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What is Best Rate and Fixed Rate
Best Rate

We find the best rate on the market for your exchange. The final amount may vary due to the price fluctuations.

Fixed Rate

We fix a good rate for 15 minutes. The final amount will be the same regardless of the price fluctuations.

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Minimal amount for sending is 40.99476 usdc

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Live USD Coin Price

At the moment, USD Coin price is 1.000124$ with a circulation supply of 32276897550 USDC.

1.0000 $
0.9998 $

Live USD Coin Price Chart

Live USD Coin Price Change and Market Cap

Currently, the USDC price is 1.000124$. According to the USD Coin price chart, the 24-hour change is 0.01%. The total market capitalization of USD Coin is $32280908374 with 32276897550 USDC in circulation. In the previous 24 hours, the USD Coin price hit highs of 1$ and lows of 0.9998$.

USD Coin Price Prediction

Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, USD Coin’s value is not influenced by the market supply and demand but regulated through a reserve. USD Coin is a stable coin which is backed by the US Dollar. The peg is in the ratio of 1:1 which keeps the USD Coin price at $1 all the time. USD Coin price will remain unchanged even in the long run as there is little to no impact of the market conditions on USDC.

USD Coin Exchange

On ChangeHero, you can exchange USD Coin against a wide range of cryptocurrencies. For your USD Coin exchange, we offer two types of rates — Best Rate & Fixed Rate. In the Best Rate USD coin exchange, you will be given the best available rate in the market. Please note that the final amount of crypto you receive may differ slightly from the estimate. In the Fixed Rate USD Coin exchange, we freeze a good rate for 15 minutes, it’s optimal to avoid price fluctuations during the USD Coin exchange. In any case, we process your USD Coin exchange in a few minutes and deliver crypto safely to your wallet.

How to exchange USD Coin

Enter the amount and provide your address

Choose the USDC pair you want to trade and input your Wallet address(es).


Confirm your transaction

Check all the data once again and confirm your transaction.



ChangeHero will generate a deposit address, use your Wallet to send funds there.


Wait for the exchange to complete

Wait a few minutes — your assets are on the way to your Wallet!


What is USD Coin?

Though Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency, its volatility poses a barrier for the enthusiasts to enter the crypto market. Stablecoins fix this issue by offering cryptocurrencies that are not volatile and hold consistent value. USD Coin is one such cryptocurrency that is backed by the US Dollar. The peg is at the ratio of 1:1 and the value of 1 USDC will always remain the same which is $1 per USDC coin.

USDC was issued on the Ethereum network by Circle and Coinbase. Monthly reports on the reserves are published to keep the project transparent and trust-worthy. USDC is mostly used by the users to either enter or exit the cryptocurrency market without any volatility. USDC can also be traded similar to other cryptocurrencies and it also powers cheaper transactions across borders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees for USD Coin exchange?

We charge a low fee of 0.5% for your USD Coin exchange.

How long does it take to exchange USD Coin?

Usually, it takes less than 15 minutes for a transaction to be processed. The time may vary depending on the blockchain.

Do I need to go through a KYC procedure for exchanging USDC?

No, you are not required to go through a KYC procedure for USD Coin exchange. In some cases, we may ask you to go through a verification procedure if our threat detection system raises an alarm.

Can I buy USD Coin with Paypal?

No, we don’t accept Paypal. On ChangeHero you can buy USDC only with other cryptocurrencies.

Where can I read the latest USD Coin news?

ChangeHero Blog is the best place to find all the latest USD Coin news. 

Do I need to create an account to exchange USD Coin?

ChangeHero is a completely account-free cryptocurrency exchange. You will not be asked to register for your USD Coin exchange.

How many blockchain confirmations are needed for USDC?

To be considered sent, USD Coin will need:

  • 40 blockchain confirmations on the Ethereum network;
  • 3 blockchain confirmations on the BNB network;
  • 3 blockchain confirmations on the Polygon network;
  • 3 blockchain confirmations on the Solana network;
  • 15 blockchain confirmations on the TRON network.

Please note that ChangeHero uses a risk-scoring automated system aimed to spot suspicious activity during operations. In case your transaction is flagged by this system, ChangeHero reserves the right to conduct the KYC procedure and process the transaction in accordance with our AML/KYC policy and our Terms of Use (paragraph 3.6).
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