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ChangeHero and BestChange are Partners Now!
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BestChange — is the World’s most reliable monitoring system for rates comparison among instant crypto exchanges, online banking, and money transfers. The service was established in 2007 and currently has over 2 million loyal visitors monthly. Started from 25 platforms, BestChange nowadays aggregates the information from around 230 reliable trading partners which are carefully ranked based on rates comparison and service reviews. BestChange is #1 among CIS according to several financial reports due to the high traffic and users involvement.

How does BestChange work?

BestChange offers free online services by assisting users with finding the best place to buy and swap digital assets. It provides real-time information on exchange rates and commission fees from various exchangers, accumulated in one table. For users, it is a one-stop point to choose the most profitable rate provider for each particular transaction. Visitors can also view the market statistics, track their exchange history, post reviews, comments and complaints about the service provider.

Popular pairs on Bestchange
Check the real-time market data on BestChange

How does BestChange maintain credibility?

BestChange takes serious precautions in selecting exchange partners and enlisting them on monitoring system by carefully accessing exchanger reputation, certification, and other records. Exchangers must already be operating for at least 6 months, have a total available reserve value of over $5000, and be able to prove customer service satisfaction.

User experience is at the very heart of BestChange. Customer reviews are therefore taken seriously and acted on with urgency. Exchangers are ranked according to the number of positive reviews in the general list and could be automatically delisted from the monitoring system for more than 2 complaints. All the exchangers should offer instant support for clients, deliver a timely response in a respectful and exhaustive manner within one hour.

Why is this partnership important?

Enlisting on BestChange comes with a lot of benefits for exchangers, like ChangeHero. It provides access to **70 000 daily visitors **seeking a place to swap their assets. It leads to a boost in a number of transactions for the exchanger with competitive rates. ChangeHero has established itself as a credible, reliable and convenient crypto-to-crypto exchange provider within a short time and integration to BestChange confirms this fact.

ChangeHerp Exchanger page on BestChange
ChangeHero is a reliable BestChange trading partner

ChangeHero sees the huge perspective in a partnership with BestChange. It opens for a lot of opportunities despite already mentioned ones. The most important among them are:

opportunity to stand out of the competitors by providing excellent service and profitable rates, without additional marketing costs;

- **access to 2 million active BestChange users **every month;

ability to receive honest and fair feedback from users, that helps to improve the service every day.

Traffic stats of BestChange
BestChange has 2 million active users monthly

How to swap assets on ChangeHero through BestChange?

Checking the rates on BestChange users may find out that for the variety of pairs ChangeHero rates are on TOP. Swapping assets on ChangeHero is a great decision, as the platform provides a fast and transparent 5-steps exchange process and enjoyable user interface.

Top exchanges list on BestChange
ChangeHero is in TOP-3 exchangers for the variety of pairs

All you need to do after the redirection from BestChange — is insert the exact amount of assets you want to swap, make sure the “Fixed rate” button is pressed and click “next”. We will ask you to provide your wallet address to receive your exchanged coins/tokens, and refund address in case something goes wrong. You will need to confirm that all the data is correct and send your assets to ChangeHero within 10 minutes.

Your transaction will be completed in 5–15 minutes and your exchanged funds will be sent to your wallet address instantly. You are always welcome to contact our support team at [email protected] in case you have any questions and leave your review on BestChange. It will help us to make our service even better for you!

Partnership with BestChange, in general, brings trustworthiness for all the integrated platforms. Users come to BestChange as an expert in digital assets trading. It plays a really significant role for all the crypto community, bringing certainty and safety in trading processes.

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Remember, with BestChange you always have access to the most reliable trading platforms monitoring system!

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