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Why is FLR Trending? Flare Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030, 2034
Author: Alexander
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A mid-cap altcoin that received some attention due to its price performance last week is Flare (FLR). Not only it is up 10% on the weekly scale, but Flare is finally seeing green months after a troubled launch. In this article, the ChangeHero team rounded up the news and fundamentals of the Flare network, to complete the Flare price prediction for 2024 and a decade ahead.

Flare Price Forecast 2024–2034

flare price forecast 2024-2034

What is Flare (FLR)?

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Flare’s tagline is “the blockchain for data”. It is a Layer-1 network, or in other words, a standalone blockchain as opposed to chains built on top of other blockchains (Layer-2). However, Flare was built to be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), making it possible to support its smart contracts.

Flare was envisioned as the foundation of a decentralized data marketplace, making access to data fair and accessible to all. Data providers also fulfill the role of validators in the Flare network. They enable the key structures of the protocol: the Flare Time-Series Oracle (FTSO) and the State Connector. The former provides a continuous stream of changing information (e.g. price pairs), and the latter feeds unchanging information from other chains, Web2, and the internet to Flare.

With the functionality of Flare, applications and protocols for decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming, NFT, music, social networks, Real World Assets (RWAs), Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be built.

As for the native token FLR, it is the unit of payments in this ecosystem, protecting Flare from spam attacks and by staking. For using smart contracts that can interact only with ERC-20 tokens on Flare, a wrapped ERC-20 version, WFLR is available. The FLR token is inflationary, with the initial supply at 100 billion tokens.

FLR Price History

Flare Price in 2023

flare average price 2023
Source: CoinGecko

The road to the FLR token launch took more than two years. In the initial stages, Flare Network was advertised as a software fork of the XRP Ledger, so the Spark tokens would be airdropped to XRP holders. As the scope of the project was growing and changing, on the premise of enabling interoperability, Litecoin holders became eligible, too.

The work on the Flare protocol started in 2020 but the mainnet launch took until late 2022 to happen. Furthermore, the token distribution event that would airdrop the initial supply of FLR was postponed until January 9, 2023. The reason for the delay was to enable as many eligible recipients to get FLR as soon as possible through as many centralized exchanges as possible — in other words, to secure as many high-profile listings as possible. It seems that the delay and the number of markets available at the very start are the factors that caused FLR’s price to tumble in 2023. From the all-time high of $0.15, it dropped to $0.045 and went down to $0.027 by March.

Even though Flare’s price recovered, it continued on its downward trajectory until it reached $0.0144 by June and bottomed out at $0.008 in October.

In late 2023, the outlook improved, as the crypto market was on the rise on the whole. FLR followed suit and by the end of the year, arrived at the $0.0185 mark.

Flare Price in 2024

flare average price 2024
Source: CoinGecko

Just two weeks into 2024, Flare (FLR) surged by 20% before profit-taking after announcing Google Cloud joined the network as an infrastructure provider. Carried by the bullish crypto market sentiment and boosted by the news of the ecosystem development, Flare climbed to the local high of $0.052 on February 27, 2024.

At the time of publishing, Flare ranks 69 by market cap. The current FLR price is $0.03862.

What Influences Flare’s Price?

Use Case

A staple of due diligence for assessing crypto assets is determining the use case or utility of the token. However, more often than not, a blockchain project is assessed not on its practical application but the pitch or the narrative about the problem it is supposed to solve.

At least, this is how Arthur Hayes puts it in the blog article that explains how narratives about blockchain’s use case work. Apparently, even a mention of Flare in this piece caused its price to jump to $0.0419. Here is the narrative for Flare he believes will help it catch on and cement itself on the market:

“As DEXs become the primary venue for price discovery, on-chain oracles that provide prices for settlement
and liquidation will surge in importance.”

Protocol Development

Flare has demonstrated how the lack of concrete and promised developments can have a detrimental effect on the perceived value of the token. Selloffs of airdropped tokens are a common case but they rarely resolve in such a strong downtrend that the FLR price experienced.

Fortunately, positive network and protocol developments improve the confidence of investors and add buying pressure. Noticeable price action is usually accompanied by an announcement, as was the case with Google Cloud.

In addition to new partners or improvement proposals, strategic updates also help the price of the asset. Flare aims to become the project to bridge blockchain and AI by decentralizing the datasets for machine learning. They frame it as the “consensus learning” concept. Time will tell if it works out!

Market Outlook

Last but not least, the Flare price has demonstrated a clear correlation to Bitcoin and the larger crypto market since shaking the initial selling pressure out. In this regard, it behaves just like the majority of cryptocurrencies, and it is reasonable to expect Flare’s price to move in tune with the market unless something out of the ordinary happens.

Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index
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Flare Price Analysis and Forecast

flare's price analysis
Source: TradingView

The Flare price seems to have been very closely following the Fibonacci extension levels since bottoming out in October 2023. Every time it hit a significant resistance level, the relative strength index (RSI) moved into the overbought area. The most recent move to the hurdle near $0.052 broke this sequence, so in the short term this key level is worth keeping an eye on.

The buying pressure was not quite enough to push FLR above that resistance but the following pullback did not put bears in the lead for long. Neither side has considerable advantage at the moment. A likely scenario from here on is FLR accumulating and trading sideways between $0.042 and $0.03.

Flare Price Prediction 2024

Crypto analyst-YouTuber Sin City Crypto takes a look at even shorter time frames (4 hours). According to his Flare price analysis, there is an entry point at $0.035. As the price chart is making higher highs and lower lows, Flare is trading in a diverging channel, so the downward move is far from being a certainty.

Peter Henn of suggests sourcing a Flare price prediction from Google Bard AI. The bot pins a possible price range for Flare in the next few months between the minimum price of $0.04 and the maximum price of $0.07. Its reasoning is the average hold time of a year or longer plus the current volatility on the market.

The Coinpedia analyst Elena R outlines a bullish and bearish scenario for FLR in the short term. In short, if the buying spree continues, the resistance levels lie at $0.04715, $0.0525, and $0.0575. If the push fails and the price tumbles, support can be found near $0.04119 and $0.03523.

Flare (FLR) Price Prediction 2025

Analytics platform CoinCodex has a surprisingly bullish Flare forecast a year from now. 2025 will open with FLR at $0.072 on average and by April, it will surge further to $0.105. Overall, in 2025, FLR is expected to fluctuate between the minimum price of $ 0.0402 and the maximum price of $ 0.1844.

30Rates also projects an up-only trajectory for the FLR price to a similar extent. The gains they expect in their Flare price prediction range from 155% at the start of the year to 587% in December. This makes the opening FLR price $0.095 and closing $0.261 in 2025.

There seems to be a consensus about the trajectory of the Flare price post-Bitcoin halving. Coin Edition writers agree with their colleagues and pin a forecast FLR price to the $0.19 mark in 2025.

Flare Price Prediction 2026–2029

What about the Flare price from 2026 to 2029? Various sources and methods give the following estimates. Unlike with the previous bunch of FLR forecasts, there is no clear agreement about the trajectory of Flare’s price.

Year The News Crypto AMB Crypto
2026 $0.013–0.7 $0.3–0.45 $4.27–7.39
2027 $0.011–0.8 $0.62–0.94 $2.88–5.12
2028 $0.009–1 $1.30–1.96 $1.95–3.45
2029 $0.007–1.1 $2.70–4.06 $6.4–9.78

Flare Price Prediction 2030, 2034

As for the distant future, not many analysts feel up to the task of predicting. Especially for a relatively recent coin on the crypto market as Flare, there is not enough data.

Coin Price Forecast tries to predict that FLR will not see much growth given the time frame: only up to $0.2372–$0.2481 in 2030. On the same path, by 2034 Flare will have grown to $0.3403–0.3582 (+820% on average).

A similarly moderate scenario is projected by CoinDataFlow, in which they give a range of $0.0823 and $0.283 for FLR in 2030. Given the time and FLR’s inflation, this is not too far-fetched or not bullish enough. As for Flare’s price in 2034, with a 1,065% boost, it will reach the range between $0.14 and $0.45.

The Flare prediction by Coincu is a bit more bullish. By 2030, due to the development and adoption of blockchain technology, Flare will have reached $1.12 on average and $1.30 maximum. In four more years or a decade from now, the forecast price range moves slightly higher but allows for more discrepancy: $0.5887–1.41.

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Despite the long-anticipated launch, Flare broke out of the downtrend only a couple of months ago. Now that it has found its footing, it’s up to the community and developers to build up the value of the project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will FLR reach $10?

Flare (FLR) has an initial supply of 100 billion and is inflationary. For FLR to reach $10, its market capitalization would need to reach and exceed 1 trillion USD. It is not impossible, as Bitcoin’s market cap at the time of writing is $1,316,002,046,681 but it would take Flare to reach the same level.

What is the price prediction for Flare Token in 2025?

Different sources put Flare 2025 targets in a wide range between $0.16 and $1.

Is Flare token a good investment?

This article is for information purposes only. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Regardless, we hope that the information compiled here helps you to make a decision regarding FLR.

How much is FLR worth in 2024?

At the time of publishing, the FLR price is $0.03862. For the remainder of 2024, analysts put a Flare price prediction between $0.3717.


This article is not a piece of investment financial advice. Price predictions are not guaranteed to provide exact information on the future price.

When dealing with cryptocurrencies, remember that they are extremely volatile and thus, a high-risk investment. Always make sure to stay informed and be aware of those risks. Consider investing in cryptocurrencies only after careful consideration and doing your own research.