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Aptos (APT) Price Prediction for 2024, 2025, 2030, 2034
Author: Alexander
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Having debuted last year, Aptos marked its first anniversary last October. A year later, how does this “Solana killer” hold up? What is the Aptos price prediction and outlook going into 2024? Leave it to the ChangeHero team to give you this answer.

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What are Aptos and APT?

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Aptos is a Layer-1 blockchain with smart contract capabilities, secured by the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. The programming language codifying the Modules, as smart contracts are called in its case, and tools such as a compiler and the virtual machine, is called Move. This Rust-based language is known for its safety and lack of loopholes commonly found in its predecessors.

The consensus and computing layers in Aptos are split, meaning that both can occur simultaneously. Developers claim that Aptos can reach up to 130,000 tps throughput. As for consensus, the algorithm is a rather common Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT), battle-tested and letting Aptos work properly if less than one-third of the validators act dishonestly. As a PoS network, Aptos uses its native token APT to reward validators and stakers.

The Aptos blockchain is using the basis developed during the Diem project at Meta. The date of the Aptos’ genesis on the mainnet is October 12, 2022. The Aptos platform is supported by Aptos Labs and the Aptos Foundation. The latter works on the development of the blockchain and its protocol, and the former fosters its ecosystem.

More about Aptos and APT is covered in our Beginner’s Guide to Aptos. If you are not yet familiar with this project, we highly encourage you to read it first!

Aptos Price History

APT Price in 2022

aptos price 2022
Source: CoinGecko

The native token of the Aptos blockchain, APT, started trading on exchanges publicly on October 19, 2022, a week after the Genesis event. However, before the date, the project raised over $4 billion from investors and venture capitalists. In addition, the team rewarded participants of the testnets with APT airdrops.

As a result, quite a few APT tokens became tradeable on launch. It explains the high trading volume and a rapid drop in price from $13.73 to $7.20 just a day later and to $3.85 by November. Until the end of 2022, the APT price would stay near the $3–4 range.

APT Price in 2023

aptos price 2023
Source: CoinGecko

Aptos (APT) started 2023 at the $3.40 mark, close to its all-time low. In just a month, however, it has skyrocketed to its all-time high: $19.92 on January 26, 2023. The reason for this could lie in reignited interest in L1s, among which APT was the biggest winner at that time.

A sharp price increase like that, especially backed by middling trading volume and a relative lack of impactful news, was bound to correct soon. The downtrend has been prevailing for Aptos (APT) in 2023, even though occasionally it attempted to break out. Meanwhile, another factor started to cause additional downward pressure: token unlocks.

At the moment of writing, APT ranks 35th by market capitalization and the current Aptos price is $8.32 according to CoinGecko.

What influences the Aptos (APT) price?

Technical Advancements and Issues

Even though there was little to justify the meteoric rise of APT in January 2023 in terms of on-chain or social activity, reportedly, the roadmap of Aptos was shaping up well. By April, delegated staking went live, and in July and August, two major updates were completed.

What did Aptos v.1.5 through v.1.7 introduce? Mostly technical additions, such as new modules and performance enhancements. New features called Quorum Store and the Fungible Assets (FA) standard are essentially an improved mempool and token standard respectively. There were some QoL changes that even the non-technical users could appreciate, though: decoupling gas from the sender and voting rights from delegation, for example.

Aptos v.1.8 is already on testnet, and like the previous releases, includes improvements aimed mostly at developers. There is one feature that is aimed at users running validator nodes: Aptos will let them set up a beneficiary address where the commissions will get sent.

Not all is perfect on this front, though. Aptos still faces technical issues as it builds its platform practically as it goes. Last October, it went out for about five hours due to undisclosed difficulties. Even the mainnet launch went roughly according to some community members, although the official communication denied any issues. Nevertheless, these troubles seem inconsequential to the general performance of the Aptos blockchain, although it is something to keep in mind.

Token Unlocks

On the other hand, Aptos’ tokenomics are, apparently, somewhat controversial. Only 13% of the initial supply was allocated to investors and about 80% remains under the management of Aptos Labs and Foundation. About two-thirds of this share is supposed to be distributed for the community’s needs for grants and rewards later down the line.

What this means in practice is that Aptos Labs and Foundation gradually unlock large portions of the APT supply to enter circulation. During these unlock events, tokens with millions of dollars worth get unlocked and inevitably dilute the circulating supply. It does not always lead to an immediate response from the market but it can cause selling pressure in both the short and long term.

Another aspect of APT tokenomics worth remembering is that there is no cap on the total supply. The token currently has a 7% yearly inflation rate which will decrease by 1.5% each year until it reaches a target rate of 3.5%. Aptos employs both programmatic and manual token burns to hold the inflation back but at the moment, the APT supply is growing. Inflation is a positive for network growth but by token holders, especially those who aim for the long term, it is a negative since it decreases the value of their APT holdings over time.

