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Crypto News Digest: Market Closes Q2, Binance on Thin Ice
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This week, with June ended Q2, which yielded a loss but the market sentiment has moved past fear. Positive news is coming from institutional investors but regulators are out for crypto again. We rounded up what exactly was happening for the past seven days in our weekly crypto news digest, enjoy!

Key Takeaways

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BTCUSD chart: July 2, 2021
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Video of the Week

Lark Davis sums up the week: he gives a Bitcoin review and rounds up the latest news. When analyzing Bitcoin charts, he cannot definitely answer the question “Will Bitcoin go up?”, although he personally hopes it would. In other news, Australia is reviewing Bitcoin ETFs and Germany approved $415B investments in crypto. He also draws a bottom line on China’s efforts to ban Bitcoin, summing this up as the largest assault on Bitcoin, which it survived.

Crypto News Digest from Twitter

More old school investors and magnates are warming up to Bitcoin, this time it is Soros Fund Management’s turn. Curiously enough, the community seems to be divided on the news in the replies: not everyone considers this great news for Bitcoin.

Messari researcher Ryan Watkins draws attention to wavering USDT’s dominance on the stablecoin market. Seems like the hard work of Centre is paying off.

Twitter dropped a whopping 140 NFTs on Rarible this week, but the best thing? They’re giving them away for free to randomly selected followers.

Influencer of the Week

Highlighted this week is a trader who goes on Crypto Twitter by Lenny. They’re a fellow of a few words but making each post count with quality insight or opinion.

This Week on the Market

How is the market this week? More than better off after last week’s bloodshed! At the moment of writing the digest, the general market stats are:

7d Change in Top Coins

Crypto digest: July 2, 2021
Source: CryptoRank

At the moment of writing, the weekly change of the top currencies is:

Gainers of the Week

Which Altcoin has the most potential? Looks like DeFi tokens are back in favor:


Q2 2021 turned out to be one of the worst for most cryptocurrency holders but going forward, things seem to get better. Most of the market is up this week, especially Ethereum, and cryptocurrency services and businesses get wider acceptance. For weekly crypto news, keep an eye on our blog! Follow ChangHero on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Telegram for more frequent updates.