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Can FTM Reach $1? Fantom Price Prediction 2023–2033
Author: Alexander
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After years of success, 2023 turned out not to be all sunshine and rainbows for the Fantom community. Currently, FTM is trading at 20 to 30 cents but can it break above the dollar mark? Find the arguments for and against it below in the Fantom (FTM) price prediction by our team’s and industry’s experts.

All Fantom Price Predictions: 2023–2033

fantom ftm price prediction 2023-2033

What is Fantom (FTM)?

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Source: AltcoinsBox

The Fantom network is a decentralized, high-performance blockchain platform that aims to provide fast and secure smart contract execution. Its design addresses the scalability limitations of previous blockchain networks, such as Ethereum.

FTM is the native cryptocurrency of the Fantom network. It serves as a network’s medium of exchange for various purposes, including transaction fees, staking, and governance. FTM operates on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, where token holders can participate in the network’s consensus and earn rewards for validating transactions.

The Fantom network leverages a unique technology called Lachesis, which enables it to achieve high throughput and low confirmation times. Lachesis is an aBFT consensus protocol that allows the network to process thousands of transactions per second, making it suitable for applications that require fast and scalable solutions.

One of the cornerstone features of Fantom is its smart contract support. Developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) on the network using Solidity, the same programming language used for Ethereum smart contracts. This compatibility makes it easier for developers to migrate their existing projects to Fantom.

The Fantom network and FTM cryptocurrency aim to provide a scalable and efficient blockchain platform for decentralized applications, enabling developers to build and deploy their projects with ease. If you still feel the need to know more about them, check out our guide to Fantom (FTM).

Fantom Price Performance

FTM Price in 2018–2020

fantom price 2018-2020
Source: CoinMarketCap

Fantom was founded in early 2018, and in July of that year secured $40 million in funding from venture capitalists and funds. Over four total rounds, the Fantom Foundation pre-sold 50 million FTM tokens (1.57% of the total supply) in a public sale and 1,275,880,000 to private investors (40.19%). The rest of the token supply was allocated to the team (15%), advisors (15%) and set aside for market development (30%).

FTM first appeared on the market ahead of the launch of the main platform as an ERC-20 token. The tokens from the presale were offloaded on the public markets, bringing the initial price of $0.23 down to $0.004 in a month. Around 2018, the crypto market neared the bottom and entered a crypto winter that would last for over a year.

For Fantom, though, 2019 was a year of several breakthroughs. First, they announced a strategic partnership with Binance Chain and launched a BEP-2 FTM token. This helped propel FTM up to $0.03454. By December, they introduced Opera, an EVM-compatible layer for smart contracts with Cosmos interoperability.

The start of 2020 was overall decent for most cryptocurrencies, including Fantom, but the change for a more bullish market was momentarily halted by a COVID-19 pandemic. Despite it throwing a wrench into the bullish momentum, it could not stop it completely, and by mid-2019 FTM was trading as high as $0.04.

Around the same time, Fantom and WAVES collaborated in the same manner as with Binance Chain to enable cross-chain DeFi. Since decentralized finance (DeFi) became a massive trend at that time, Fantom was able to capitalize on it, although, by the end of 2020, it pulled back to mid-2019 levels.

FTM Price in 2021–2023

fantom price 2021-2023
Source: CoinMarketCap

After dozens of months of consolidation, the crypto market truly entered a new phase in 2021. That year, a new bull run started in Bitcoin, raising the rest of the cryptocurrencies along with it. It certainly helped the FTM price but without developments of its own, it wouldn’t be scoring one price record after another.

Firstly, an Ethereum bridge was finally ready to be launched. Secondly, the Fantom Foundation introduced the on-chain governance features, boosting FTM’s usability. Thirdly, even more features such as liquid staking were coming. The combination of these factors boosted the FTM price up to $0.65 by February and $0.77 by May and then, launched its stratospheric rally up to the current all-time high of $3.48 on October 28, 2021.

Not at all surprising that the crypto market entered 2022 in an overheated state. Prices started to fall as rapidly as they grew months ago, and FTM price was not an exception. This time around, even the positive developments in the network growth were not enough to slow down the fall. To add insult to injury, key members of the development team Anton Nell and Andre Cronje quit DeFi, accelerating the descent from $3.30 to $0.33 by May.

