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TravelbyBit CEO Caleb Yeoh on Crypto Travel
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The people of the 21st century are living in a flamboyant society and rapidly growing tech world. Since then, the world-wide system was invented for storing, processing and transmitting information, more and more innovations were breaking into our daily life. What is the reason? To make your life easier! And the first cryptocurrency was brought into being with the same purpose — to simplify your daily payment system! So, if you have Bitcoin or any other crypto and an unrestrained wish to encounter new lands and spaces, you can embark on a tremendous journey — Crypto traveling.

Nowadays the capacity of cryptocurrency took a new level and brought a Big Boom into every field of our life. You can travel without borders, pay for your favourite services and even buy a cup of coffee in the restaurant.

Mass-adopted Currency

What can I do with Crypto?

Crypto gives you the freedom to move your money any way you want. Grab a bottle of milk, coffee, Lamborghini, split a check, pay your phone bill, buy a ticket to sunny Brisbane. You can move your money from everywhere to anyone instantly.

The mass adoption of cryptocurrency has already become a fait accompli. There are more than 2000 cryptocurrencies in the world market. Moreover, in the last three-four years, a great number of projects started accepting payment in Bitcoins, Ethereum, Tron, Dash, Litecoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Among the best known are companies that accept crypto are Namecheap, KFC Canada, Microsoft, Subway, Zynga (mobile gaming), Shopify, Bloomberg. Even Pornhub. No, we’re not kidding.

Speaking about traveling with digital currency, you can use your crypto for buying tickets to travel, pay for a place to stay, eating-out, renting a car, entertainment, etc.

In a nutshell, with cryptocurrency, you can go all over the world empty-handed and pay for the lion’s share of services using digital money without local cash troubles. No more hassles of carrying the banknotes and coins! No more bending over backwards to find the solution when it’s always on your phone.

So first things first.

Buying Tavel Tickets with Crypto

As we’ve already said, it won’t be red tape to start your first Crypto trip by booking tickets, using crypto transactions. You can simply pay with BTC and other popular cryptocurrencies and board the flight. is a popular service that makes buying airline tickets with crypto without taking pains. TravelbyBit caught the attention of travel and crypto enthusiasts with its unique offerings.

Here are some other platforms, which are useful for buying an affordable ticket with,, Peach Aviation, Fuzzy. But if you are keen on space exploration and price doesn’t matter to you, welcome to Sir Richard Branson’s company Virgin Galactic which accepts crypto payments.

Though the mentioned crypto travel services are not on par with the traditional travel booking platforms like Aviasales, by using them be sure you are making a great contribution to the future of crypto adoption.

Next step is:

Finding a Room

“Travel the globe. Pay with crypto” says CryptoCribs, an accommodation booking platform. For the record, Cryptocribs allows travelers to pay in Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or Ethereum (ETH) for short-term apartment and loft rentals. Their aim is to provide a peer-to-peer solution to the trust problem inherent in renting out apartments to strangers around the world. Cryptocribs is a real home for all crypto enthusiasts.

Cryptocribs user interface

What about Having a Snack?

While traveling in a foreign country it might be a real challenge to find a proper cafe for eating out. There are not so many restaurants accepting crypto money. CoinMap will help you to find the local cafes (like Subway, which claims to be okay with crypto in some places) ready to take your cryptocurrency. With PizzaforCoins, you can enjoy your favourite food from major chains such as Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. accepts cryptocurrency on some of the platforms it owns in Europe. One of them is Germany’s largest food delivery portal, Lieferando, which works with more than 11,000 restaurants, added bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to its payment options. Be confident with these services you won’t be taken out of guard! Even if your journey is off the beaten track.

Have fun with crypto. Why not?

Put your mind to Cool Cousin, a new version of the crypto agency. With its crypto tokens, it helps travelers narrow down the local activities’ search process with on-demand guidance that fits their unique needs. With the Cool Cousin app, you’re just two taps away from getting personalized recommendations from a local you can trust.

In case you’re an avid shopper always looking for purchasing unique things, CoinMap also has some stores for souvenirs and gifts. As shown above, crypto traveling is both fun and challenging. If you feel so enthusiastic about crypto traveling, be sure, you’re not alone. Crypto fever has spread all over the world.

