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Weekly Crypto Digest: BTC Dips, Large Investors Buy
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Welcome to the fresh round-up of crypto news by ChangeHero! In this article, we’ll cover and analyse the latest crypto news and provide a Bitcoin digest. What companies are buying the dip? Have the bears prevailed? Find the answers below.

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Bitcoin Digest

Bitcoin price chart: 26th February
Source: TradingView
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The "Virtues" collection by Damien Hirst.
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Twitter Crypto Digest

One of the rumors that riled up the community was that the SEC might come after Elon Musk. The allegation: manipulating the DOGE price by tweeting. DOGE reacted by dipping, but neither Musk nor community took it seriously. After all, that would not be the first time for him.

This transaction unearthed by the Groundhog Network CTO had a fee of 500,801 gwei… or $36,509.59. However, high gas fees are not to blame this time. The Uniswap user just meant to set gas price to 500 or 801 gwei. If it’s any consolation, this transaction must have been very fast. 

This week, the US Congress was holding a hearing on domestic terrorism financing. CoinDesk reported that one of the topics they meant to cover is Bitcoin. However, as Crypto Monk put it, this is an old misconception. Bitcoin’s traceability and transparency make it worse than physical cash (or Pokemon cards).

Influencer of the Week

Ironically self-described “Slave to Bitcoin”, ParabolicTrav is a popular Bitcoin analyst. The content you can find on his Twitter is mostly technical Bitcoin digest, arguments in its favor and memes. If the mix of thoughtful and light-hearted sounds alright for you, that’s a recommended follow.

Top Crypto Digest

At the moment of writing the crypto digest, the general market stats are:

7d Top Capitalization Crypto Digest

7D crypto digest: 26th February 2021
Source: Coin360

At the moment of writing this crypto digest, the 7-day change of the top currencies is as follows:

ChangeHero Gainers of the Week

Which altcoin has the most potential? Here are the top-three proving theirs at the time of writing the crypto digest:

Key Takeaways


Will this pullback continue or will the rally resume? Tune in to our blog next week for the next weekly crypto digest. In the meantime, follow the news on our Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Telegram.