In May 2022, another debacle, this time unrelated to the Fantom network, finally drove the FTM price to the bottom. The Terra protocol, extremely popular at the time, crashed down to zero over the course of a week. The event wiped out billions of dollars of value from the crypto market but it was not all that catastrophic for Fantom: after all, it was its competitor.

Miraculously, another catastrophic event for the market in November 2022 — the FTX implosion — also was not a huge event for Fantom. It had its own thing going on at the time: Andre Cronje was back, and the Fantom Foundation proved to have enough funds to mitigate the impact. Only thanks to good news FTM managed to end 2022 at the $0.2 mark and keep going up.

The recovery continued well into 2023 and was fuelled by more exciting announcements: ecosystem funding and native stablecoin FUSD being just a couple of them. However, news and announcements alone can generate only so much momentum, and by the time the features are shipped, investors care noticeably less.

In May 2023, a cross-chain bridge Multichain, which had a considerable part in the Fantom ecosystem, was hacked and went offline. Despite Fantom Foundation withdrawing its stake in the bridge’s token MULTI before things got dicey, it still saw its total value locked (TVL) drop from $364M to $70M. Even though FTM’s value pulled back from the yearly high, it bounced from the bottom in October.

The Fantom (FTM) price today at the time of writing is $0.3022 and the token ranks 59th by market capitalization (according to CoinMarketCap).

What Affects the Fantom (FTM) Price?

Network Growth

For Layer 1 networks some of the key drivers of growth are active users and network activity. Fantom has both: in Q3 2023 it demonstrated continued growth in both departments.

The Multichain incident made a dent in pretty much all Fantom’s metrics, from TVL to transaction activity. While the daily active addresses showed marginal growth (3%), new addresses multiplied thanks to new arrivals among Fantom-based dApps.

Another unexpected consequence of the Multichain incident was the redistribution of TVL within the Fantom ecosystem. Less popular protocols saw a rapid increase in volumes and value, making Fantom DeFi more decentralized.

The Fantom Foundation introduced many features to help foster the ecosystem, and the Gas Monetization program is one of the more recent. In this program, developers of quality applications on Fantom can claim up to 40% of the gas fees they generate.

Protocol Updates

The Gas Monetization program was one of the most anticipated additions to the Fantom protocol. And as we previously discussed, anticipated features can help the FTM value grow.

The Fantom Foundation uses a two-pronged approach to bolster the platform: in addition to attracting developers and users, they spearhead technological advancements.

In October, a public testnet of the next upgrade, Fantom Sonic was announced and officially launched. The Sonic upgrade is said to improve the network’s scalability and throughput, as well as security and consensus. Developers can look forward to the new Fantom Virtual Machine, compatible with the code written for the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Market Sentiment

The overall sentiment on the crypto market is another factor that certainly influences the price of FTM. Even though we have seen it go against the tide, generally it is more likely to be in profit when other cryptocurrencies are also seeing gains. And vice versa, when the majority of the market loses value, FTM is likelier to end up losing as well.

What is the sentiment on the crypto market today? Check the live index below.

Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index
Crypto Fear and Greed Index Today. Source:

Fantom Price Analysis and Forecast by ChangeHero

fantom price analysis
Source: TradingView

At the start of 2023, FTM was faring so well that it became the yearly top near $0.6338. Since then, it hasn’t come close just yet, and from the analysis of technical indicators, is unlikely to before 2023 ends.

The bounce from the bottom at $0.1741 was spectacular but also fell short near $0.3497. For now, this is the resistance level to watch closely.

In the shorter time frames, currently, the FTM to USD price is forming a falling wedge, which can be resolved either way. The relative strength index (RSI) in the middle area hints that it might as well be bulls that take the lead, as long as there are volumes to continue the trend. If that happens, after $0.3497 the next stop will be $0.4039.

Fantom (FTM) Price Prediction 2023

How much will Fantom be worth in the near future? Let’s hear what analysts think.

According to Lockridge Okoth, a writer for FXStreet, the price of FTM tokens in 2023 still has the potential to show decent gains. In the weekly time frame, the bulls and bears will watch the levels of $0.7836 and $0.153 respectively.

