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ASI Token Merge: Potential and Future of New AI Asset
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Bringing humankind closer to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is an undertaking that requires bold measures. Three AI projects from the blockchain industry —, SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol — will join forces to make decentralized AGI and even superintelligence a reality. Read our explainer to learn how it would work and what are the prospects of the ASI token.

Key Takeaways

All You Need to Know About the ASI Token Merger

What is the Artificial Superintelligence Project?

artificial superintelligence alliance logo and participants
Source: Artificial Superintelligence Alliance on X

In March 2024, three AI-adjacent blockchain projects:, SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol announced the creation of the Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) Alliance. The three projects pledge to join efforts to ensure that the imminently emerging artificial general intelligence (AGI) and superintelligence are open, decentralized, and built to benefit humanity.

In the meantime, ASI Alliance will act as an ecosystem that combines the ecosystems of the original platforms.

How is This Merger Beneficial?

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The three blockchain projects have already been partners in the AI sphere. A single, unified ecosystem will provide their users with better interoperability and collaboration. The latter is particularly important in the stated goal of the ASI Alliance: acceleration toward decentralized AGI and the next stages of its evolution.

Due to the sheer scale of the endeavor, the merger and migration will occur in a few phases. On July 1, when the first phase starts, OCEAN and AGIX will initiate migration to FET through the SingularityDAO dApp. The conversion rates into FET and ASI are the same as outlined above.

FET holders will need to take action when the second phase begins. In this phase, AGIX and OCEAN conversion to FET will be stopped and the migration will happen directly to ASI contracts.

New ASI Token Stats and Figures

Token mergers are not unheard of in the crypto space: Klaytn-Finschia (Kaia) and Mantle-BitDAO deals are a couple more examples. The biggest question with a merger of such a scale is how the new tokenomics are supposed to work.

The total supply of the ASI token is going to be 2.63055 billion. With token supplies of 2,630,547,141 FET 
with 1,419,566,631 AGIX and 1,408,900,141 OCEAN on top, how will the conversion work?
asi token total supply & asi crypto circulating supply
How will the FET/AGIX/OCEAN supplies be distributed in the ASI total supply? Here is a visualization.

The ASI Alliance expects the merger to combine the total values (i.e. market capitalizations) of three projects and more. today has $1.352B, SingularityNET has $852M, and Ocean Protocol has $374M, bringing the total to $2.58B. Theoretically, this would place it between Arbitrum’s token ARB and OKB at 35th place in the CoinMarketCap ranking today.

However, market capitalization, as we explained in other guides, is a relative value derived from the asset’s price-to-supply ratio. Will it be different if we rerun the numbers?

Let's assume ASI at launch were to cost as the average of current FET ($1.59), AGIX ($0.6605), and OCEAN ($0.652)
prices, adjusted for conversion. With ASI worth $1.54, its market capitalization with the estimated circulating
supply we got would be closer to $2,544 billion. Nevertheless, in the same ranking, it would land at 35th place
all the same.

As we can see, the new tokenomics accounted for the supply dynamics of all three cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the merger has the potential to make ASI more prominent due to the perceived value of the combined asset.

ASI Token Future Forecast

Since we have already entered the price prediction territory with our projections for the launch price, why not continue? Let’s try coming up with an ASI price forecast by extrapolating targets from price predictions made for the original tokens.

ASI Price Prediction 2024

According to a FET price prediction by 30Rates, the token can reach the maximum price for 2024 as soon as the end of June. Since on July 1, will be converted to the $ASI token, the highest price predicted for ASI in 2024 is $2.32 in December and the lowest ASI price is expected to hit $0.95. Considering that a merger is such a significant event, it might cause a price swing in either direction before it stabilizes.

To try another way, we can look at the SingularityNET price forecast by AMB Crypto that considers the merger. By December, the AGIX price would have been $0.94–1.01; after the conversion, it becomes $2.17–2.33. Looks quite realistic!

And for reference, let’s compare it to the Ocean Protocol price prediction and how it would apply to ASI. The average price CoinWire forecasts for OCEAN in 2024 is $0.85, which would become $1.96 in ASI.

ASI Crypto Price Prediction 2025

A year from now, as CoinCheckup’s FET price prediction claims, its price will be $1.67. Because FET will be converted in the 1:1 ratio, the same target applies to the ASI token. Will +4.9% be the extent of its growth in such a term? We will have to wait and see.

The SingularityNET price prediction of Coin Edition takes technical indicators into account. From what they projected into the longer term, AGIX could have been worth $0.95–1.18 in 2025. The ASI token equivalent to this would be $2.19–2.72.

What if we try to look at the Ocean Protocol price prediction? On July 21, 2025, the OCEAN price could have been $0.89, according to CoinCodex. The same value for 1 ASI will be $2.05, which is in line with the other price predictions.

ASI Token Price Prediction 2030

The most bullish outlook on FET can be found in the price prediction by CoinPedia. Their analysts believe that by 2030 FET, or rather, ASI can reach new heights between $60 and even $120.

In the bullish market scenario created by Token Metrics for SingularityNET price prediction, the AGIX price can soar to $3.78 by 2030. Conversely, in the bearish scenario, it will manage to climb only as far as $1.8. After the ASI conversion, the long-term targets become $8.72 and $4.15 respectively.

Another bold Ocean Protocol price prediction from Coincu claims that the token’s average price would have grown to $18.58 by 2030. This valuation suggests $42.89 for a single ASI token.


The ASI Alliance sets out for the monumental task of bringing AGI and ASI closer and making it fair, accessible, and decentralized. The ASI merger might as well become the make-it-or-break-it moment in the development of technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to Fetch AI after the merger? What’s happening to Fetch AI? is joining forces with SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol to establish the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance (ASI). will change the branding on July 1, 2024, and cease to exist by the end of the merger.

Is AGIX merging?

Yes, the AGIX cryptocurrency is merging with FET and OCEAN to the $ASI token. ASI will have the same utility as the AGIX token. Starting from July 1, AGIX to FET conversion tool will be launched but holders will have the option to convert AGIX directly to ASI token when the second half of the merging process starts.

How to claim an ASI token?

FET, AGIX, and OCEAN holders will be able to convert their assets into brand new cryptocurrency ASI. There are no estimated dates for the second phase of the merger when direct conversion will become available. However, AGIX and OCEAN holders will be able to convert their assets into FET as soon as July 1.


This article is not a piece of financial or investment advice. No price prediction is guaranteed to provide exact information on the future price.

When dealing with cryptocurrencies, remember that they are extremely volatile and thus, a high-risk investment. Always make sure to stay informed and be aware of those risks. Consider investing in cryptocurrencies only after careful consideration and analysis of your own research and at your own risk.