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What is the Future of Gala Games? GALA Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030
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Gala Games is ahead of the game in the blockchain gaming sector. However, the token that powers the blockchain platform has seen ups and downs during the few past weeks. In this article, the ChangeHero team reviews the fundamentals of GALA and news about the Gala network. With this information, the Gala price prediction for 2024 and a decade ahead takes shape.

Gala Price Forecast 2024–2034

gala price forecast

What is Gala (GALA)?

Gala Games logo
Gala Games logo

Gala Games is a game developer and publisher company that works exclusively on blockchain games. The team calls their blockchain-based game network Galaverse because instead of being connected by pure association, the games GALA develops actually run on the Gala blockchain.

The value proposition of the games by GALA is owning what you earn. The developers believe using blockchain technology solves the problem of centralized ownership and grants more power to the gamers.

The founders of Gala Games Michael McCarthy and Eric Schiermeyer worked in Zynga, a developer behind massively popular casual games, together when Farmville was at its peak popularity. Before founding Zynga, Schiermeyer served as CRO in Intermix Media, the company behind MySpace. The co-founder duet recognized an opportunity in play-to-earn games early on and established Gala Games in 2019.

The Galaverse attempts to build a unified economy for the games and players. One of the cornerstones of this economy is the GALA crypto token. Users earn it by supporting the Gala Chain and can spend in the official Store on NFTs.

Gala Music is an entirely separate music streaming platform that also uses GALA. Like in the Gala Games network, users can set up nodes to earn it and spend it on drops from their favorite artists.

If you want to learn more about the Gala platform and token, read our Beginner’s Guide about this project!

GALA Price History

Gala Price in 2020–2022

price of gala 2020-2022
Source: CoinGecko

The team decided to have a fair launch for the GALA token, meaning the circulating supply would increase gradually through staking rewards. There is a hard cap of 50 billion GALA tokens for the total supply, with about 38 billion in circulation at the time of writing.

Before February 2021, the price of GALA was below a single cent but as the platform and network grew, the value followed suit. By the end of the month, it was already over $0.3.

In September, it was listed on Binance, which caused GALA’s price to surge to $0.11. But the real parabolic flight started in November, as NFTs and metaverse were at the peak of media recognition, including the mainstream. On November 26, 2021, the price of GALA reached an all-time high of $0.8248.

This rapid price increase could have ended only in profit-taking, and by the end of January 2022, GALA’s price was $0.18. Once buyers were able to reverse the trend for a short time, it recovered by 117% to $0.35 thanks to positive ecosystem developments. Aside from this dead cat bounce, the price of GALA was locked in a downtrend for the rest of 2022.

Gala Price in 2023–2024

price of gala 2023-2024
Source: CoinGecko

2023 started at a low point for the Gala price but it went on a month-long rally almost immediately. Around that time, the community was discussing a proposal to burn all GALA used in purchases in the official Store. The year would continue to be busy for the ecosystem, as the next major change for Gala would be the V2 migration.

Nevertheless, it did not affect GALA’s price by a lot, and it resumed a downtrend. The change to the upside from the $0.013 point occurred in October, both under the influence of bullish market sentiment and more games released. By the start of 2024, the price of GALA was back at the $0.3 mark.

In 2024 so far, the GALA price experienced a massive surge when BTC hit $70 thousand. The massive pump happened not only due to that: in other news, the GalaSwap decentralized exchange (DEX) launched and the company was seen sponsoring a hackathon at the Game Developer Conference (GDC). At the time of publishing, Gala ranks 63rd by market cap. The current GALA price is $0.03927.

What Influences Gala’s Price?

Company’s Performance

The Gala Network today is more than a creation of a single company. The Galaverse hosts games from the original and independent developers alike. Nevertheless, a lot of influence is attributed to Blockchain Game Partners Inc., better known as Gala Games.

The proof of that link is the GDC sponsorship and all improvements to the blockchain network: the GalaSwap launch, burn proposals, V2 migration, etc. For some investors and holders, having a company that provides a steady stream of value creation is a strong point in favor of the project.

The GALA token is not a company stock, either. In addition to sharing value with shareholders, GALA sees real use in the games platformed in the Galaverse: Spider Tanks, Champions Arena, and Superior being in the lead.

Ecosystem Development

There are more channels of GALA flow than we mentioned above: Gala Music and Gala Films provide transaction volumes on par with their most popular games. Thanks to the Gala Chain connecting all these projects, growth in one area positively affects the whole network.

Network activity can boost investor confidence and launch the price up, as we have seen above. The effects of this are observed in the long term, too, as the tokens accrue value.

Things like security issues or incidents can have a negative effect on the value of the Gala network but generally speaking, any developments in the ecosystem are a net positive.

Market Outlook

Last but not least, the Gala price has demonstrated a degree of correlation to Bitcoin and the broader crypto market. In this regard, it behaves just like most other cryptocurrencies, and it is reasonable to expect Gala’s price to move in tune with the market unless something out of the ordinary happens.

Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index
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Gala Price Analysis and Forecast

gala price technical analysis
Source: TradingView

At the moment, the GALA price is not doing as hot as a month ago. The relative strength index (RSI) makes it obvious that most buying pressure is gone. Can GALA’s price recover from here?

For now, the 0.236 Fibonacci extension looks like an important level. In late 2023, it acted as a resistance level, so now it should become a crucial support. If the buying opportunity at $0.35 isn’t taken, the price of GALA may as well go back to the 2023 levels.

