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Crypto News: Joe Rogan Talks Crypto & Bitcoin Rally
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The train of Bitcoin keeps a-rollin’, Ethereum turns five and Joe Rogan talks crypto — this week looks eventful but also like a calm before the storm. In this digest, we’ll help you get back in the loop of the latest crypto news and check the market pulse.

This Week in ChangeHero

This week our team was hard at work in preparation for new partnerships which will make the exchange experience even better. Stay tuned for the announcement next week!

Latest Crypto News Highlights

Crypto news on Bitcoin

BTC continues the rally it started last week. In a similar fashion, it has gained 17.1% over the course of the past seven days without any major pullbacks. The most intense day for trading was Tuesday, when the daily volume exceeded $35,359,749,590 and the price breached $11 thousand.

In other news, though the correlation between gold and BTC is a topic of dispute among traders, those who believe there is a correlation see hopeful news in the fact that on Monday, gold reached a new all-time high.

Crypto news on Adoption

Crypto news outlets report that the largest, Amazon-owned online streaming platform Twitch brought back the option to purchase subscriptions with cryptocurrencies (at the moment supporting BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, USDC, GUSD, PAX and BUSD) with their cryptocurrency payments provider BitPay.

Quote of the week

Mike Alfred, CEO of Digital Assets Data, commenting on an increase in interest from mainstream investors: “The DeFi-related activity is very interesting but ultimately BTC is still the ultimate barometer for the health of the ecosystem. The industry has put in a ton of work over the last two years and it finally feels like we’ve ‘earned’ sustainably higher prices in the underlying assets”. Source: Cointelegraph.

Tech Crypto news

Top 8 currency by market cap, Cardano (ADA) went through an upgrade on Wednesday. The new iteration, Shelley chain, features a new consensus protocol, which enabled staking and delegation for all network participants. In the related crypto news, in anticipation of the upgrade, the investors drove the ADA price to a new year-high record.

Crypto news on Twitter

Joe Rogan said #stackingsats

Crypto enthusiast recently tweeted about Joe Rogan and Jack Dorsey's discussion about Bitcoin.
Source: Twitter

The host of one of the most popular and influential podcasts, the Joe Rogan Experience @joerogan and Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and CashApp, explained Bitcoin among other things to an audience of 200 million listeners. Obviously, such exposure did not go unnoticed in the Crypto Twitter.

Ethereum’s 5th

Crypto podcaster and writer, Andreas Antonopoulos wishing Ethereum on its fifth anniversary.
Source: Twitter

Of course, it’s a given that the Ethereum’s anniversary is in the spotlight. While it is a second most valuable asset, in terms of utility it bypasses even Bitcoin with applications in DeFi, stablecoins and dApps, and the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade is as close as ever now.

Decrypt Media reported that the US Dollar is on the decline. The news caught a lot of attention in the crypto world.
Source: Twitter

Crypto news outlet @decryptmedia reports on a story that got the entire community talking for the past week: the US dollar is on the decline and the USA is seeing a historical decrease in GDP. It’s too early to say that the days of fiat are over but maybe this will finally draw the needed attention to the sound money.

ChangeHero’s Friendship Day Giveaway

Friendship Day Giveaway by ChangeHero
Source: ChangeHero

This week we are holding a giveaway of 500 thousand sats on Twitter to celebrate the International Day of Friendship. You still have the time to join until August, 4! Share some knowledge about Bitcoin with your friends and get a chance to have them help you win extra money!

Top Cryptocurrencies Price Change

Bitcoin price change seems to be taking the rest of top cap currencies along for the rally, like we observed last week. Most of them are hitting double-digit gains.

At the moment of writing, the market’s and top currencies’ dynamics for the last week are the following:

Gainers of the week:


The market is on the rise, so there is a good chance the mainstream attention returns to crypto news and markets soon. A quite probable scenario right now seems to be the following: with the US dollar getting weaker, more and more investors will turn to cryptocurrencies and push for adoption. 

We will keep you updated on the development in the space if you give us a follow on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or Telegram and subscribe to our blog. Take care and see you next week!

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