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About Coinomi Wallet

Coinomi is a multi-asset wallet that supports over 125 blockchains and thousands of tokens. It gained popularity among the crypto community due to its ergonomic user interface and rugged security. Coinomi is one of the first cryptocurrency wallets launched in 2014 by blockchain experts with aims to become the world’s most pragmatic blockchain wallet.

This wallet enables users to store a wide range of digital currency for fast and easy trading. Coinomi claims it uses groundbreaking security to make the best use of blockchain in serving its users. It is a non-custodial wallet and offers users with full control of the funds. Users can rest assured that utmost security is guaranteed as the private keys never leave their device.


Manage coins
Multi-currency wallet
User-friendly design
Instant in-wallet exchange

Coinomi proclaims to be the most versatile global cryptocurrency wallet. Users can avail the services using Android, IOS apps and also the recently launched Desktop apps. The service is available in over 25 different languages with sync across all the platforms in real-time. Coinomi also has an In-app exchange feature for instant cryptocurrency exchange within the wallet. Users can also participate in cold staking and earn rewards.

Privacy and anonymity are noteworthy features of Coinomi. No personal information will be collected and users are not required to go through any KYC procedures for availing their services. In addition, all the IP addresses are hidden during the transactions and a new wallet address is created for each transaction for enhanced privacy.

Coinomi uses a seed phrase to secure the account. In the case of loss of device or theft, the user can restore the wallet along with the funds using the seed phrase and migrate all the information to another device instantly. Also, a user can reinforce the security of the wallet by opting for an additional pin/password or biometric app lock feature.


Easy of use
Supported coins

Coinomi supports SegWit-enabled blockchains for faster confirmation rates, the team is looking forward to adding lightning network and atomic swaps in the near future. The team claims to be a never-hacked service offering the easiest and quickest way to manage cryptocurrencies. All in all, Coinomi is a cryptocurrency wallet with a sleek user-interface, wide variety of coins and tokens with high security.

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Choose assets to exchangeSelect cryptocurrencies you want to swap and insert the amount. ChangeHero will
automatically calculate
the amount of assets
to be received.
Provide coinomi Wallet addressCopy coinomi Wallet
address of payout currency
and paste it to ChangeHero
Check all the data one
more time and confirm the transaction.
Send your
Copy ChangeHero deposit address and transfer your
assets from coinomi Wallet.
Check your wallet.
ChangeHero delivers
assets in 5-15 minutes.
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