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About Atomic Wallet

Atomic wallet is a multi-currency non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet with built-in atomic swap exchange. It was launched by Konstantin Gladych in the year 2017 and backed by prominent people in the crypto world like Charlie Shrem and Simon Dixon. Atomic aims to be a universal cryptocurrency wallet making it the go-to place for storing and managing crypto assets.

The wallet supports over 500 coins and tokens. Users also have the opportunity to add and manage any ERC-20 tokens. Atomic wallet is designed to be a powerful tool and ease the process of managing crypto assets for users by not compromising on the security.


Manage coins
Multi-currency wallet
User-friendly design
Instant in-wallet exchange

Using the Atomic wallet, users can secure, exchange and buy cryptocurrency in a safe environment. Atomic wallet is initially developed only as a Desktop wallet. It is available on all the leading operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, etc. The team recently launched an Android app and the IOS app is still in the works. Atomic wallet is also popular among the crypto community for its slick design and user interface.

Atomic wallet has an in-app exchange feature for swapping crypto assets within the wallet. Users can also buy the cryptocurrencies with fiat currency. One of the most exciting features of this platform is the Atomic swaps, which is capable of performing decentralized cross-chain exchanges and eliminates all the third parties. Buzz in the crypto community is that the wallet got its name from this hallmark.

The wallet has a utility token called Atomic Wallet Coin, it is an ERC-20 token and trades with the ticker AWC. It can be used to fuel the exchanges, reward affiliates, bounty programs and access exclusive features on the platform. Atomic wallet is free to use and charges only the network fees for the transactions.

Anonymity and security are the major traits of Atomic wallet. Users can sign-up to the service simply by setting up a password and no personal information will be collected. Atomic wallet is Hierarchical Deterministic and creates a new address for each transaction making it almost impossible for others to track the users. All the private keys are stored in the user’s computer/smartphone and the company will never have access to the keys. Seed phrase can be used to regain access to the wallet along with the funds in the event of any loss of device or forgotten password.


Easy of use
Supported coins

Atomic wallet is set to kick off the IOS app, in-app staking, integration of new assets and hardware wallets soon. Altogether Atomic wallet seems to be a promising and reliable wallet offering a unique set of services to the crypto enthusiasts.

How to exchange coins on ChangeHero with atomic Wallet?ChangeHero takes you to the crypto world in an instant. With a wide range of cryptocurrencies and delivering the best rates available on the market, ChangeHero stands as one of the most reliable instant cryptocurrency exchange platforms. You can also buy crypto easily with your credit or debit card and pay in USD/EUR/RUB. All the transactions are quick and secure.
Choose assets to exchangeSelect cryptocurrencies you want to swap and insert the amount. ChangeHero will
automatically calculate
the amount of assets
to be received.
Provide atomic Wallet addressCopy atomic Wallet
address of payout currency
and paste it to ChangeHero
Check all the data one
more time and confirm the transaction.
Send your
Copy ChangeHero deposit address and transfer your
assets from atomic Wallet.
Check your wallet.
ChangeHero delivers
assets in 5-15 minutes.
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