YouTuber Revolt Finance posted an update with his own analysis of the FTM price on the weekly time frame. At the end of November, it is turning two of its consistent support and resistance levels on their heads. Completing this move successfully can propel FTM up to $0.528 in the coming weeks.

Elena R from Coinpedia provides a technical analysis of the FTM to USD charts and indicators. Her conclusion is two possible scenarios: the uptrend continues to $0.3803 or pulls back to $0.253.

Fantom Price Prediction 2024

Based on the analysis by CryptoNewsZ, the outlook for FTM holders in 2024 appears to be optimistic. The psychological target of $1 can be reached as soon as next year. The projected range in their FTM price prediction is $0.82–1.18.

In contrast, the algorithmic forecast by CoinCodex does not create major expectations. According to its Fantom (FTM) price prediction for 2024, in exactly a year, its expected price is $0.9159. At the start of 2024, FTM may cost $0.2973.

According to The News Crypto, FTM is going to see better days in 2024. In a bullish scenario, FTM’s price can reach $1.8. The bearish target for FTM in 2024 is $0.2.

Fantom Price Prediction 2025, 2028

Expert opinions and estimates are more suitable for short-term predictions. As we look further into the future, algorithms that utilize historical analysis become more reliable.

CoinDataFlow presents a reasonable outlook for FTM’s future accounting for the market cycles. According to their predictions, FTM is expected to peak in 2025 and be on the rise after pulling back by late 2028. This makes the FTM price in 2025 expected in the range of $0.526526–2.23. In five years, FTM is projected to trade within the range of $0.379686 to $1.15.

The projections made by Bitnation for the Fantom (FTM) market are even more bullish. They anticipate that the average price of FTM will increase to $1.06 by 2025, and continue to rise to $1.96 by 2028. Fantom may reach its all-time high but not until the end of the decade, or so they calculated.

Based on the Digital Coin’s analysis, their outlook on the price forecast for Fantom (FTM) is equally optimistic. According to their estimations, the average price of FTM in 2025 is projected to be $1.05, with the potential to rise as high as $1.10. Looking further into the future, in five years, the price of FTM could range anywhere from $1.44 to $1.63.

Fantom Price Prediction 2030, 2033

For the Fantom price forecast at the end of the decade and even ten years in advance, let’s refer to historical and algorithmic analysis.

According to CoinLore, they anticipate FTM in 2030 to reach $2.63 on average. Similarly, in 2033, the forecast suggests that FTM could potentially reach $6. Their algorithms also provide projections for the lowest possible minimum price of FTM: $0.0623130 in 2030 and $1.89 in 2033.

According to BeInCrypto’s forecast, a meteoric price rise of FTM is likelier in the long term. In 2030, the price range for FTM is expected to move up to $25.48–41.10. Looking ahead to 2033, a decade from now, the forecast suggests that the Fantom will continue to trade steadily above $72.12 and potentially reach a maximum price of $92.47.

Among all the reviewed Fantom price predictions, the forecast by Traders Union stands out as one of the most bearish for the long term. According to their prediction, in 2030, FTM is expected to reach a price range of $0.771–0.8381. In line with the bearish expectations, they believe that ten years from now, the maximum price of FTM could rise to only $1.3829 by the end of 2033.

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The Fantom’s history is a fascinating one: it typically does well when the crypto market is tumultuous but can fumble when everything else is calm. We don’t know about you but our team will keenly keep an eye on the future of FTM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will Fantom be worth in 2030?

In the long term, by the end of the decade, Fantom’s (FTM) price is expected to trade within the range of $0.77–41.10, depending on source and method.

What will FTM be worth in 2025?

For a relatively long term, a generalized Fantom (FTM) price prediction for 2025 is within the bounds between $0.52 and $2.23.

Can Fantom reach $1?

The industry’s experts’ opinions diverge on the answer to this question. Optimistic predictions see it happening as soon as 2024 but even bearish forecasts admit it is a feasible target for after 2030.


This article is not a piece of financial or investment advice. No price prediction is guaranteed to provide exact information on the future price.

When dealing with cryptocurrencies, remember that they are extremely volatile and thus, a high-risk investment. Always make sure to stay informed and be aware of those risks. Consider investing in cryptocurrencies only after careful consideration and analysis of your own research and at your own risk.