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Will JasmyCoin Reach $1+ Again? JASMY Price Prediction for 2024, 2025, 2030
Author: Alexander
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JasmyCoin (JASMY) used to be a barely noteworthy crypto token before 2024 but now it is touted as ‘Japanese Bitcoin’. What is going on? The ChangeHero team reviewed what crypto experts think and made a JASMY price prediction for 2024 and on.

All JasmyCoin Price Predictions: 2024–2034

jasmy price forecast

What is JasmyCoin (JASMY)?

jasmy logo
Logo sources: Jasmy; Crypto Logos

JasmyCoin (JASMY) is a native token of the Internet-of-Things platform and blockchain ecosystem developed by a Japanese company Jasmy. The Jasmy Platform is designed to be a space to capture the value of a data-driven, democratized digital ecosystem. So, to embody it, the JASMY crypto token exists to reward this ever-expanding network, as the white paper claims.

Despite being attributable to a centralized entity, JASMY is permissionless, and its use is as the medium of exchange not limited. Therefore, it is more similar to most ERC-20 tokens than to a virtual currency. The token enjoys modest transfer volumes and is deflationary since its 50B supply is almost fully within circulation and the company has recently started doing token lockups.

JasmyCoin (JASMY) Price Performance

JASMY Price in 2021–2022

jasmy price 2021-2022
Source: CoinMarketCap

JasmyCoin (JASMY) was launched in February 2021 and immediately soared to an all-time high price of $4.72. The momentum hit the wall in mere days, and JASMY pulled back first to near $1 and then to 1 cent by July. No negative news seems to surface around this time, suggesting that a sudden crash was not due to JasmyCoin being compromised or having legal trouble.

During the second leg up of the Bitcoin bull run in November, the JASMY price managed to increase only up to $0.23. At that point, the project looked as good as a pump and dump.

2022 did not turn out for the better for the JasmyCoin price. Apart from a surge in trading volumes, caused by exchange listings, the trend did not look too optimistic for JASMY holders. It further sank from $0.08 to $0.003.

JASMY Price in 2023–2024

jasmy price 2023-2024
Source: CoinGecko

In contrast, in 2023 the crypto winter seemed to have ended, and many cryptocurrencies experienced a turn to the upside. JASMY crypto did as well but the extent of its price rise was limited to $0.008. JASMY’s price seemed to have flatlined near $0.003 until early 2024.

Jasmy seems to have struck gold by pivoting to AI: like many blockchain companies, they sought to integrate the new technology. JasmyCoin reentered the public consciousness as an AI coin, which in turn caused a massive surge of interest in the token.

Another incident that brought JASMY into the spotlight is a DWF Labs trade, which netted them around $8 million in profits. The fund bet on the token even after Binance moved it to the Innovation Zone, the last step before delisting, but it paid off.

The price of JASMY today at the time of writing is $0.02558 and the coin ranks 81st by market capitalization (according to CoinGecko).

What affects the JasmyCoin (JASMY) price?

Sentiment and Narratives

As we have seen, the price of the JASMY token can be influenced by the general market sentiment. If there is a positive sentiment towards cryptocurrencies and investors are optimistic about the future of meme tokens, it drives up demand. It causes a price increase for the JASMY token. Conversely, if market sentiment turns negative, it leads to a decrease in demand and a decline in the token’s price.

Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index
The sentiment on the crypto market today. Source:

That being said, some coins behave differently from the rest of the crypto market. It can have to do with narratives when several projects with similar purposes and niches would rise at the same time. The AI crypto narrative is a relatively hot topic, and coins like JASMY can benefit from the news in this sphere.

Exchange Listings

Another cause of surges in volumes and price, as we have seen, is new markets for JASMY. The link here is rather straightforward: more listings mean more markets and liquidity. it is a markedly beneficial thing, which in turn causes a boost in trader and investor confidence.

JasmyCoin experienced the opposite as well. The aforementioned Binance pre-delisting had to be officially addressed by the Jasmy team to mitigate the damage. Despite it not having been the end, the impression was that the largest exchange had given JasmyCoin the last chance. But as DWF Labs’ example shows, pitfalls can also create entry opportunities.

Developments at Jasmy

Last but not least, everything that the Jasmy company does can reflect on the JASMY token price, related or not. This is the case with many crypto projects connected with a public organization rather than a grassroots community.

As we have seen, the pivot to AI has done wonders to bring more life into the JASMY markets. A recent partnership with Panasonic has also helped to bolster the project’s public image. The latest updates include a 2024 roadmap for JasmyNet, which made JasmyCoin’s price rise by 26% in a week.

JasmyCoin Price Forecast and Analysis

jasmy price forecast and analysis
Source: Z4F4R on TradingView

Trader Z4F4R analyzed the JASMY charts and came up with the following conclusions:

JasmyCoin (JASMY) has been in a downtrend but has recently started to recover. There are two red trend lines 
indicating an ascending channel, suggesting a potential continuation of the uptrend if the price stays within 
this channel.
Support Levels:
0.01724 to 0.01720
Resistance Levels:
Price Movements:
The current price is 0.0221.
- The price recently bounced from around 0.01724 and is now facing resistance at 0.02379
- If it breaks above 0.02379, the next resistance is around 0.03450 and potentially 0.05012
There is a noticeable increase in volume during the price recovery, indicating strong buying interest.
Bullish Scenario:
- If the price breaks and closes above the 0.02379 resistance level, it could target the 0.03450 resistance 
and potentially reach 0.05012 if the bullish momentum continues.
- The ascending channel suggests that as long as the price stays within this channel, the uptrend is intact.
Bearish Scenario:
- If the price fails to break the 0.02379 resistance and falls below 0.01724, it might test the lower support 
at 0.01250 and possibly 0.00828.
- The stochastic oscillator's behavior should be monitored for potential bearish crossovers that could signal 
a downturn.

