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Twitterati on Bitcoin
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The last two weeks were a nightmare for the crypto community. Bitcoin took a nose-dive and Alts also followed the same vein. Many crypto influencers and enthusiasts have taken to Twitter to share their views on this blood bath. While some of them panned the crypto with harsh criticism, many pledged their support to the Bitcoin. We decided to gather some of the most popular responses from the Twitterati.

The Backdrop

The second week of March has stunned not only the stockbrokers in NYSE but also the Bitcoin Maximalists. Bitcoin crashed falling to the lows of $3,596 according to Forbes. A plethora of factors have contributed to this fall. On one hand, there’s the pandemic of the Coronavirus and on the other the global economic slump.

Amidst the chaos, we found a lot of people having some heated arguments on whether Bitcoin is a safe-haven or not. Well, that’s a completely different topic and we’ve got you covered as well, quickly go through this article for more info on it. Here are a few of the posts on Twitter which drew the attention of the crypto community during the crisis.

Crypto Twitter

Edward Snowden interested in buying Bitcoin
Source: <a href=\"\">Edward Snowden</a>

Whistleblower, Edward Snowden is quite popular in the crypto community for his bullish nature on crypto. He tweeted about Bitcoin in the last week when BTC dropped below four thousand dollars. It looks like Edward Snowden is gearing up to stack sats.

Brian Armstrong about Bitcoin price fall
Source: <a href=\"\">Brian Armstrong</a>

Next comes Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, appeared to be puzzled with the Bitcoin’s performance. Historical analysis suggests that Bitcoin was not in correlation with the financial markets. Unfortunately, digital currency also took the hit during the recent financial catastrophe and its price plummeted. This has surprised not only Brian but also fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Erik Voohes on Bitcoin as a store of value
Source: Twitter
Travis King about Bitcoin price action
Source: Twitter


Shapeshift’s CEO, Erik Voorhees, voiced his opinion in an attempt to bust the rumours that Bitcoin is Dead. He also extended his support to the Ethereum and other projects.

Ikigai Fund Manager, Travis Kling also took to crypto twitter and expressed a similar view on Bitcoin and hinted that once things settle down, Bitcoin bulls will be unleashed.

CZ Binance about Bitcoin price
Source: <a href=\"\">CZ Binance</a>

Binance CEO, CZ, a well-known figure in the community, is always the first to respond to the happenings in crypto and blockchain. He pledged that he will not let Bitcoin touch the rock-bottom. Sounds promising and we do hope that Bitcoin will not be hitting lows.

Crypto community is widely popular for fun and wit even in times of distress. Crypto people didn’t let go of this chance and cracked jokes on the current situation.

Andreas fun tweet about the crypto market
Source: <a href=\"\">Andreas Antonopoulos</a>
Peter McCormack on Ethereum price action
Source: <a href=\"\">Peter McCormack</a>

Andreas Antonopoulos tried his best to look at the bright side even in the toughest of the times. Podcaster, Peter McCormack, played smart with the words. We better not explain the tweets and leave it to your imagination.

Charlie Shrem's fun tweet on Buttcoin
Source: Twitter
Crypto Rand tweets about the crypto market
Source: Twitter

While Charlie Shrem showed off his brand-new cryptocurrency, trader and investor, Crypto Rand’s tweet perfectly concludes the whole story.

A storm passing by

Toilet Paper token meme
Source: ChangeHero

Yes, crypto is going through a rough patch and so is the global economy. We believe it was just a rainy day and soon Bitcoin will be reaching new heights. At the time of writing, Bitcoin showed Bullish signs and hit the six thousand dollar mark. If you are new to crypto, it’s the best time to invest. In this quarantine, make the right choice, stack sats, not toilet paper. 😉

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