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Weekly Crypto Digest: Market Back to Square One
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For the first time in 2021, alt and Bitcoin traders have had to worry about prices. Surprisingly, the news indicates the opposite: Ethereum scored a new ATH following BTC, the US walked back on tightening AML. There is even more to go through in Bitcoin digest. Doesn’t it all sound exciting? Read more in our fresh crypto digest!

ChangeHero Updates

January Series: Evolution of Money

History of Money: Barter System, Coins and Banknotes

This week, we published the first of the two articles on history and evolution of money. You can read part one on the history of means of payment right now! Stay tuned for part two.

Latest Crypto News

Bitcoin Digest

Bitcoin price chart 22/01/2021
Source: TradingView

Ethereum News

Business Crypto News

Crypto News on Adoption

Regulation & Politics Crypto News

Chart showing percentage of illicit activities funded through cryptocurrency
Source: Chainalysis

Twitter Crypto Digest

Several media outlets have published articles which claimed that a double-spend has happened on the Bitcoin blockchain. What really happened was a block reorganization: miners simultaneously created two parallel blocks, but one block later, one of those was orphaned. Specialists, such as Coin Metrics’ Lucas Nuzzi, and community members took to Twitter to debunk the FUD.

Hayden Adams, Uniswap lead developer and founder, took to Twitter to learn how the community would want to use the protocol’s treasury funds. In a community-governed protocol, such as Uniswap, this is a pretty valid way of making decisions. Suggested options included outreach, education, research and even lobbying.

Not everyone in the community is thrilled with mainstream financists coming into crypto. Guggenheim Partners got a position in crypto via Grayscale in late 2020. Their executives are already notorious for wildly differing BTC price predictions and valuations, made several weeks apart. They serve as market litmus tests better than actual educated guesses.

Influencer of the Week

The real reason why the BTC dominance dumped.

Jokes aside, Beastlorion is known for their trading ideas and unyielding love for crypto and alts. Don’t let the emotional facade fool you — though sometimes ironic, they’re serious about their business.

Top Crypto Digest

We covered BTC in the Bitcoin digest earlier but what is happening to cryptocurrencies in general? At the moment of writing the crypto digest, the general market stats are:

7d Top Coin Digest

7d coin digest for the third week of January 2021
Source: Coin360

This week the market is seeing the first major correction in 2021. Polkadot, Chainlink and Binance Coin managed to flip the positions, despite the losses for the latter two. At the moment of writing the crypto digest, the 7-day change of the top currencies is as follows:

ChangeHero Gainers of the Week

While most major coins are falling, there are altcoins in green. At the time of writing the crypto digest, the currencies that showed the best growth are:

Key Takeaways


This week saw the markets shift from greed to fear again for the first time in 2021. Nevertheless, most of the news that was covered this week is positive. Perhaps, the sentiment may prevail and reverse the movement of markets as soon as next week.

We’ll see it in the next crypto digest in our blog. Don’t forget to subscribe to ChangeHero’s updates on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Telegram.

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