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Things To Do With Crypto This Holiday Season
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Holidays are here! It’s the best opportunity to spend some quality time with family and friends. There is a misconception that crypto is just used for trading or hodling but ChangeHero is here to bust them all. Blockchain has evolved so much over the years that it is much more accessible and offers a wide range of things to do for the crypto savvy.

There are a ton of things that you can do this holiday with cryptocurrency and we’ve shortlisted the best for you.


BInge Watching
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Grab some popcorn and pick a movie that suits your mood with blockchain-based streaming service Cinezen. To draw an analogy, it is like the Netflix but decentralized and the first-ever Video-On-Demand platform running completely on blockchain. The Swedish startup was founded in 2017 with aims to revolutionize the model of film distribution by bringing rich content directly to the doorstep of the consumers at economical prices. The project is currently in the beta stage and consists of a wide range of film content ranging from documentaries, soviet classics to action-thriller flicks. You can rent the movie of choice by simply paying with Ether(ETH). LBRY is another streaming which allows users to watch content for free.


So, the show’s set but what about the food? There are bazillions of places that swap your crypto assets for some finger-licking food. is serving foodies in 11 countries concentrated in Europe. All you have to do is simply order the food from your favourite restaurant and pay with Bitcoin right from your smartphone. Also, you can grab the Chicken Bucket from KFC Canada and many other fast-food chains such as subway and burger king also have the record of accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Peace of mind

If you are not into binging and munching, we’ve got you covered as well. With crypto, you can get the book you like, delve into the stories and unwind. Publica is one such service with an enormous collection of books spread through various genres. You can buy a book of your choice using their PBL tokens right from your smartphone. In addition, if you are a writer, you can pitch your idea in their Book ICO, and people can support one of your upcoming books through crowdfunding and in return they would have access to the released version at a lower price.

Jazz it up

People enjoying a concert
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For some cool beats to complement the reading or to lit-up the party, there are plenty of music services that let you stream with crypto. Musicoin takes the top place in our opinion as it offers users to stream music for free, but don’t forget to support the community by tipping the musicians. Ujomusic is another similar streaming service which offers listening to the music without any signups. Audius, Emusic, Voise are worth mentioning in this category as well. If you are looking for live concerts, Viberate is arguably the most popular and the largest live music database with hundreds of thousands of artists signed up already. You can pick the one that suits you this holiday and hop on a plane to the venue.

Take off

If you are planning to go on a trip, leave your dollar bills at home because all you need is a cryptocurrency wallet and an internet connection to pay for your trip. You can go across the globe simply by paying with crypto. Cheapair is one such company where you can book your flights and hotels with not just Bitcoin but also with Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dash. Travala is another name which can be heard quite often when it comes to crypto travelling. Travelbybit is a unique project which accepts crypto payments for your travel and also rewards the frequent fliers.

Shop till you drop

Shopping bags
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Isn’t it the right time to gift your loved ones and one selves too :p? We would say yes. To everyone’s surprise, Microsoft is one of the earlier adopters of crypto which started accepting Bitcoin in 2014. You can get your family games, movies and apps in the Windows and Xbox stores. Then there is Gyft where you can buy gift cards from over 200 retailers with bitcoin.

End on a good note

What better way to celebrate this festival by doing some good deeds? Plant some trees and upload the information in the blockchain to mine Forestcoins. These coins can then be spent at merchants or trading in the exchanges. Finally, you can light the lives of many children this holidays by donating bitcoins to Save the Children foundation.

On a final note, there are a plethora of things that you can be doing this holiday season with your crypto assets. All the mentioned projects not only bring services or things to your door-step but also aims to create a fair economy and fuels the mass adoption of blockchain and crypto. ChangeHero pledges its support to all such projects which are working relentlessly to make crypto and blockchain a better place.

This holiday season, gift your loved ones with crypto. You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies simply with a credit card on ChangeHero.

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