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Interview with ChangeHero Members: Alexander from the Finance Team
Author: Mila
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Hello, everyone! My name is Mila, and I am a marketing manager from ChangeHero. This interview is part of series of articles devoted to the ChangeHero team and their contribution to building the best cryptocurrency exchange.

You can find the previous interview with Stacy from the support team here. Today we were lucky to meet the financial analyst at ChangeHero, Alexander, and to discuss why ChangeHero is better than traditional exchanges, how to beat the crypto market, and what the future holds for crypto in 2023.

Team Member Introduction

Mila (CH): Alexander, that’s so nice that you found time to give us the interview! Let’s start with your story. Can you tell us how did you enter the crypto industry and how did you join the ChangeHero team?

Alexander: Thanks for having me! I studied economics at university, and after receiving my diploma I have worked for a long time as a financial manager and economist in diverse companies. Overall, I worked in accounting and finance for more than 10 years. So by the time I was accidentally found by the HR manager from ChangeHero, I was already a professional with a strong background. I was asked to do a financial audit of the company and to set up financial and tax management. After that, they offered me to stay on the finance team. So, I am here. Meeting with the ChangeHero was the first time I encountered cryptocurrency, so I needed 1-2 months to dive into it.

The Invisible Side Of The Exchange

CH: That’s great! Well, it’s not a secret that you are one of the key members of ChangeHero and you are responsible not only for market research but controlling the work of the finance department, too. What is the main goal of the financial team right now?

Alexander: Let me think. Well, I can mention a few goals that remain a priority for us.

  1. Expanding the list of available cryptocurrencies on ChangeHero. During the last month, we have added 15 new coins to the exchange, and that is just the beginning! As a result, right now we support more than 4,000 exchange pairs;
  2. Providing fast and secure exchanges;
  3. Reducing commissions and risks, and improving the exchange rate.

CH: As you mentioned listing new coins, can you tell me how do you decide which coin is worth listing?

Alexander: Well, it depends on several factors. We always check these things:

  1. Demand from our users, first and foremost;
  2. Community around the token and its involvement in the last updates. If there is a buzz around the coin on Twitter or Telegram, that means the asset is interesting to investors;
  3. Rapid growth in the market in the last month;
  4. Listing on Coinmarketcap, which validates the coin’s reliability.

CH: How is the Best Rate provided on ChangeHero?

Alexander: The ChangeHero system monitors and compares rates from different crypto exchanges and liquidity providers and after that offers the best rate on the market. It’s a fully automated feature. The Best rate fee is just 0,5% of the exchange.

CH: Can you tell our readers what is the difference between ChangeHero and traditional big exchanges?

Alexander: If you have been into crypto for quite a long time, then you know about the drawbacks of big exchanges. They have a complicated interface, sometimes there are hidden fees, and they also require KYC. What I don’t like is that they have rather high withdrawal fees and you can use only whitelisted withdrawal addresses.

Whereas ChangeHero can process the exchange without registration and personal information, and picks the best exchange rate even during market volatility. The service includes rare coins from DEXs and CEXs in one window. I’m sure that ChangeHero is perfect for newbies, who don’t like long sign-ups and dealing with complicated trading charts.

CH: Why do users love Changehero?

Alexander: That’s a good question! I think one of the best things about ChangeHero is that it has a great support team working 24/7. Also, it’s fast and convenient. Our team is ready to consider lots of unique cases with exchanges with which we operate quickly. Many exchanges can freeze an exchange for an unusual crypto pair for 5 business days, however, ChangeHero can solve the issue much more quickly.

Surviving The Bearish Market

CH: Let’s talk about financial management and stability of ChangeHero. It’s not the first crypto winter for the project, so please share how the service and finance team have adapted to this crypto winter and managed to stay afloat in a 2022 crisis.

Alexander: Yes, it’s true. When large and medium-sized players in the crypto market dismiss employees or even go bankrupt, we are working hard and gaining momentum. We always adapt to the market circumstances, thanks to a close-knit team of professionals, and always consider minimizing risks.

Crypto Forecasting

СH: As far as I know, you are an experienced crypto fan and love researching the market news. Can you share your top 3 events in 2022 that influenced the market?

Alexander: Yeah, 2022 was full of crazy events, anyone will agree with that. Firstly, it’s Terra collapse with UST de-peg and the LUNA crash. No one expected it. Secondly, it’s the transition of crypto miners from China to other regions due to the Chinese crypto ban. It all started in 2021, but it still has an impact on the market even in 2022. Thirdly, the rapidly increasing inflation and overall financial and economic crisis affect the market mood. And fourthly, the circulation downfall of the cryptocurrency market in CIS because of the sanctions against Russia.

CH: How do you feel about the crypto market right now and what can help sustain it and direct it to a new bullish phase?

Alexander: Honestly, I think the outlook is negative at the moment, but I believe that the future belongs to the crypto industry. If there is more adoption and more support for crypto, the market will rise again. For example, if some of the tech leaders like Amazon, Google, Tesla, etc. adopt crypto, it can positively influence the market. Also, don’t forget about large hedge funds: if they invest in cryptos, this will also have a positive impact.

CH: Please give your predictions, and what we can expect from 2023. I mean not only price predictions, but the emergence of new trends, technologies, and upcoming events that can become a turning point for the crypto community.

Alexander: Actually it’s difficult to guess what the future holds for us. It is even difficult for me, to imagine what innovations to expect in 2023, but I am sure that the market will not stagnate. Cryptocurrency teams always compete with each other and try to introduce new ideas every time, whether it’s GameFi, move-to-earn, or NFTs. If we talk about charts, crypto will definitely start a bullish run. But when is not clear.

Personal Questions

CH: Alexander, what do you like most about your job?

Alexander: Crypto is not connected to a certain place, so you can work anywhere you want. I enjoy this freedom of action and moving. My job is like a hobby in free mode.

CH: What have you learned during your work in ChangeHero?

Alexander: I have learned a lot about digital assets and new technologies. When I started working at ChangeHero I didn’t know much about crypto. So, I had to learn everything from scratch to succeed in finance management. By the way, it wasn’t so difficult. It took me 1,5-2 months thanks to my experienced teammates: they helped me a lot.

CH: If you could give yourself from 3 years ago, when you’d just entered the crypto space, a piece of crypto advice, what would it be?

Alexander: Instead of buying apartments, buy Bitcoin.

Closing round. What will you choose and why?

CH: Trading or Long-term investing?

Alexander: Long-term investing.


Alexander: ETH.

CH: ETH or altcoins?

Alexander: Altcoins.

CH: Favorite altcoin?

Alexander: Previously it was Solana, especially when it was trending. Right now it’s SafePal (SFP).

CH: Favorite crypto media?

Alexander: CoinDesk and Cointelegraph.

CH: Great! Thanks for your time!

This concludes another interview with a member of our team. If you enjoyed it, keep an eye on our blog to catch an update to the series of interviews before everyone else! If you prefer getting updates in social media, subscribe to ChangeHero on Twitter | Facebook | Reddit | Telegram.

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