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SupportHeroes Are Here For You!
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ChangeHero, one of the most reliable instant cryptocurrency exchange platforms is here to present you a brand-new feature — SupportHeroes: Live Chat. ChangeHero follows the customer-first policy. We want our customers and clients to feel more comfortable and safe while using our platform. Therefore, we are always looking for new ways of improving the user experience and customer support.

SupportHeroes is aimed at direct interaction with customers looking for support. No more time-consuming email conversations! SupportHeroes’ Motto is to be clear and quick in resolving the issues faced by a customer.

ChangeHero live chat
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SupportHeroes: Live Chat

SupportHeroes chat is the most effective way to get help anytime, anywhere within minutes. Feel free to ask us about any problems you encountered during the exchange, ChangeHero support provide you with fast and efficient assistance.

Our support chat available in both web and mobile versions of ChangeHero platform.

If you have more questions, simply send a message directly to our SupportHeroes and we will get back to you in a flash.

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