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NIM:  Frictionless Transfers and Store of Value
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Nimiq is blockchain technology inspired by Bitcoin but designed for the browser. Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Nimiq does not require a third-party node to send transactions via a browser solution. This advantage allows for a new level of accessibility and user experience without the need to compromise on decentralization or censorship-resistance.

Nimiq aims to solve the main pain-points most non-tech-savvy users find when starting to use cryptocurrency: complicated and clunky apps that are not intuitive, installation of third-party apps which can be a barrier and source of security issues, and the need to use a third-party node to connect to Blockchains to send/receive money.

Nimiq’s goal is barrier-free value exchange for everyone by enabling the most accessible, censorship-resistant payment solutions.

What advantages does NIM have among all other currencies?

Nimiq is browser-first allowing for installation-free direct peer-to-peer transacting of its NIM token on the blockchain network. A native cryptocurrency for the web as e-commerce checkouts become more seamless than with any other crypto in the world.

Nimiq is focusing on web developers to build applications for the Nimiq ecosystem as well as on implementing a complete merchant ‘roundtrip’ that includes a checkout process with NIM, BTC & ETH that ends up delivering fiat to the merchant bank account via non-custodial atomic fiat swaps (Nimiq OASIS).

What features are coming in the nearest future?

We are currently analyzing a possible transition to a new Proof-of-Stake algorithm that we designed and that would increase transactions per second from ~ 12 to over 1000 while massively reducing the amount of energy used to secure the network. We are also developing Nimiq OASIS a new and potentially disruptive Crypto-to-Fiat bridge in collaboration with the German WEG Bank AG and Swiss Trading Message Board Trade Telegraph.

Having one of the technically strongest teams in crypto we have demonstrated our ability to execute our technical goals and not just talk about them.

How to join the Nimiq project?

Nimiq created a community funding initiative where developers can send proposals to create a project based on Nimiq, by requesting seed funding, mentorship, security audits and UI/UX reviews from Team Nimiq.

The easiest way to join the Nimiq community is to join the Telegram Group and by following the official Twitter account to stay up-to-date with all things Nimiq.

What are the benefits of the collaboration with ChangeHero exchange?

The Nimiq goal is to become the #1 cryptocurrency for online payments. That is why we put our effort to make NIM as easy for purchase and exchange as possible for the community. The fastest way to become a NIM holder — is to get NIM on an instant crypto exchange like ChangeHero.

ChangeHero provides users with a wide range of NIM trading pairs: NIM could be traded against 140+ coins and tokens. Moreover, users can buy NIM with VISA and MasterCard. There is no registration required and transactions flow really fast: it takes only 5–7 minutes for completion.

Twice a month all the users have a chance to exchange NIM with 0% fee at ChangeHero.

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