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BNB Price Prediction for 2023, 2025, and 2030
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Binance has been a prominent player in the story of FTX this November. Its utility token BNB was caught in the crossfire, too, but suffered a less harsh fallout than other crypto assets. We find possible reasons in the BNB news, share analytical insights, and BNB price prediction for 2022 and beyond in this updated article.

BNB Price Prediction 2022–2030

Year Minimum price, USD Maximum price, USD
2022 $215 $331
2023 $283 $394.18
2024 $663.62 $779.46
2025 $1,110 $2,075
2030 $7,417 $11,965

What is BNB?

Binance coin logo
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BNB or previously Binance Coin is a cryptocurrency developed for use within the ecosystem of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. It was launched in 2017 in an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on Ethereum to fund the launch of the exchange. Later, it migrated to its own blockchain called Binance Chain.

The primary use case for Binance Coin was to pay for the trading fees on the exchange. As the Binance platform grew, new use cases emerged: from means of payment to a token that powers a DeFi ecosystem on BSC. You can use BNB by funding Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) on Binance Launchpad or paying for travel expenses on TravelByBit.

In 2022, the Binance Coin team decided to rename the asset to BNB to reflect its growth beyond Binance. In the same vein, Binance Smart Chain is now BNB Chain.

In our Binance Coin Beginner’s Guide, you can find more info on the tech and history of BNB.

BNB Price History

Binance Coin price in 2017–2020

Binance coin price chart
Source: CoinMarketCap

As an ICO, the tokens were sold for about $0.1. Just a month later, when the token was being traded on exchanges, the BNB price was already over $2.5. The Binance Coin launch coincided with the Bitcoin rally, and by 2018, BNB’s price skyrocketed to $22.63. Since then, Binance Coin’s price movements have somewhat diverged from the rest of the market: BNB experienced a longer bull market, from February up until June 2018. Then the bears regained the initiative, and Binance Coin’s price went down to $6 by the end of the year.

By the time of the mainnet migration on April 23, 2019, Binance Coin’s price was $24.20. Then the price reached $39.57 on June 22, 2019.

While this is an example of how BNB price defied the market-wide trend, crypto winter caught up to it, too. In the second half of 2019, it finished the year 180% down from the then-ATH at $13.57 per coin. Binance Coin’s price in 2020 caught the post-crypto winter uptrend and went back up to $26.38 in February. Yet another crisis changed the course and made Binance Coin crash down to $6.96 when the market crashed in March.

BNB Price in 2021–2022

Binance coin price chart
Source: CoinMarketCap

The opening price of BNB in 2021 was about $37.67, which is 441.23% up from the March crash. This was only the beginning: Binance started to nurture the DeFi ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain. It exploded, and the BNB price followed it, pumping as high as $690.93 (May 10, 2021) — the current all-time high. This rapid growth took Binance Coin to third place in the crypto market capitalization ranks.

The second leg up of the bull market in October and November 2021 took Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies to new records, but BNB price did not overtake the ATH. At the same time, the subsequent correction and the onset of a bear market in 2022 did not hurt it as much. Currently, BNB is trading 57% down from the ATH, while Bitcoin lost 75% and Ether — 74%.

At the time of writing, the current price of BNB is $298.80 and it ranks 4th by market capitalization (after BTC, ETH, and USDT).

What influences the BNB price?

BNB Chain Ecosystem

The main catalyst for parabolic growth has been the DeFi boom on the BNB Chain. Venus and PancakeSwap, decentralized exchanges on BSC, have a total value locked comparable with Uniswap and Aave. The BSC DEXs accumulated a $7.84B TVL in Q2 of 2021 alone, while Uniswap and Aave had years. Like Ethereum uses ETH, BNB Chain uses BNB for gas fees. Lower fees allowed BNB to take fourth place among all cryptocurrencies right now.

As of 2022, PancakeSwap and Venus still dominate the BNB ecosystem by total value locked (TVL). Runner-ups are Alpaca Finance, Biswap, and token launchpad PinkSale.

Token Burning

From the very beginning, 200 million BNB tokens were put into circulation but every three months a calculated amount of BNB is burned. This is set to continue until 100 million are burned and the total supply remaining would be 100 million. BNB also burns the basefee part of transaction fees, modeled after EIP-1559.

On the one hand, reducing the supply increases the value of the remaining coins. Doing so at a predictable rate won’t cause supply shock. On the other hand, the amounts burned so far constitute a small share of the total supply. Out of 200 million, only 42M BNB tokens have been burned so far.

In the latest BNB coin burn, the amount burned was calculated from the BNB price and total blocks produced in Q3. A total of 2,060,319.17 BNB were erased from the supply.


BNB has departed from Binance exchange in branding, but the association with the cryptocurrency exchange remains.

In 2021, Binance received multiple warnings about the lack of authorization in several jurisdictions: Spain, the United Kingdom, Malta, and others. The “decentralized team” and lack of concrete registration did not help Binance to keep working worldwide, so they changed the strategy. Binance employed stricter anti-money laundering measures and doubled down on KYC.

