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Is Mobile Crypto Mining Legit? How to Mine* Bitcoins on Android
Author: Catherine
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Smartphones these days vastly outperform the processors that Satoshi used to mine their millions in 2009. Therefore, they should be fine for mining cryptocurrency, right? And what is up with the asterisk in the title? Let’s dive deep into the topic of mining apps for Android and unpack if they are legitimate, profitable, or trustworthy at all.

Key Takeaways

Is it possible to mine crypto on Android?

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First, let’s clarify if you can mine Bitcoin or any crypto with mobile devices. After all, the energy-intensiveness and high computational power requirements are often included in the definition of crypto mining.

As a matter of fact, even if a mobile device could run the mining software, there are no mobile devices available that can match the computational power of a purpose-built machine. Google Play Store, the leading app market for Android devices, does not even allow mobile mining apps for the extreme damage their use causes to smartphones. In this case, “mining” refers to other methods of network participation that can potentially earn you crypto.

In the cryptocurrency mining industry, mobile mining can refer to pre-made solutions that include mining rigs and can be shipped to various locations. Mind you, these rigs are not the size of your mobile phone: they range from an industrial freezer to a shipping container.

So what do these mining apps for smartphones actually do? Depending on the offering, they can serve as apps to manage rented hash power, sometimes labeled as cloud mining, or have you perform various tasks for a reward in cryptocurrencies. Some even accrue “rewards” on their own but more often than not it is a ploy to get you to use the app: withdrawing these “rewards” might be troublesome.

Crypto mining apps do not normally do the mining on your device. For that reason, verifying their legitimacy is a necessary step. You could end up installing malware or investing in a “venture” that has no intention to pay you back.

Is Bitcoin mining on Android profitable?

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For this guide, let’s keep referring to the process of using smartphone apps to earn crypto as “mining”. Now that we know that it is technically possible, is it worth your time and investment? Is mining crypto on Android worth it?

Even for a solo miner with competitive hardware, breaking even can take up to a year. The same would hold for a share in a mining pool: the costs and the rewards are proportionally smaller. Nevertheless, eventually, consistent participation can pay off. For comparison, trying to mine Bitcoin with a smartphone’s hardware could take years if not decades, provided it even lasts this long (it won’t)!

If you are cloud mining Bitcoin, ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you are doing it with an Android device or from your PC. If you want to focus on other cryptocurrencies, for example, Proof-of-Stake ones, you might see better returns with other approaches.

Apps and Pools for Mobile Bitcoin Mining

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Here are some of the most popular, best mining apps for Android devices that use a variety of methods to generate income in crypto. Please note that the ChangeHero team has not tested the listed services. We encourage you to research further if you want to engage with them.


BitDeer is a cloud mining enterprise founded by the same people as Bitmain, one of the leading mining equipment manufacturers. They run mining operations and data centers in the United States and Norway, allowing users to rent some of the computational power. Notably, these days their focus is on providing processing power for AI computations but they still offer mining as well.

You can start mining on BitDeer’s hardware for as low as $20, and they provide demo plans and run promotions for their users. Reviews note the user-friendly interface and reliability of the payouts. At the same time, users wish there was full transparency about profitability rates and more responsive customer support.

BitDeer has a mobile app for Android and iPhone that lets you manage the rented rigs, check mining progress, and adjust the plans. It is suitable for mobile mining Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Filecoin (FIL), Litecoin (LTC), Nervos (CKB), and Zcash (ZEC).


The brand CryptoTab encompasses a few solutions that can be used to collect rewards. They have a browser with built-in crypto mining software, a cloud mining dashboard CryptoTab Farm, and its web alternative CT Pool.

The gist of all of the above is simple: turn it on and sit back (but keep it active and check in every three hours). Unlike other mining pools, they claim anyone can start mining with their apps for free. When the mining mode is active, the browser takes up idle resources of the computer, enabling you to browse the web and keep it mining at the same time. It also lets you boost mining rewards by paying for a more advanced plan or using the referral link and inviting other users to join.

From this brief description, it should be clear that any product of this suite is an entirely different beast from cloud mining apps or mining pools as we know them. Nevertheless, it has been around on the market since at least 2018.

User reviews for the CryptoTab browser do note that there are some issues with withdrawing the mining rewards, from long wait times to unresponsive customer support. Even those who do not have these kinds of issues report that the reward accrual rate is slow even with the boosters. As frustrating as it may seem, it makes sense for this software which is supposed to use a small amount of power from the device it runs on.


