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Weekly Crypto News Digest: US Battles for Fair Crypto Laws
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Traders and bag holders welcomed bulls back while the entire crypto community was watching in disbelief as the criminal behind the historically large hack was returning compromised assets. If you were too busy watching this, too, we rounded up other essential crypto news from the past seven days.

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Video of the Week

In an excerpt from the US Senate hearing, Texas representative Ted Cruz is giving a speech on the Infrastructure bill amendments. He insists the law is made prematurely to understanding digital currencies and even declined support of a fellow congressman to vouch for the amendment.

Crypto News from Twitter

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has made several controversial tweets about cryptocurrencies this week. Bitcoin fans were excited at the prospects of Lightning features for Twitter.  The rest of the community was puzzled why not use other chains. Not to mention, many users found the idea to entrust their finances to Twitter highly questionable.

While Dorsey was busy promoting Bitcoin and throwing shade on Ethereum, DeFi and Ethereum news announced a launch of EVM-compatible bridge Hyphen. For now, it only connects Polygon and Ethereum, but given the user base of both, this is already huge.

As the US Senate was debating on the text of the Infrastructure bill, users launched a campaign #DontKillCrypto. Influencers and senators joined in on the initiative to push more comprehensive legislation.

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Even in the regulatory uncertainty, like in the US or China, the crypto industry is flourishing. The markets have been doing well lately, too, despite historically large hacks occurring. In a week, find a new weekly crypto news digest in our blog. Follow ChangHero on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Telegram for daily updates and more content.