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Interview with ChangeHero Members: Stacy from the Support Team
Author: Mila
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Hello, everyone! My name is Mila and I am a marketing manager from ChangeHero. I’m happy to announce we are going to conduct several interviews with ChangeHero members over the next few weeks.

Everyone knows that teamwork makes the dream work. We would like to meet and talk with people who directly influence the ChangeHero service. We are going not only to look at the different sides of ChangeHero but discuss some current crypto topics and share personal opinions on them.

Below is a transcript of the interview which you can watch right now here or on the ChangeHero’s Inside Digest YouTube channel.

Meet Stacy from our Support Team

Mila (CH): Thanks for joining the interview! Let’s start with your story. What brought you to the cryptocurrency industry, and how did you join the ChangeHero team?

Stacy: My journey as a part of the ChangeHero team began a bit more than 3 years ago and at the same time it was my first experience with the crypto industry. At that time I had just completed my bachelor in International Relations and was searching for a job. I had no plans on working with crypto or even in the fintech industry at all, but I got invited for the interview in ChangeHero and thought that it would be a great opportunity to learn more about this industry that was completely new to me.

CH: Describe briefly, what is the primary goal of the support department right now? What are your main responsibilities at work?

Stacy: The goal of the support team is to provide a perfect experience of using ChangeHero and guide the users through the whole process. The crypto industry is still quite new for some people, so that is why we are here to help, answer the questions, and fix whatever went wrong if we can, of course. Therefore, my daily tasks include helping my team to get to the root of the customers’ problems, ensuring that each customer got enough attention and their problem got solved, and also just figuring out what would make our customers’ experience better.

Users’ problems

CH: Okay, let’s move on to your everyday routine. As a person who closely communicates with our customers, can you describe the portrait of a ChangeHero user?

Stacy: Our team is online 24/7 on the official Telegram chat and the live chat on our website, where we communicate with users directly. So, judging by the users who contacted us through these chats, it’s mostly people who just started using crypto as well as people who exchange coins from time to time or want to get a new trending, popular coin. Sometimes there are people who want to rebalance their crypto portfolio, like traders.

CH: Well, as I see our community is quite diverse. What are the most common user problems your team has to face?

Stacy: Well, I can highlight three main problems, that our users had during this year:

  1. As we know, the crypto industry develops really fast, and more and more coins are being introduced to the market so it can be quite confusing sometimes for the customers as to which coin they want to send or receive, and mistakes happen sometimes. It is always a good idea to contact the support team before sending your coins if you have any doubts, the support team can always consult you on the question and make sure everything is right.
  2. The second common issue is that sometimes our customers just forget to fill in some necessary information and should we need the information that is missing, the customer has to contact us and provide the required details before we can proceed.
  3. The last issue I want to mention arises when the customers use some third-party services and there are some delays on their side. For example, the customer claims that they sent us the coins using a third-party service immediately after creating an order, but in reality we receive them hours later.

CH: What ChangeHero is doing to solve these problems? Do you have a particular scenario?

Stacy: We never ignore messages to the support service and try to respond within 2-5 minutes. And we try to do everything we can to solve the user’s troubles or help the person. Usually, we act according to a certain scenario:

  1. Firstly we are trying to get as much relevant information on the issue that we can.
  2. Secondly we are trying to find out if the problem is on our side or on the user’s side.
  3. The next step is to take action if we can solve the issue within the support team or transfer the issue to the relevant department if we can’t. Then we just have to make sure that the problem is solved and closed.

CH: Is the support team involved in transmitting customer ideas/complaints so it helps to improve the service?

Stacy: Sure! The support service is one of the most important links in the chains that interact directly with customers. So we learn a lot about user preferences and expectations. Therefore, we always pass on ideas, insights, or suggestions from customers to the development team. By the way, we are always open to customer feedback or suggestions on which cryptocurrency to add or how to provide a better service.

CH: There is not a single project without negative reviews. What usually provokes people to leave negative reviews about ChangeHero? How do you help solve the user’s problem?

Stacy: Yeah, bad reviews happen and sometimes we have to deal with negativity. The most common thing that provokes negativity is delays. I think all services at some point may face some technical issues or other troubles that can cause delays with completing users’ requests, and that’s the time when things can get a little bit frustrating for the user. Nevertheless, for us, it’s a signal that we should check the service and try to improve it. Therefore, after receiving a negative review, we try to analyze the reasons, see what upsets the user and suggest a solution that would prevent such cases in the future.

Anonymity in crypto

СH: Let’s talk a little bit about the industry in general. I think it would be great to know your opinion about anonymity in cryptocurrency. Why is anonymity important for crypto fans?

Stacy: Yeah, it’s not a new thing in crypto, anonymity is indeed an important feature for many. People want to protect their privacy, as they realize that all transactions on blockchain leave their trace and a piece of personal information like the wallet address and transaction history, looking at this information it is even possible to know for example what exchange the person is using. Anonymity provides security of information and transactions.

CH: How does ChangeHero help our users to stay anonymous?

Stacy: We do not require our users to register or provide their personal information like name, email address, and so on. So the user does not need to create an account to use ChangeHero. We may require some contact information if the user needs help and wants us to update them by email or if the KYC verification is needed.

CH: In what situations does the support team have to ask for KYC?

Stacy: Sometimes we have to ask the user to go through the KYC procedure. It happens when our automated security system gets triggered by something and puts the transaction on hold. As we comply with the laws and want to protect our customers and partners from any kind of fraudulent activity we have to conduct these checks from time to time.

Something Little More Personal

CH: Stacy, what do you love about your job?

Stacy: I like communicating with people and figuring out what causes their issues and helping them solve it. I also like that the crypto industry continues to develop and constantly introduces something new so I also have to learn constantly to keep up with it.

CH: What have you learned during your time working in ChangeHero?

Stacy: I have learned that communication is the key to everything. When dealing with customers’ issues, communication helps you understand the root of the problem, helps you mitigate the conflict situation, and helps you figure out the solution for basically any problem.

CH: Share one of your favorite tips or advice with our community.

Stacy: I think that for the crypto community it is very important to learn constantly and keep up with the latest trends and news to understand what is going on in the community so my advice is to follow some popular crypto media like CryptoDaily, CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk and so on just to stay informed.

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Thanks a lot to Stacy for sharing insights into the work of Support Heroes. If you want to keep learning more about us, watch this space and our YouTube channel, or subscribe to ChangeHero’s socials to not miss an update!

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