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Beli Bitcoin dengan Monero | Chart harga langsung XMR ke BTC

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Live Monero to Bitcoin price

Currently, one Monero equals to undefined Bitcoin. During the last 24 hours, the conversion rate of one XMR to BTC was highest at 0.006518 BTC and least at 0.006296 BTC.

 in a bag
harga-3.44149437% (24Jam)
0.000000 BTC
 24-hour high
24Jam high
0.006518 BTC
 24-hour low
24Jam low
0.006296 BTC

Chart XMR ke BTC

Monero to Bitcoin correlation

Analysis indicates that XMR and BTC are positively correlated with each other. Both Bitcoin and Monero have a propensity to move together. If the BTC value goes up, then there is a probability that XMR’s value may also rise.

XMR to BTC exchange margin

Monero to Bitcoin exchange rate closed at 0.006345 BTC per XMR yesterday. Now, for one XMR, you will receive undefined BTC which means today you will receive 0.006345 BTC less compared to yesterday.

How to convert Monero to Bitcoin

Ikuti langkah mudah ini untuk menukar Monero

Enter the amount and provide your address

Enter the amount of Monero and click exchange. Provide the BTC wallet address.

Confirm your transaction

Check all the data once again and confirm your transaction.

Send XMR

ChangeHero will generate a deposit address, use your wallet to send XMR there.

Wait for the exchange to complete

Wait a few minutes - your BTC is on the way to your Wallet!
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Monero and Bitcoin comparison

Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency launched in 2014. It is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency and its blockchain is intentionally designed to be opaque. Bitcoin, developed by the pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 lays a major emphasis on the peer-to-peer transactions.

Over the years, Bitcoin grew in popularity not only in the crypto community but also in the traditional financial sector due to its impressive price performance in the market. On the other hand, Monero grabbed the attention of the enthusiasts who give utmost priority to privacy. Both the Bitcoin and Monero are decentralized and community-driven projects.

Bitcoin is undeniably the most popular cryptocurrency and stands atop with a market value of 3718639643 USD and a 24-hour circulation supply of 17938167 BTC. Monero has a total market cap of 612646031423 USD with a circulation supply of 18741381 XMR.

Monero to Bitcoin price details

XMR to BTC Conversion Rate and Price

As of now, one XMR is equal to undefined BTC. Over the last 24 hours, XMR hit the highs of 219.67 USD and the lows of 204.48 USD, Bitcoin touched a maximum price of 33851.24 USD and the minimum was 32545.36 USD. In short, XMR price decreased by -3.441494% and Bitcoin fell by -4.245677%.

Instantly Exchange XMR to BTC

ChangeHero is the most reliable instant exchange in which you can swap XMR to BTC without any worries. You do not have to sign up or handle the order books, we take care of everything for you. For your XMR to BTC transaction we offer both the Best Rate and Fixed Rate exchanges.

XMR to BTC Best Rate Exchange

For the Best Rate XMR to BTC exchange we provide you with the best rate in the market by scouring through various traditional exchanges for the pair XMR to BTC and select the best available rate. We provide you with an estimation of the expected amount of BTC you will receive as a result of the XMR to BTC conversion.

Your XMR to BTC best rate transaction will be processed instantly once we receive the XMR to the deposit address. Please note that the amount of BTC you receive may differ a bit from the estimation due to the market fluctuations.

XMR to BTC Fixed Rate Conversion

In terms of the Fixed Rate XMR to BTC exchange, we select a good rate and freeze it for 15 minutes. The final amount of BTC you receive will be the same as the one displayed in the estimate. ChangeHero covers the market risks for your Fixed Rate XMR to BTC swap.

ChangeHero is a non-custodial exchange and never stores your XMR or BTC. Immediately after the transaction is processed successfully, your BTC will be sent to the provided BTC wallet address. Our support team will be assisting you to resolve any issues faces during the exchange. ChangeHero is the go-to place to exchange XMR to BTC without any hassles and at the best rates.


faq-arrow-down-iconHow long does it take to convert XMR to BTC?
On average, the transaction takes about 15 minutes to complete. However, in some cases, it may vary depending on the network and technical issues if any.
faq-arrow-down-iconDo I need an account to exchange XMR to BTC?
On ChangeHero you can swap XMR to BTC without any account. You are not required to go through any registrations.
faq-arrow-down-iconDo I need to go through KYC procedure to exchange XMR to BTC?
There will be no KYC to swap XMR to BTC. However, we may ask you to complete a simple verification procedure if our threat detection system raises an alarm.
faq-arrow-down-iconCan I exchange BTC to XMR?
You can instantly exchange BTC to XMR on ChangeHero at both Best and Fixed rates.

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