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Crypto Digest: Rally Unpaused with New ATHs
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Happy Lunar New Year to everyone celebrating! As the traditional greeting goes, we wish you prosperity. Tesla investment made sure the crypto market is already making this true. As for other news, read our weekly crypto digest to make sure you are caught up on everything that happened! We rounded up the market movements, latest events and Bitcoin digest for your convenience.

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Bitcoin trading chart: 12th February 2020
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Following Miami’s example, Andrew Yang, New York City mayor candidate pledged to make it a hub for cryptocurrency development.

Speaking about adoption on an institutional level, St.Louis Fed has published a research paper on DeFi. The Federal Reserve is positive about the potential and future of decentralized finance.

Nature is healing and old community members return to Dogecoin. Billy Markus, the developer of the coin’s codebase, published an open letter to the community on Reddit. In other news, lead repository maintainer and other four devs are now committed to renew working on Dogecoin code.

Meanwhile, Twitter madness doesn’t stop. It’s not only Musk tweeting about DOGE, now Gene Simmons, Snoop Dogg and Kevin Jonas on the celebrity bandwagon.

Influencer of the Week

As if commenting on the previous post, our influencer of the week shares a veteran’s outlook on the whole situation.

CryptoDonAlt is a trader who mostly analyzes large cap currencies. He makes emphasis on educating about crypto and would often share insights on the market situation. All this not without humor!

Top Crypto Digest

At the moment of writing the crypto digest, the general market stats are:

7d Top Coin Digest

7D coin digest: 12th February 2021
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The record breaker this week is BNB, scoring a three-digit growth. Most other currencies, including Bitcoin, are double-digit net positive, too. At the moment of writing the crypto digest, the 7-day change of the top currencies is as follows:

ChangeHero Gainers of the Week

Here are the top-three that are blowing up at the time of writing the crypto digest:

Key Takeaways


This week had one of the most impactful events shaking the crypto market to the core. After Tesla went public with their investment, others following suit is just a matter of time. And though we are witnessing history, there was plenty of other news to cover in the weekly crypto digest! We hope you enjoyed our market and Bitcoin digest, too.

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