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What's Next for XMR? Monero Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030, 2034
Author: Alexander
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Monero (XMR) has been trending recently but not for an optimistic reason: its largest trading market will soon be no more. The community refuses to compromise, while the market price of Monero coins is plummeting. Will their bet on the use case in privacy pay off in the future? Will XMR recover and when? We try to answer by analyzing the news and price of Monero in this article with XMR price prediction for 2024 and years ahead.

Monero Price Forecast for 2024–2034

monero coin price prediction 2024-2034

What is Monero (XMR)?

Monero logo
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Monero is a cryptocurrency protocol that by default masks information about the transaction participants and amounts. It does so using cryptographic techniques such as ring confidential transactions, which eliminate the need for the ledger to publish information openly.

Over the years hundreds of developers have contributed to the codebase, which was originally based on the CryptoNote protocol described by Nicolas von Saberhagen. To this day, Monero does not have a foundation or a corporate entity backing it, it is run purely by the community effort.

XMR is the ticker that the cryptocurrency uses. The coin is mineable with CPUs, and each new block rewards approximately 0.6 XMR plus transaction fees.

For more information on Monero’s origins and prospects, we highly recommend reading our Beginner’s Guide to XMR before this article.

XMR Price History

XMR Price in 2014-2017

monero price 2014-2017
Source: CoinMarketCap

As a community-run coin, Monero had a fair launch without a premine or presales. The crypto market was shaping the price of XMR from the very start.

All the way back in 2014, it was traded for a price slightly above $2. By 2015, it was worth ten times less, and barely crossed the threshold of $0.5.

The first significant rally for XMR started in 2016. In September, it reached a record $12 for that time. By 2017, it rose to $13 at the start of the year and skyrocketed to $469.2 in December.

XMR Price in 2018-2021

monero price 2018-2021
Source: CoinMarketCap

A correction followed in 2018, and by the end of the year, it was down to $46.23, losing almost 90%. During the crypto winter of 2019, XMR did not stay suppressed and tried to break out. In mid-2019, it even rallied to $117.

2020 started at a slightly lower point than 2019, $45.5, and XMR’s breakout was halted by a March crash. However, later in 2020 it entered an ascending channel and joined the bull run. By the end of 2020, XMR was worth $156.57 but it was far from the end of the rally.

In 2021, the rally continued and culminated in May, when XMR reached its ATH $517.62 on May, 07. The following correction was sharp, and bulls did not return to XMR for the second leg up in November.

XMR Price in 2022–2024

monero price 2022-2024
Source: CoinMarketCap

Zooming into the most recent years, we can see that in the long term, XMR’s average price has stabilized at around $150. In early 2022, on the news about crypto surveillance, Monero and other privacy coins rallied. The maximum price XMR reached in this time frame is $266.

During 2023, there seem to have been fewer catalysts like this, so the price remained in a more narrow range. In 2024 so far, XMR is on the downside, having started near $165 and going down since.

At the moment of writing, the XMR price is $123.66 and it ranks 40th by market capitalization on CoinMarketCap.

What Influences the Price of Monero (XMR)?

Protocol Updates

Generally speaking, protocol updates have a positive impact on the price of an asset. Improving usability and stability can extend the impact beyond the moment of announcement and anticipation.

However, in Monero’s case, the protocol has not had significant upgrades in a while. The latest feature that was close to generating interest is atomic swaps, and its XMR-to-BTC specification was released in August 2021.

On the one hand, it is reasonable that the community does not use constant announcements just to generate hype, and focuses on building the project. Furthermore, they are actively opposed to fads that can hurt the integrity of the protocol, such as Mordinals. Fashioned after a controversial protocol for digital artifacts for Bitcoin, called Ordinals, Mordinals would decrease the XMR’s fungibility and privacy, should they ever gain notoriety.

On the other hand, it is hard for a decentralized team to consistently ship upgrades and maintain developer consensus, hence the slow growth. Besides, the team and contributors may be even more discouraged given the news that we will mention next.


As a privacy coin, Monero places high emphasis on the security of the protocol. This includes things like the integrity of the opaqueness of transactions or simply resistance to attacks. However, more and more evidence of Monero lacking in this department has been coming to light recently.

In November 2023, Monero contributors shed light on the drained Community Crowdfunding Wallet after two months of silence. In January, Finnish authorities presented in a press conference about a cyber ransom case, alleging that they traced the perpetrator’s Monero transactions.

Except that both these incidents happened due to faults unrelated to the Monero protocol. Despite that, the damage was done, and some of the onlookers took the headlines at face value.

Nevertheless, the surmise that XMR transactions might be traceable after all did not appear in the news for the first time. Some leaks suggested that analytics company Chainalysis has the know-how to peek behind the curtain of the obfuscated blockchain. Although, experts infer that their methods operate in probabilities rather than certainties.

Listings and Delistings

As far as trading goes, having diverse markets and arbitrage opportunities usually positively impacts price movements. In the case of privacy coins, it is slightly more complicated.

Centralized exchanges are not very likely to list privacy coins due to regulatory concerns. Those that had Monero trading pairs even had to remove them. The latest and most significant delisting announcement so far has come from Binance. Once the largest centralized crypto exchange, after the settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice, Binance now has to adhere to the highest standard of security and compliance.