JasmyCoin (JASMY) Price Prediction for 2024

How much will JasmyCoin be worth soon? Let’s see what analysts think.

Victor Olanrewaju at Coin Edition claims the possible maximum price of JASMY in 2024 can be even higher than the current price because of the long-term depression. The best target JasmyCoin should shoot for is near $0.064: far from the price peaks of 2021 but much higher than JASMY coin’s price today. In the short term, the support and resistance levels to keep an eye on are $0.017 and $0.025 respectively.

The Economy Forecast Agency predicts that in a week, JASMY will trade in the range between $0.029 and $0.0334. In a month, the average price of JasmyCoin is forecast to be around $0.0338.

YouTuber Jon Trading suggests that the key indicator to watch for entry and exit points is the 20-day moving average. With the current setup, $0.015 looks like a buying opportunity, and $0.038 is the first target for profit-taking. The next point at which long-time holders might want to sell en-masse is around $0.189 but it would take a 15x move.

JasmyCoin Price Prediction 2025

According to CoinCodex’s algorithmic JasmyCoin price prediction, it won’t be worth as much as at the start but more recent JASMY holders will enjoy further gains. Exactly a year from now, the Jasmy Coin price is estimated at $0.068844.

In contrast, the JasmyCoin prediction by sets up less optimistic expectations. According to their Jasmy Coin price prediction for 2025, JASMY may cost $0.01034–0.04077. If you bought JASMY today, it would bring you +19% a year later.

According to Techopedia, the long-term outlook for JASMY is not great but we can always focus on the bright side! Because a Bitcoin bull run is expected to peak next year and JasmyCoin is enjoying more attention these days, by 2025 its price can go up to $0.025–0.07. At the very least, it should not drop below $0.01 by then.

JasmyCoin Price Prediction 2026–2029

Expert opinions and estimates are more likely to turn out true in the near term. The further we try to glimpse the future, the more reliable price targets by algorithms that use historical analysis get. In the case of JasmyCoin, various sources project completely different paths for its price.

Year BTCC AMB Crypto CoinStats
2026 $0.091–0.23 $0.041–0.05 $0.0054921037–0.021968415
2027 $0.28–0.57 $0.052–0.063 $0.01161579943–0.0247144668
2028 $0.62–1.34 $0.066–0.079 $0.0079358153–0.0305223665
2029 $1.49–3.13 $0.083–0.1 $0.0003449027–0.0344902742

JasmyCoin Price Prediction 2030 and Beyond

Let’s refer to historical and algorithmic analysis for the JasmyCoin price prediction at the end of the decade and even ten years in advance.

jasmy price prediction 2024-2050
Source: CoinLore

CoinLore’s JASMY forecast goes all the way to 2050, but their price ranges leave a huge margin of error. For example, in 2030 they see JASMY worth up to $0.1133 but set no floor price at all, indicating that it might as well go to zero. In a few more years, by 2034, JasmyCoin can skyrocket to $0.2376 or further go down to $0.000416.

CoinCu, in contrast, is way more bullish on the price of JASMY. In 2030, its price range will increase to $2.5–3.44. By 2034, a decade from now, they see the JasmyCoin steadily trading above $1.56 and rising to $3.75 maximum.

The middle-ground long-term Jasmy Coin price prediction comes from the Coin Price Forecast. In 2030, they forecast JASMY for $0.3287–0.3444 but by 2034, the average price of JASMY can be anywhere between $0.4627 and $0.4984.

How to Buy JasmyCoin?

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The price action JasmyCoin is showing in 2024 is nothing short of a revival. The crypto community seems to be split on whether JASMY would make a comeback, but traders have no qualms about flipping it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will a Jasmy Coin be worth in 2025?

A year from now, various sources and methods predict JASMY would change hands for anywhere between $0.015 and $0.19.

How high can JASMY go?

The highest predicted price of JASMY is estimated at $3.75 in ten years. To reach it, JasmyCoin would need a market cap of $1.85 trillion, more than Bitcoin’s market cap today.

Is JasmyCoin a good investment? Is there a future for Jasmy?

Crypto experts view JasmyCoin (JASMY) more as a speculative asset than a utility token. In the longer term, it is not expected to reach new all-time highs.

What is the prediction for the JASMY coin in 2030?

At the end of this decade, JasmyCoin could be worth $0.11–3.44, depending on which prediction method is used.


This article is not a piece of financial or investment advice. No price prediction is guaranteed to provide exact information on the future price.

When dealing with cryptocurrencies, remember that they are extremely volatile and thus, a high-risk investment. Always make sure to stay informed and be aware of those risks. Consider investing in cryptocurrencies only after careful consideration and analysis of your own research and at your own risk.