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USDT to JUP conversion chart

Tether to Jupiter correlation

According to the correlation analysis, USDT and JUP have a strong relationship with each other and are correlated. Whenever there is a change in the price of USDT then JUP also tends to follow the same pattern and move together.

USDT Price Change and Market Cap

Currently, USDT price is 0$ and the 24-hour change is 0.00%. The market cap of Tether today is $0 with a total of 0 USDT in circulation. In the past 24 hours, USDT price peaked at 0$ and the least price was 0$.

Tether Price Prediction

Tether is a stablecoin that is pegged against the US dollar and other fiat currencies. The price of USDT remains the same, i.e. $1 regardless of the market conditions. Technically, in any given time USDT price will be stable, even in the long run. USDT is a safe choice to enter or exit the market and avoid market volatility.

USDT to JUP exchange margin

The closing conversion rate for USDT to JUP yesterday was {{LAST}}. Considering today’s exchange rate, a transaction of 1 USDT to JUP would result in an output of 0$ JUP

How to convert Tether to Jupiter

Enter the amount and provide your address

Enter the amount of USDT and click "Exchange". Provide the JUP wallet address.


Confirm your transaction

Check all the data once again and confirm your transaction.



ChangeHero will generate a deposit address, use your Wallet to send USDT there.


Wait for the exchange to complete

Wait a few minutes — your JUP is on the way to your Wallet!


Tether and Jupiter comparison

USDT, also known as Tether, is a pioneering force in the world of cryptocurrency, being among the first to introduce the concept of stablecoins. Launched in 2014, USDT is pegged to traditional fiat currencies, primarily the US Dollar, ensuring a stable value amidst the often volatile crypto market. This pegging is achieved by maintaining a 1:1 reserve of fiat currency, making USDT an ideal digital counterpart for traditional money in the digital realm. Tether facilitates smoother and more stable transactions, acting as a digital bridge between fiat and cryptocurrencies. Its widespread adoption in the trading world is a testament to its reliability and utility in providing a stable trading medium, making it a cornerstone in the crypto market.

Jupiter, symbolized as JUP, represents a forward-thinking stride in the blockchain universe, particularly within the Solana ecosystem. Launched as a comprehensive platform, Jupiter distinguishes itself by being a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator on the Solana network. This unique feature allows it to offer users optimal exchange rates by scanning multiple platforms. Beyond its aggregating prowess, Jupiter also serves as a bridge aggregator, offering seamless transactions across different blockchain networks. This includes advanced asset bridging with Wormhole, connecting Ethereum and Solana blockchains. Jupiter’s platform further extends to perpetuals trading and a launchpad for emerging Solana projects, marking it as a multi-faceted tool in DeFi. The native token, JUP, is at the heart of this ecosystem, integral for community rewards and platform governance, emphasizing community involvement in its evolution. Jupiter's blend of diverse functionalities and community-focused approach makes it a standout addition to the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

What is Tether?

Tether belongs to a new group of cryptocurrencies called Stablecoins. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, Tether is backed by assets or fiat currency. For instance, USDT is pegged against the US dollar at a proportion of 1:1. This backing from a fiat currency results in its less volatile nature and stability in the price. Tether was launched initially with the name RealCoin which was later rebranded as Tether and started trading in 2014. Tether was built to bridge the gap between the fiat currencies and blockchain. It is aimed at everyday transactions.

USDT was first issued on the Bitcoin blockchain through the Omni Protocol. Currently, Tether is available on various blockchains such as Etheruem, Tron, EOS and Algorand. Tether offers stable, transparent and secure transactions worldwide with a minimal transaction fee to the users. Tether Ltd., oversees the development of USDT and publishes the details of the reserves that back the value of USDT. Tether is backed not only by the US Dollars but also by Euro and Chinese Yuan.

USDT to JUP Conversion Rate and Price

USDT to JUP Conversion Rate and Price

At the moment, the conversion rate for 1 USDT equals to 0$ JUP. The 24-hour highest price of Tether in relation to JUP was 0$ JUP and the lowest was 0$ JUP. In short, the USDT price in relation to JUP changed by 0.00%.

Instantly Exchange USDT to JUP

On ChangeHero you can instantly exchange Tether to Jupiter without signup. You can easily convert USDT to JUP in a few clicks without worrying about the rates and fees. ChangeHero offers both the Best and Fixed rates for your USDT to JUP exchange.

USDT to JUP Best Rate Exchange

For the Best Rate exchange of Tether to Jupiter, we search through various exchanges for the USDT to JUP pair and find the best rate available in the market. We provide you with an estimation of the amount of JUP you will receive.

As soon as you accept the terms and the USDT is deposited, the exchange will be automatically processed. We remind you that the final amount of JUP you receive may vary slightly due to the volatility in the price of the cryptocurrencies which affects the conversion rate of USDT to JUP.

USDT to JUP Fixed Rate Conversion

For the Fixed Rate exchange of Tether to Jupiter, ChangeHero finds a good rate for the pair USDT to JUP and fixes the rate for up to 15 minutes. In the Best Rate exchange of USDT to JUP, you will receive the exact amount of JUP shown in the estimate.

ChangeHero is a non-custodial service and never holds your cryptocurrency. As soon as the exchange is completed, we send your assets to the mentioned JUP address. ChangeHero is the best place to exchange USDT to JUP fast and safe at the best rates.        

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to convert USDT to JUP?

Usually, it takes around 15 minutes but the time may vary depending on how busy the network is.

Do I need an account to exchange USDT to JUP?

No, you do not need an account to swap USDT to JUP on ChangeHero. There will be no registrations for your Tether to Jupiter transaction.

Do I need to go through KYC procedures for USDT to JUP exchange?

There will be no KYC for the USDT to JUP exchange. However, if our threat detection system raises the alarm then we ask you to complete a simple verification procedure that takes a few minutes.

Can I exchange JUP to USDT?

Yes, you can instantly exchange JUP to USDT on ChangeHero.

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