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About Enjin Smart Wallet

Enjin smart wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet developed by Enjin Pte Ltd, a gaming platform based on blockchain. It was launched in the year 2018 to offer convenient storage of cryptocurrencies with high-level security. Enjin wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and all ERC-20 tokens. It also extended the support for ERC-721, ERC-1155 tokens making it a wallet that supports a broad range of cryptocurrency.

Enjin aims to be the world’s most secure mobile cryptocurrency wallet and aims to turn your smartphone into a hardware-like wallet. It claims that the wallet is designed for simple and fast cryptocurrency management. Enjin uses a mobile-first approach and delivers an intuitive and smooth user interface. Also, it enables the users to manage the blockchain-based gaming assets and is the only wallet to do so.


Manage coins
Multi-currency wallet
User-friendly design
Instant in-wallet exchange

Using the Enjin smart wallet, users can store, manage and trade a variety of cryptocurrencies on the go. Users of the wallet can create, track and import an infinite number of wallets. Enjin is available for both android and IOS smartphones. The platform is available in a whopping 31 languages and is advertisement free. Enjin smart wallet is free to download and transaction fees are calculated dynamically. Users also have an opportunity to exchange crypto within the wallet. Hardware wallets such as Nano Ledger and Trezor are integrated into the Enjin smart wallet and can be tracked instantly.

Users are not required to provide any personal information for creating a wallet. A password has to be set for accessing the wallet. Security can also be enhanced by enabling the fingerprint login. When setting up the Enjin smart wallet, the user is prompted to create and store a 12-word recovery phrase. It can be used to restore the wallet with funds in case of any loss of the device. Furthermore, there is a built-in keyboard to prevent keylogging and the app also stops any attempts to take a screenshot.

Enjin smart wallet is built with a major emphasis on security. The wallet uses two independent layers of cryptography to reinforce the security. For the lower level, hardware 256 AES is implemented and software encryption is employed for the application layer. All the data is stored, processed in the encrypted memory and any important values will be deleted from the system memory immediately.


Easy of use
Supported coins

Despite being new to the industry, Enjin smart wallet gained traction quickly and received applause from the crypto community. On the whole, Enjin is offering a simple-to-use cryptocurrency wallet with robust security features. With its impressive and multilingual user interface, Enjin smart wallet is looking to gain foothold worldwide.

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