ECOS is another cloud mining platform that lets users rent crypto miners and track their performance. One review even noticed that it was easier and cheaper to rent an Antminer ASIC with ECOS than try to buy it for solo mining. The starting plan is $50 but there is a free trial period.

ECOS is based in and operates from Armenia and has its government’s support, making its legal status immediately clear. As a bonus, they strive to provide sustainable mining rewards and reduce carbon emissions. Users also remark on the additional features of the platform: a wallet for digital assets and an exchanger. All in all, it seems to be one of the few legitimate cloud mining providers to safely mine cryptocurrencies.


Another well-known name in the crypto miner industry, NiceHash is a developer of many solutions. They have the mining power marketplace, which is what they are best known for, and specialized mining software such as QuickMiner and Excavator, for GPU and CPU miners.

The NiceHash mobile app includes Rig Manager to keep an eye on your mining equipment, a hash power marketplace to trade it on the go, and a crypto wallet application. The description stresses that it is not a mobile mining app but a tool to track the mining process remotely. To use it, you will need a NiceHash account and install mining apps on your equipment, join mining pools, or use services like EasyMining.

EasyMining lets you purchase hashing power on the open marketplace and get a chance to claim Bitcoin rewards for finding a block. Frankly, NiceHash does not beat around the bush and admits it is as much a lottery as solo mining, and your rewards depend on the same factors: mining difficulty, contributed power, and some luck.

CEX Cloud Mining

Last but not least, some centralized crypto exchanges host crypto mining hardware and let users join mining pools by renting a device or hash power. It is available to Binance and KuCoin users, and since there are mobile apps, you could technically describe it as mobile crypto mining.

Is joining a Bitcoin mining network through an exchange worth it? Some users claim it’s not. With the variety of ways to earn crypto and Bitcoin on an exchange, it might be more efficient to stake or trade and convert rewards to BTC.

It is especially true because, in a few weeks, the Bitcoin mining rewards are going to be slashed in half. Due to Bitcoin’s price rise, eventually, they are going to pay off but immediately after the halving, the profitability of mining tends to dip.


We hope that we managed to explain what mobile Bitcoin mining really is. Even though the name is a little misleading, if picked carefully, it can turn into an additional revenue stream even with a small initial investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to mine one Bitcoin on Android?

If you used a mobile device for Android solo mining, no matter how high-end, it would still take years to decades to mine Bitcoin. You might have better luck with less energy-intensive algorithms but even those are not compatible.

Is there a legit free BTC miner?

Most methods to mine Bitcoin without investing in hardware are paid. There are a few other ways to earn Bitcoin rewards, including free ones, but they do not involve mining.

What is the easiest coin to mine?

According to What To Mine, at the time of writing, Vertcoin (VTC), PaprikaCoin (PAPRY), and Frencoin (FREN) have the lowest mining difficulty. However, this metric does not necessarily translate to more profit, but low hash rates do mean low network security.

Can you mine Bitcoin with Android?

A mobile device’s performance these days cannot yet match the performance of a purpose-built miner. However, you can avail of many apps to manage cryptocurrency miners, join a cryptocurrency mining pool, or use other passive income methods to earn BTC.

Is there a Bitcoin mining browser for Android?

The CryptoTab browser can be used to browse the internet and mine Bitcoin at the same time even by smartphone users. The browser actually employs the device’s idle power to mine Monero (XMR) and then converts it to Bitcoin.

Can I mine crypto on my phone for free?

You can use free mobile apps to earn Bitcoin or manage the mining process if you have set it up. Even though there is no real mining taking place, using a legitimate application can yield you rewards in crypto.

Is crypto mining on Android profitable?

Mobile mining technology is not yet advanced enough to keep up with ASICs, so mining on an Android device is currently unfeasible. You can use an Android app to join cryptocurrency mining pools and eventually get a profit from this investment.

Where can I mine bitcoins for free on Android?

There are so-called crypto mining apps for Android but they provide you with rewards in Bitcoin using other means. An example of a free Android app that lets you earn BTC is the CryptoTab browser.


This article is not a piece of financial or investment advice. When dealing with cryptocurrencies, remember that they are extremely volatile and thus, a high-risk investment. Always make sure to stay informed and be aware of those risks. Consider investing in cryptocurrencies only after careful consideration and analysis of your own research and at your own risk.