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Crypto News Digest: BTC above $50k, BNB in Top-3
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What a spectacular week for the crypto market it was! Bitcoin has stepped over a historical number of $50 thousand. More world-famous names joined the ranks of crypto investors. Some other names, like Robinhood and Ripple are not so lucky, as the regulators are out to get them. Most impactful crypto news, market and Bitcoin digest — in our weekly article, get comfy and enjoy!

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Bitcoin trading chart: 19th February 2021
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Rick Rieder, BlackRock CIO on CNBC Sqawk Box.
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Crypto Digest on Twitter

If you have not heard about Ethereum 2.0 in a while, it is doing well! Vitalik Buterin announced the first planned hard fork for the network, immediately sparking a discussion in the community.

This tweet from an adjacent conversation by aforementioned Elon Musk was heavily quoted in crypto news. Despite all the buzz around him on the Crypto Twitter, in fact he retains a healthy amount of scepticism. Quoting his another tweet, “Somehow, a hash text file using ancient crypto can be exchanged for real goods & services!? Amazing.”

A few months ago, Spencer Schiff, son of a notorious Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff, bought Bitcoin. This week, we witnessed him roasting his father’s predictions. By the way, in the tweet that started this conversation even Schiff (Senior) admitted that Bitcoin could reach $100 thousand. Twitter, of course, jokingly interpreted this as bullish.

Influencer of the Week

Self-described as “level-headed crypto market analysis”, Rekt Capital focuses on technical analysis of Bitcoin and altcoins. Sometimes, they offer threads explaining the market situation, such as in the highlight.

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At the moment of writing the crypto digest, the general market stats are:

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7D crypto digest: 21st February 2021
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The top currencies had some gainers and losers this week. At the moment of writing, the 7-day change of the top currencies is as follows:

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Key Takeaways


The highlights of this week are none short of historical. Tune in next week for another crypto and Bitcoin digest in case you lose track of all the news. You will find it in our blog, and more announcements will be made on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Telegram.