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Zilliqa Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030. Can ZIL Go Higher?
Author: Alexander
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Zilliqa surprised everyone and stole the spotlight by making an unlikely surge: on the weekly scale, it is up by a significant 45%. While all crypto market is having a great start to 2023, ZIL is being boosted on its own news and merits.

In the first forecast compilation of 2023, we review a Zilliqa price prediction to see what its prospects and projected future prices are.

All Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Predictions 2023–2032

Year Minimum price, USD Maximum price, USD
2023 $0.01 $0.05
2024 $0.036 $0.042
2025 $0.057 $0.4637
2028 $0.076 $0.13
2030 $0.3525 $0.4953
2033 $1 $1.40

What are Zilliqa and ZIL?

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The Zilliqa blockchain intends to solve the scalability issue with sharding, a pre-existing technology that splits the network into smaller bits that work simultaneously. A significant competitive edge of this scaling solution is the more users join the network, the better its throughput. The economy of Zilliqa is powered by ZIL coins, which can be used across the ecosystem in decentralized apps for purposes ranging from DeFi to NFTs.

If you need more than a brief introduction, we highly recommend reading our Beginner’s Guide to Zilliqa before this article.

Zilliqa Past Price Performance

ZIL Price in 2017–2020

zil price chart 2017-2020
Source: CoinMarketCap

ZIL made its first appearance on the crypto market in 2017 when its development officially started. In May 2018, a few weeks into its testnet, it reached a local high near 2 cents. For the reviewed period, it would go on to become a maximum price. 2019 was deep into the crypto winter, a lull on the market, and this is why the mainnet launch in June did not cause a huge rally. It still had a positive effect on the ZIL price, which saw it rise from $0.016 to $0.02.

The following year was a lot more exciting for the crypto market, since it started showing signs of a bull run. The very end of 2020 on the chart clearly demonstrated that the price started growing parabolically.

ZIL Price in 2021–2023

zil price chart 2021-2023
Source: CoinMarketCap

By 2021, ZIL was worth 8 cents, and it would go on to reach its current all-time high on May 6: $0.2563. Around that time, the Bitcoin bull run was coming to an end, and the market took a turn to the downside.

The overall trend for 2022 has been on the bearish side, but ZIL managed to spectacularly overcome it in March. Around that time, the news about the metaverse project Metapolis became public, taking the ZIL price off the ground. Nevertheless, the general trend prevailed, but at the time of writing, ZIL is trying to break out once again.

At the moment of writing, the Zilliqa price is $0.0256 USD, and the cryptocurrency ranks 77th by the market cap.

Zilliqa Fundamental Analysis. What Influences the Price of ZIL?

The second generation of blockchains, which came after Ethereum, produced plenty of use cases for blockchain tech. Anything from ICOs to NFTs became possible thanks to smart contracts that Zilliqa supports as well. And naturally, the Zilliqa platform offers a solution for the demand emerging from crypto trends.

Take Metapolis, a metaverse built on Zilliqa. With the idea of onboarding users globally, the sharding design of Zilliqa makes the most sense to provide developers with excellent throughput and scalability.

The NFT scene is present on the platform, too, represented by both cross-platform and native projects. An example of the former is Mintable, and the latter — XCAD Network.


Zilliqa already capitalizes on NFTs and metaverse, and now, gaming is also on the list.

In a late 2022 update to CryptoSlate, the head of the gaming division Valentin Cobelea teased some details about the upcoming gaming console powered by the blockchain. In his words, the focus of the project is the departure from “web3 gaming” aimed at people already in crypto, in favor of bringing blockchain tech to gaming at large. The console, slated for release in mid-2023, will be able to mine crypto and have cold storage.

Roadmap Progress

2022 seemed to be the year when a lot of initial decisions were reevaluated. That year, Zilliqa developers introduced EVM compatibility and coding with Solidity to make the platform more accessible to smart contract developers. With this, the milestones of launching the NFT marketplace Rialto and a native lending and borrowing protocol may become reality even sooner. But this is far from the most important change that awaits ZIL in 2023.

The CEO Matt Dyer confirmed that Zilliqa 2.0 and the transition to proof-of-stake are planned to happen by the end of the year. According to him, going forward, the Zilliqa team will be putting out updates even more frequently than ever.

