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ChangeHero & Coinify Partnership Ease Crypto Swaps
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Coinify is known as one of the leading industry’s fiat-to-crypto service providers. We are proud to be the crypto-to-crypto exchange provider for users purchasing digital currencies on Coinify. Now, the partnership of ChangeHero and Coinify is bilateral with the fiat purchases for crypto integrated to ChangeHero’s platform.

Established in 2014, Coinify offers an industry-leading fiat-to-crypto onboarding solution. ChangeHero is proud to help fuel this solution by acting as a crypto-crypto exchange provider for Coinify, supporting them to offer their range of popular cryptocurrencies to their customers. The new development in ChangeHero and Coinify’s partnership now enables ChangeHero’s customers to purchase crypto with fiat through Coinify. 

How will users benefit from this integration?

Fiat-to-crypto and Crypto-to-fiat Purchases

First of all, with Coinify, the users will get an extended range of cryptocurrencies for purchase and selling. Among the currencies that will become available are BCH, BSV, XLM, DASH, NANO. These cryptocurrencies can be purchased with an extensive list of 27 fiat currencies including USD, EUR, GBP or INR. Furthermore, ChangeHero customers will now have the option to sell Bitcoin with Coinify and receive EUR, GBP or CHF directly to their bank account. 

Transparent Rates

Thanks to Coinify’s strong emphasis on compliance and transparency, customers will always know what they’re getting when purchasing with Coinify. On top of the Coinify Price Guarantee which gives customers a 15-minute price lock on their quotes, Coinify also provides a full breakdown of the quote, including fees, so there are never any nasty surprises in the amount customers actually receive in their wallet. You can be sure in your purchase with Coinify on ChangeHero since they provide a full transparent breakdown of fees from the get-go before you even leave our site.

Seamless Quick Verification

Equally, Coinify ensures that customers also have the most optimal verification process. The AI-powered KYC onboarding process is rather quick and not prone to high rejection rates. All that is required for the AI-powered solution is a photo of an ID and a quick selfie and customers can be approved in minutes!  Furthermore, Coinify only requires verification for first-time users, so once you’re approved you’re free to trade without interruption making the purchase or selling on ChangeHero truly instant. 

Instant and Accessible Payment Options

In addition to global access with Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, with Coinify, users from European countries can also benefit from the additional payment method of bank transfers. 

About Coinify

Working since 2014, Coinify ApS is an established global virtual currency platform actively offering solutions in Europe, Asia and other regions. Coinify’s services include individual currency trading, corporate brokerage, payment processing services, and Enterprise solutions.

Coinify’s mission is to mainstream the use of virtual currencies and thus help businesses and individuals to adopt financial innovation.

About ChangeHero

ChangeHero is an instant cryptocurrency exchange platform. The service provides secure non-custodial crypto-to-crypto exchanging at the most competitive rates on the market without sign-ups for low fees. Focused on the user experience, ChangeHero makes the crypto exchanging fast, easy and convenient. Exchanges of most popular coins and pairs are even quicker because they start safely at zero confirmations. The support service is available 24/7 to help with any issue with an exchange. For users with a following or crypto product owners, ChangeHero has an affiliate program with the opportunity to earn revenue from every exchange.

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