In 2022, Binance exchange grabbed the headlines after the second-largest global crypto exchange FTX turned out to be insolvent. The news came to light after Binance exchange CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) announced the intention to sell their stake in FTT, and it resulted in a bank run and the FTX’s collapse. As a result, the new runner-up to Binance’s volumes, Coinbase, is far behind it, and some data providers show that now it accounts for as much as 75% of volume. This case brought more scrutiny to the legitimacy of Binance’s operations.

BNB on Twitter

The official account of OpenSea on Twitter shared the news that it will support NFTs on BNB Chain. With the sheer amount of NFT projects on BNB Chain, the update was long overdue.

User BSC Economy shared an infographic with the map of the BNB Chain ecosystem. The map is so large, it barely fits on two 4K resolution images.

Dylan LeClair is one of the influential voices that brings scrutiny to BNB’s price dynamics. He finds it suspicious that the asset managed to stay afloat when everything else sank.

On that note, let’s conclude the overview of BNB’s fundamentals, price history, and market sentiment. Now we will see what experts say about the future price of BNB.

BNB price prediction for December 2022

Using historic and technical analysis, LongForecast agency points to a $327 target at the year’s close. As far as this BNB price forecast is concerned, it can still gain 10% more until the end of 2022.

YouTuber More Crypto Online analyzes BNB charts and arrives at the conclusion that going into December 2022, BNB prices will continue to fall. The support level he outlined is between $265 and $285. However, after that, the third Eliot wave should take BNB to $376. If the previous support levels get broken, BNB token can go all the way down to $215 by the end of December.

A bearish evaluation for BNB is given by another service, WalletInvestor. By mid-December, BNB is expected to move between $331.056 USD on the upside and $246.780 USD on the downside.

BNB Price prediction 2023–2024

Some BNB price predictions claim in the next few years the price will be growing. Others like the TradingBeasts’ BNB price forecast suggest a bit more grounded scenario. Their data shows a slow recovery until mid-2023, with the lowest point at $283. After that, though, BNB can go up to $394.176.

According to the DigitalCoinPrice prediction for 2024, the average trading price of BNB token that year will total $752.54. Monthly average prices will not be very volatile, bottoming at $663.62 and reaching $779.46.

BNB Price Prediction 2025–2027

Bitnation calculated a price estimate for BNB in the future, and it is bullish. They forecast that the average trading price of BNB will climb to $1,260 in 2025 and $1,951.46 in 2027:

Binance coin price prediction

European crypto company BTC Direct predicts that by the end of 2025, BNB will break through $1,110.

Cryptogeek writers speculate that in 2025, BNB can be worth up to $2,000. More exact targets put the minimum price of BNB in 2025 at $1,969 and a maximum price of $2,075. Five years from now, in 2027, they see BNB trading for $4,403 on average.

BNB Price Prediction 2030–2032

The predictions so far ahead are less of a forecast and more of an educated guess. With BNB and Binance exchange in particular, there are already plenty of factors in play that can develop unexpectedly, so taking these opinions with a grain of salt is advised.

The Cryptocurrency Price Prediction website theorizes that by the end of the decade, BNB will fluctuate between $9,123 and $11,965. This prediction is even more bullish than their 2021 one, but given how hard it is to give an accurate forecast, it might as well happen.

AMBCrypto shares a slightly more tempered but otherwise bullish long-term BNB price prediction. Ten years from now, in December 2032, its forecast average price will be $7,417.

ChangeHero’s BNB Price Prediction 2022

The recent news surrounding centralized crypto exchanges has not been optimistic at all. Binance exchange still holds the crown as the most popular CEX but it became an object of increased scrutiny. Anyway, by now BNB is more than an exchange token for trading fees, and even in the worst-case scenario, it has a decent chance to stay afloat thanks to its ecosystem and community.

Binance coin price analysis
Source: TradingView

Considering the overall bearish trend of 2022, using the Fibonacci retracement, we can see that the main resistance levels for BNB in the short term lie at $325 and $350. The volume is there to support these price movements.

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As a top-5 cryptocurrency, BNB is a safe pick if you would like to diversify. Over years, it has grown into a project of its own, although the association with Binance definitely helped it to establish itself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BNB worth in 2025?

Aggregate BNB coin price prediction from experts claims in 2025 minimal price of BNB will be $1,110 and the maximum price — $2,075.

Is BNB a good buy in 2022?

BNB is outperforming even Bitcoin and Ether in 2022. Most of the future price targets for BNB are on the bullish side.

Is BNB good for the long term?

In the long term, experts claim, BNB will multiply in value. In the short term, however, it is expected to pull back with the rest of the crypto market.

Is the BNB coin worth holding?

In the short term, BNB can retrace but long-term BNB token price prediction expects its price to rise.


This article does not constitute financial or investment advice. No price prediction or forecast is guaranteed to provide exact information on the future price. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

When dealing with cryptocurrencies, remember that they are extremely volatile and thus, a high-risk investment. Consider investing in cryptocurrencies only after doing your own research and at your own risk.

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