Zilliqa on Twitter

Influencers CryptoBusy hopped on the buzz around Zilliqa to remind everyone about its strengths. It already incorporates dozens of dApps and protocols in its ecosystem.

User ProfessionalHodler.ZIL reposted a LinkedIn post from the Zilliqa CEO. He shares some plans for 2023, such as Web3Wars growth, EVM release, and sustainability.

Trader CryptoBoer provides technical analysis of the ZIL price chart. He’s bullish on the near future, claiming it has the potential to break out to a local high near $0.05.

Zilliqa Price Prediction 2023, 2024

According to the YouTuber Crypto Dynamics, ZIL is breaking out of the falling wedge after a significant period of consolidation. However, before it goes anywhere higher, it will be met with the $0.026, $0.0367, and $0.05 resistance levels.

The Coin Republic’s ZIL technical analysis spells that the short-term bullish trend will persist for a while. The aggressive buying can slow down in the face of the $0.035 and $0.05 resistance levels. On the other hand, in the likely event of a short pullback, the support levels of $0.015 and $0.01 will soften the fall.

Crispus Nyaga of Bankless Times gives a brief update on the Zilliqa charts, noting that ZIL broke above all moving averages and scored a high RSI. It means the next key level can be placed below the current price at $0.023.

As for the year from now, provides a range between the maximum $0.042 and the minimum $0.036 price of ZIL in 2024. This makes the average trading price $0.037.

ZIL Price Prediction 2025, 2028

In the CryptoNewsZ ZIL forecast, they foresee a $0.057 maximum price for ZIL in 2025. Should Zilliqa grow at the same rate as the tech sector, ZIL can be worth anywhere between $ 0.089113 and $ 0.463734, CoinCodex theorizes.

In the DigitalCoinPrice projections, the price dynamics of Zilliqa look bullish. The minimum price in 2025 is expected to be around $0.0713 and the maximum price of that year will be $0.0873.

What do the experts think about Zilliqa five years from now? CryptoNewsZ mentions an expected average trading price of $0.079, calculated from the minimum of $0.076 and $0.082. An average price of ZIL in 2028, from the DigitalCoinPrice’s estimates, will be $0.13.

Zilliqa Price Forecast 2030, 2033

BeInCrypto analysts attempted to apply technical analysis to the long-term Zilliqa forecast, and their outlook is bullish. The predicted ROI is 3,111%, meaning that the ZIL price in 2030 will be around $0.35250. Ten years from now, the maximum price is expected to be $1.40, and the minimum — $1.092, meaning ZIL can reach $1 by 2033.

zilliqa price prediction 2033
Source: CoinLore

Another resource, CoinLore also projects parabolic growth of Zilliqa (see the chart). Their estimate for ZIL in 2030 is $0.4953. They also have confidence that ZIL will be worth $1 by 2033.

Zilliqa Price Prediction, Technical Analysis, and ZIL Forecast from ChangeHero

zilliqa price chart with fibonacci extensions and rsi indicators
Source: TradingView

In the short term, the bullish momentum can be maintained but ZIL is not going to stay in the overbought area for long, signaling a possible correction. In the longer term, however, should ZIL extend the rally, watching the most honored Fibonacci extensions — the $0.066 and $0.097 resistance — is advised.

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From the looks of it, virtually no one expects to see ZIL turn to zilch just yet. On the contrary, the bullish outlook prevails, though it remains to be seen if Zilliqa’s price can keep up with the promises in the roadmap.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will ZIL be worth in 2025?

Various methods give different estimates, therefore, the ZIL price targets for 2025 range from $0.057 to $0.4637.

What will ZIL be worth in 2030?

At the end of the decade, ZIL’s price is speculated to range from $0.3525 to $0.4953.

What is ZIL’s all-time high?

The current all-time high price of ZIL was reached on May 6, 2021. ZIL’s maximum price to date is $0.2563.


This article does not constitute financial or investing advice. No price prediction or forecast is guaranteed to provide exact information on the future price. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

When dealing with cryptocurrencies, remember that they are highly volatile and thus, a high-risk investment. Always stay informed and be aware of those risks by conducting your own research. Consider investing in cryptocurrencies only after careful consideration and analysis and at your own risk.

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