However, the rise in popularity of decentralized exchanges allowed for more markets for the Monero network. Although most of DeFi uses wrapped Monero, which does not have the privacy features of the original protocol, the price of XMR is still affected by trading on DEXs. The downturn also was treated by some traders as a buying opportunity, evidenced by a bounce from the short-term drop.

ChangeHero’s XMR Price Analysis and Forecast

monero price analysis
Source: TradingView

The start of 2023 created great conditions for the XMR price rally that have not emerged yet since. At the same time, it is safe to assume that the recent price drop will become a bottom level for a while. Thus, we expect the XMR to USD price to move between these two points at least until a bull market rally after the Bitcoin halving.

Where could the Monero price move from here? It is already making a rebound and the first stop coincided with the closest Fibonacci retracement level at $124. While it could become a support level, we believe that the next resistances at $136 and $145 are more likely candidates to turn into longer-term support levels.

Regardless, the volumes that substantiated the large downside move seem to already be gone from this market. It would take more to move the XMR price higher, even with the relative strength index so deep into the undervalued area.

Monero Price Prediction 2024

Even in the current circumstances, CryptoNewsZ paints a bullish prospect for Monero’s price. They concede that XMR can be trading for $133.79 but the higher bound of the expected price range lies at $411.30.

Prediction service Previsioni Bitcoin is even more optimistic. Although XMR will go to $151.8189 by March, by December its price will skyrocket from $201.19 to $275.24.

YouTuber Mike Pitt provides a handy overview of the prospects of Monero this year. Like his colleague influencers, he also believes that Monero is undervalued precisely because it works. With this in mind, he expects it to blow up to $800–1,200 by December. Even if this target is not met this year, this is his expectation from the next Bitcoin bull run.

Monero Price Prediction for 2025

The prediction service by TradingBeasts has a bearish forecast for XMR in 2025. From the start of the year, when its expected average trading price is in the range of $98–144, it will decline by the end of 2025 to $84.37–124.08.

More optimistic prospects for Monero in 2025 are seen in the prediction by Long Forecast. Although at the start of the year, XMR will be valued at $149–171, by July it can add up to 29% and reach the range of $196–226.

The technical analysis by CoinCodex tells us that now is not a good time to buy Monero. This is echoed by their projections of the Monero price in 2025: the maximum price they expect is $187.55, and the minimum can go as low as $90.03.

Monero Price Prediction 2026–2029

What’s the forecast range between the minimum and maximum price of Monero (XMR) from 2026 to 2029? Despite the recent pessimistic news, the consensus overall is on the bullish side.

Year Coinstats Coinpedia Bitnation
2026 $115–276 $378.217–518.949 $512.84–576.10
2027 $119–288 $462.591–624.356 $634.94–708.20
2028 $123–290 $543.202–729.314 $757.04–830.31
2029 $125–302 $624.395–831.263 $879.15–952.41

Monero Price Prediction 2030–2034

With the available data, it is still not reliable to project for the end of the decade. Many of the influencing factors may not even exist yet. Today’s estimates for so far into the future can only be viewed as guesses.

Captain Altcoin places the target for Monero (XMR) price in 2030 at $1,012.22. In ten years, Monero’s price is expected to hover between $1,177 and $2,354.

Another source, Coin Price Forecast pinpoints the price of Monero in 2030 near $242–259. By 2034, their estimate is higher, between $310–323.

Last but not least, using a similar method, Traders Union got the following results. Throughout 2030, XMR’s price is expected to rise from $254.29 to $268.33. Their Monero price prediction is bullish, so by 2034, this range will have moved higher to $390.92–412.51.

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Monero as a crypto asset is valuable for its use case, not some other perceived qualities. Lower accessibility certainly won’t help its price much but its users maintain that XMR is worth it for its privacy protection.

What do you think about our current Monero price prediction? Let us know in the comments on our blog or social media: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Telegram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Monero have a future? Is XMR a good investment?

Monero (XMR) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency protocol, characterized by its obfuscation of user addresses and amounts transferred, enabled by default. Recent news suggests that Monero is an asset popular in its niche, especially for the long term. Most of the experts have some confidence in the XMR price forecast but following Monero-related news might be a good idea.

What is the long-term forecast for Monero?

According to different analysts’ price predictions, in 2026 the XMR price can renew an ATH at $576.10 or see a correction to $115. In 2030, this range will expand to $242–1,022.

Why is Monero dropping? Why is XMR falling?

The most recent drop in the price of Monero can be explained by the delisting announcement from Binance. The trading is to be terminated by the end of February, narrowing the number of markets available for Monero.

How many Monero are left? How much XMR is left?

Since 2022, the preset supply of 18.4 million XMR has been mined, and tail emissions took effect. Now, there is no cap on the total supply of Monero, and each new block adds 0.6 XMR to the circulation every two minutes.

Why is it so hard to buy Monero?

Regulated trading platforms are reluctant to list Monero because of its opaque by default design. It makes it hard for them to comply with regulations that prevent crime such as money laundering and terrorism financing. Luckily, you can use ChangeHero to swap XMR with 200+ cryptocurrencies.


This article does not constitute financial or investing advice. No price prediction or forecast is guaranteed to provide exact information on the future price. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

When dealing with cryptocurrencies, remember that they are extremely volatile and thus, a high-risk investment. Always make sure to stay informed and be aware of those risks. Consider investments in cryptocurrencies only after careful consideration and analysis and at your own risk.

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