Ecosystem Development

The main drivers of network growth in 2023 were new partnerships struck by the Aptos Foundation and the grant system.

aptos ecosystem growth in numbers

In July, Aptos integrated the social network Chingari, sometimes called “Indian TikTok”. It has kept active address growth and transaction activity grow steadily and go past the early 2023 level.

Aptos has also secured multiple other partnerships that boost its usability and value. Together with Microsoft Azure AI, they made a bot that will help developers and entrepreneurs onboard on Aptos. Large gaming companies, mainly South Korean, like Lotte Group and NEOWIZ, work with Aptos on Web3 games and metaverse experiences.

These collaborations have not yet made any big waves in the crypto-related news but as the Chingari example illustrates, can have a positive impact on organic network growth. Once again, it does not necessarily translate directly into the APT token price growth, and it did not even help transaction fee revenues grow. However, the general belief is that widespread adoption of a blockchain, in this case, Aptos, would strengthen the use case and value proposition of the platform and its token.

Aptos Price Forecast and Analysis

aptos price technical analysis
Source: TradingView

Aptos (APT) is still a relatively new project in the crypto market, although there is already enough price history to work with. Its all-time low and all-time high give a convenient frame for evaluating its feasible price movement in the months-long term.

At the time of writing this article, APT is running against a resistance level of $8.89. The trading volumes are picking up but should it fail to breach it, the nearest support level would be at $6.67.

Aptos Price Prediction for 2024

The News Crypto analysts do not rule out either bullish or bearish scenarios for Aptos (APT) in the coming year. According to them, it will grow to up to $22 or find support near $5 in the worst case.

In contrast, YouTuber Jerry Banfield is more decisive in his opinion. He claims that it is more probable that APT would be trending toward $0 rather than reach three figures. What Aptos aims to do, Solana (SOL) and Internet Computer (ICP) are already doing better. The token unlocks and inflation are not going to do any favors to APT either.

CoinCheckup’s algorithm shows another result: APT is set to grow by about 60% in a year. This brings the estimated Aptos price a year from now to $13.59.

Aptos Price Prediction for 2025

An Aptos (APT) price prediction by CoinCodex uses an algorithm to project its average price into the future. If all goes well, APT will be trading between $12.88 and $39.13 in 2025.

Using an in-house algorithm, Bitnation gives a very optimistic 2025 Aptos price prediction. Their estimated range for APT that year is between $26.49 and 31.46.

In the mid-long term, the expected Aptos (APT) price is $9.32, as Cryptoticker analysts calculate based on the yearly growth rate. At the time of their analysis, the market cap of APT would be $2.3B but they did not include inflation into the calculations and admit this estimate is conservative.

Aptos Price Prediction 2026–2029

Algorithmic forecasts can help us with the Aptos price prediction for up to five years in advance. What’s the predicted range between the minimum and maximum price of Aptos (APT) in these years?

Year Digital Coin Cryptopolitan Coinedition
2026 $32.41–37.76 $25.34–30.38 $73.88–101.93
2027 $32.41–37.76 $36.94–44.24 $94.71–121.86
2028 $40.04–46.32 $54.18–63.31 $115.86–143.01
2029 $56.93–62.95 $80.05–94.60 $137.05–164.20

Aptos Price Prediction 2030 and 2034

Looking as far as the end of the decade and ten years in advance, even experts can only guess but some still try.

According to the StealthEx blog, by 2030 APT’s price will have grown to $138.28, and by 2034 — to the range between $445.83. 3,463% might seem a lot but considering that it would take Aptos ten years to get there, it seems rather conservative.

Coin Price Forecast projects a 276% to 361% growth for Aptos between 2030 and 2034 in comparison to the price of APT today. This makes the expected APT price $21.19–30.94 in 2030 and $36.48–37.91 in ten years.

Last but not least, Coin Data Flow uses an experimental prediction model for cryptocurrencies. It predicts that in 2030, APT can grow by up to 548.12%, and in ten years, in 2034, by 931.25%. In other words, Aptos’s maximum price will be $53.59 and $85.28 respectively. The minimum price, for reference, would be $15.58 in 2030 and $26.69 in 2034.

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Even though the tokenomics of Aptos (APT) are controversial to a degree, overall, the outlook on this project is pretty positive. Most opinions are bullish, and three-figure APT prices seem not too far away in the future, according to most forecasts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price prediction for Aptos 2030?

Crypto experts’ forecasted price of APT in 2030 ranges from $15.58 to $138.28 depending on the source and method.

What will be the price of APT in 2025?

The outlook on the short-term future of Aptos is split between neutral and bullish. According to the experts’ opinions, the forecast price can range from $9.32 to $39.13.

What is the prediction for Aptos in 2024?

The APT prices will fluctuate between $0 and $22 by 2024.


This article is not a piece of financial or investment advice. No price prediction is guaranteed to provide exact information on the future price.

When dealing with cryptocurrencies, remember that they are extremely volatile and thus, a high-risk investment. Always make sure to stay informed and be aware of those risks. Consider investing in cryptocurrencies only after careful consideration and analysis of your own research and at your own risk.