The Crypto Travel Community

Besides the enormous number of startup companies working to make travelers’ lives easier, there are many crypto enthusiasts trying to improve key aspects of the travel ecosystem.

Some of these pioneers live in one of the world’s “crypto-friendly” cities — Agnes Water, in Australia. This city is famous for its crypto payment system, which has been orchestrated by TravelbyBit, a travel agency dedicated to the crypto community. TravelbyBit introduced its online booking site earlier this year, which currently allows clients to book flights and hotels with BTC, LTC, and BNB.

In October last year, TravelbyBit partnered with the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, and has since continued to form partnerships with many well-known blockchain events, such as the Baltic HoneyBadger 2019 in Riga and the Lightning Conference 2019 in Berlin. The alliance between Binance and TravelbyBit is also planning to manufacture a global POS payment framework that will enable blockchain payments in airports around the world. That step seems to be very promising to the future of the travel industry.

TravelbyBit CEO Caleb Yeoh said, “The key thing we’re doing is allowing people to live completely on crypto if they want to.” The company had booked over $500,000 worth of airline bookings by June 2019 just months after the release of their online booking platform, indicating that crypto-adoption is on the rise.

ChangeHero reached out to Caleb Yeoh to provide you with some insights about crypto traveling.

**ChangeHero: **What do you think about the future of crypto traveling?

**Caleb Yeoh: **There are many benefits to traveling with crypto. The most significant of these, when compared with traditional payments, is that it reduces credit card fraud. Because of this, many of our hotels offer better prices if you pay in crypto, which allows us to distribute these prices back to travelers in the form of bitcoin rewards. But this is just the beginning; most people are still learning about what crypto is and how to use it, but what we are finding at the moment is that, on our website, around half of our customers are actually paying with fiat money and earning rewards in bitcoin. With this incentive, we hope to introduce more people to crypto.

**ChangeHero: **Have you got any advice for crypto travelers?

**Caleb Yeoh: **We would like to thank the crypto travelers who have supported us so far, as most people are still using crypto as a speculative investment. These travelers are early adopters who are paving the way for others. If it wasn’t for their support, none of this infrastructure would ever be built. We’re grateful to our community and we hope more people will follow in their footsteps toward genuine crypto adoption.

ChangeHero: Could you recommend any other crypto-accepted services?

Caleb Yeoh: We work with hundreds of merchants in Australia to enable crypto payments at the point of sale (map). These businesses have been wonderful supporters of ours and have helped us bring our vision of crypto adoption to life. To support merchants that accept Bitcoin Lightning payments outside of Australia, see the merchant map on the Wallet of Satoshi by downloading the app here.

TravelbyBit Merchant map in Australia
TravelbyBit Merchants

ChangeHero: Which country do you find the most successful in crypto traveling?

**Caleb Yeoh: **We have pockets of supporters all over the world and provide everyone with the freedom to book their travels anywhere they wish. There’s no one country that stands out when it comes to crypto traveling. Crypto is border-less and global; that’s exactly what it was designed to be and that’s exactly the type of service we want to offer to travellers all over the world.

From our interaction with TravelbyBit, it is evident that the masses are leaning towards crypto for traveling. Acceptance of crypto by merchants across the country also cues that mass adoption could happen in the future, and TravelbyBit is functioning as the catalyst in this process.

Here are some other enthusiasts enjoying traveling with crypto.

The Bitcoin Family, a family of five members, who sold all their belongings for bitcoin, has started traveling around the world with just cryptocurrency. Their aim is to spread the word and educate people about the fundamentals of Blockchain & Bitcoin.

There is another group of enthusiasts who also use digital currency for traveling solely. We might call them the “Crypto nomads”. Being a crypto nomad you balance work and life with a free-spirit. Consequently, the crypto nomad community is growing stronger and stronger year after year Miami has become a paradise for the crypto nomads, where they live free lifestyle dream no strings attached.

Crypto traveling is not just the industry. It is a unique opportunity to communicate with like-minded people, which is our new possibility of changing the world. TravelbyBit is a shining example that is striving for the mass adoption of crypto in everyday life and ChangeHero believes that TravelbyBit is in the right direction.

Ready to experience crypto traveling, but still worrying about your digital security?

Be sure, with ChangeHero you gonna know all the ropes! We are the platform for easy and anonymous instant exchange of cryptocurrency, you can swap crypto safely from anywhere at best rates.

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