Gala Price Prediction 2024

At Traders Union, Anton Kharitonov predicts that Gala’s price in just a week from now can move up to $0.04074–0.04615. In the more immediate future, though, the moving average indicators are flashing a strong sell sentiment.

Giuseppe Ciccomascolo of attempted to use Google Bard AI for a Gala price prediction. The bot projects a possible price range for Gala in 2024 between $0.073 in three months and $0.22 in six. Nevertheless, the human author reminds us that these forecasts are predicated on past results, so not flawless.

A third opinion comes from the CoinCheckup algorithm which projects a surge for the Gala price as soon as May. The GALA token price can reach $0.1963 in a little more than a month. After that, the price will decline slightly, fluctuating around $0.1164 in six months from now.

Gala (GALA) Price Prediction 2025

On YouTube, a GALA price prediction from the channel Crypto Love dives into the question: can a $1,000 investment in GALA today make you a millionaire this bull run? Spoilers ahead: even if GALA reaches a trillion-dollar market cap, you would be halfway there. If the performance is on par with November 2021, the GALA price would be around $7, and a $1,000 investment would turn into $142,612. Still not too shabby!

The algorithm by CoinCodex projects a moderate Gala forecast in a year. 2025 will open with GALA at the average price of $0.079 and by April, it will reach $0.11. In 2025, GALA is expected to trade between the minimum price of $ 0.0415 and the maximum price of $ 0.1963.

A GALA price prediction by 30Rates seems more realistic, that is if we’re not accounting for the halving and bull market. Gala’s price in January 2025 is projected to be lower than today by 31%, making the minimum price $0.043, but by December, it should be up 94% at the maximum price of $0.139.

Gala Price Prediction 2026–2029

What about the Gala price from 2026 to 2029? Different sources and methods give the following estimates. The predictions diverge only on how high will GALA’s price go.

Year Coinpedia AMB Crypto Coin Edition
2026 $0.154–0.255 $0.032–0.038 $0.55–1.15
2027 $0.199–0.326 $0.042–0.05 $1.05–1.65
2028 $0.268–0.406 $0.054–0.065 $1.78–2.1
2029 $0.345–0.499 $0.071–0.085 $2.25–3

Gala Price Prediction 2030, 2034

As for looking as far as a decade, few feel up to the task of forecasting. We can infer the trajectory but it will likely end up being inaccurate.

Coin Price Forecast forecasts that GALA will see decent but not impressive gains: up to $0.2818–0.2947 in 2030. On the same path, by 2034, Gala’s price will have grown to $0.4478–0.4723 (+1,074% on average price increase).

A similarly moderate scenario is projected by CoinDataFlow: they provide a range between $0.080364 and $0.276379 for GALA in 2030. Given the time, this is far from more bullish short-term forecasts. As for Gala’s price in 2034, with a 1,030% boost, it will reach the range between $0.137636 and $0.439755.

gala price prediction 2030-2050
Source: CoinLore

The GALA price prediction that tries to cover the most ground comes from CoinLore. The range within which Gala’s price can fall in 2030 spans from $0.1965 maximum to zero. The projected picture looks to be better in 2034: the forecast GALA price is $0.01 minimum and potentially can reach $0.4087.

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The GALA token has recently shown both impressive and disappointing price action. And yet, the crypto community has a lot of hope for the project in the near and far future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will GALA be worth in 2025?

In 2025, the price of GALA is expected to range between $0.0415 and $0.1963. Factors such as market trends and project developments may influence the final value.

Can the Gala coin reach 1 dollar?

Considering the current market cap of $1,487,005,460, Gala Coin reaching $1 would require a market cap of approximately $38,011,609,415. Achieving this milestone could be possible by 2026.

Does the Gala coin have a future?

Yes, the GALA coin has a promising future due to its growing popularity and strong community support. The ongoing development of the Gala Games ecosystem further solidifies its potential for long-term success. Investors and enthusiasts are optimistic about the future growth and adoption of Gala coin.

Can GALA reach $5?

Yes, GALA can reach $5 by 2025 based on the potential growth factors. However, achieving this price point would depend on various market conditions and adoption levels.

What is the prediction for GALA in 2026?

For the year 2026, it is anticipated that the price range of GALA will fluctuate between $0.032 and $1.15. Various factors, including market dynamics and project advancements, could impact the eventual valuation.

What is the price prediction for Gala Token in 2030?

In 2030, the price prediction for Gala Token is expected to range between $0.080364 and $0.2947. However, this forecast is subject to market conditions, project developments, and other variables that could influence the actual price.

Will Gala reach $100?

Given Gala Coin’s current market cap of $1,487,005,460, reaching a price of $100 would necessitate a market cap of around $1 trillion. Attaining this valuation could be feasible in the 2025 or 2029 bull markets.

How high will GALA go?

In 2029, GALA is expected to reach new heights with a $3 price tag. Investors are optimistic about GALA’s potential to soar to unprecedented levels in the future.


This article is not a piece of investment financial advice. Price predictions are not guaranteed to provide exact information on the future price.

When dealing with cryptocurrencies, remember that they are extremely volatile and thus, a high-risk investment. Always make sure to stay informed and be aware of those risks. Consider investing in cryptocurrencies only after careful consideration and doing your own research.