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Crypto Digest: New BTC Records, DeFi Ups and Downs
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ChangeHero weekly crypto digest is here! We had a lot of news this week, so we made sure to round up the most interesting events and give a top coin digest for price change.

ChangeHero Updates

Interview with Mark Højgaard, CEO of Coinify

ChangeHero Interview with Mark Højgaard, CEO of Coinify

This week we published our interview with the CEO of Coinify, which is an established partner of ours. We asked Mark Højgaard about the work of his company in these tough times, their approach to working within regulation and digital currency adoption. Highly recommend checking it out!

QTUM Support Enabled


This week we successfully added QTUM to the Supported coins! QTUM coin is a hybrid between Proof-of-Stake coins with virtual machine support and Bitcoin’s UTXO model. Now QTUM can be swapped with any asset supported by ChangeHero!

Please look forward to us further expanding on the list soon! And now, we will be passing over to the crypto digest of the news for this week.

Latest Crypto News Highlights

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin hash rate chart

Altcoin News

Blockchain & Tech News

News on Crypto Adoption

News on Crypto Regulation

DeFi News

UniSwap liquidity chart
Source: Twitter

Let’s see now what was being discussed on Twitter in the next section of our crypto digest.

Crypto News from Twitter

Here’s the source for the news about the first Bitcoin smart contract that we talked about in the previous section of crypto digest. Nicolas Dorier and Chris Stewart explain the DLC (Discreet Log Contract) contract on Bitcoin. It might be a work in progress, but signifies great progress in Bitcoin code nonetheless.

Not the best week for DeFi coins, says the data provided by Messari. In their DeFi coin digest, they show how many coins lost 40% to 50% of their price within a week. This is a result of unnatural hype-fueled growth most of them were experiencing before. Of course, such movements, while harsh, do not necessarily spell doom for legitimate projects — just look at any coin that managed to stay afloat in the crypto winter.

The Chinese “Proof of Keys”-like movement previously mentioned in this crypto digest was first brought to light in the West by Colin Wu, reporter. In this thread, he cites data and sheds more light on the situation.

Crypto Twitter was also discussing the unfulfilled prediction of a Bitcoin critic, Peter Schiff. This is in reference to his tweet from July, when he expected Bitcoin to collapse below $9,000 by September. 

Hackers tweet on BCH through Tim Draper's account
Source: Twitter

A now-deleted tweet by Tim Draper also made some noise in Crypto Twitter. Draper is open to Bitcoin, but that’s the first time he endorsed Bitcoin Cash — and that raised some red flags. Roger Ver, though, seemed to take this statement at the face value. Later the tweet was deleted and it was confirmed that the account of Draper was compromised.

Top Coin Digest: Price Change

At the moment of writing the crypto digest, the market’s dynamics for the last week are the following:

ChangeHero Top-10 Coin Digest: 7d Change

Our top-10 includes cryptocurrencies that can be traded on ChangeHero. You can buy and sell some of them with your credit card, too. At the moment of writing this crypto digest, the 7-day change of the top currencies is the following:

ChangeHero Gainers of the Week

Binance Coin seems to be gaining traction, as the parent company announced a bridge between DeFi and CeFi. At the time of writing this crypto digest, the top three are:

Crypto Digest Round-up

This is it for this week’s crypto digest. If you find these useful or think we skipped some important crypto news, make sure to leave your feedback if you want to help us make these articles better for you! You can do it in the comments of our blog or in our social media: on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or Telegram.

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