of writing, the market’s dynamics for the last 7 days are the following:

ChangeHero Top-10 7d Change

Crypto 7D price change

This week, the gainers and losers in the top-10 were split halfway: the top-5 is trading in the green, the other half — in red. In our top-10 we included cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged on ChangeHero. You can buy and sell some of them with your credit card, too. At the moment of writing, the 7-day change of the top currencies is the following:

ChangeHero Gainers of the Week

At the time of writing this crypto digest, the top three are:


Those were the most important and interesting crypto news for the past 7 days. As always, we will keep watching the news and provide our insights on our blog, and you can see them on our social media pages too: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or Telegram.

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