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Beli XRP dengan Bitcoin | Chart harga langsung BTC ke XRP

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Live Bitcoin to XRP price

One Bitcoin is equal to undefined XRP. In the previous 24 hours, BTC to XRP exchange rate maxed at 45248.87 XRP per BTC and the least was at 43936.73 XRP.

 in a bag
harga11.87540045% (24Jam)
0.00 XRP
 24-hour high
24Jam high
45248.87 XRP
 24-hour low
24Jam low
43936.73 XRP

Chart BTC ke XRP

Bitcoin to XRP correlation

Analysts predict that Bitcoin and XRP are significantly correlated with each other and there is a strong relationship between them. It means there is a higher chance that both Bitcoin and Ripple move together. If BTC value rises then there is a possibility that XRP value may also increase.

BTC to XRP exchange margin

Bitcoin to XRP exchange rate closed at 44802.87 XRP yesterday. Considering the current exchange rate you will get undefined XRP for an exchange of 1 BTC. This means you will receive 44802.87 XRP less today.

How to convert Bitcoin to XRP

Ikuti langkah mudah ini untuk menukar Bitcoin

Enter the amount and provide your address

Enter the amount of Bitcoin and click exchange. Provide the XRP wallet address.

Confirm your transaction

Check all the data once again and confirm your transaction.

Send BTC

ChangeHero will generate a deposit address, use your Wallet to send BTC there.

Wait for the exchange to complete

Wait a few minutes - your XRP is on the way to your Wallet!
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Bitcoin and XRP comparison

Satoshi Nakamoto developed Bitcoin in the year 2009 and the BTC gained popularity due to its price action. XRP was launched by the company, Ripple in 2013. Bitcoin is an open-source public ledger which can be used to transact value without any central authority. Bitcoin can also be used to pay for many services in everyday life. Bitcoin aims to bring financial freedom to the masses by giving them an economical means of payment solution.

On the other hand, Ripple is a payment protocol which mostly enables payment settlement, remittances and exchanges. Ripple works closely with the traditional banks and functions more like SWIFT to enable fast and secure payments across the borders. Ripple is bridging the blockchain with the financial institutions.

Bitcoin is always at the top of the charts when it comes to price and market value. BTC is the most valuable cryptocurrency with a total market value of 740673093551 USD and a circulation supply of 18734525 BTC. XRP stands third in the market cap with 40472751058 USD and the circulation supply in the last 24 hours was 46189574356 XRP.

Bitcoin to XRP price details

BTC to XRP Conversion Rate and Price

At the moment, one BTC equals to undefined XRP. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin’s highest price was 39811.89 USD and the least was 38755.79 USD and XRP’s highest was 0.8928 USD and the lowest was 0.8678 USD. BTC price increased by 11.8754% and XRP price rose by 6.204625%.

Instantly Exchange BTC to XRP

Exchanging BTC to XRP is easier than ever on ChangeHero, you don’t have to worry about the order books and rates, we cover them all for you. ChangeHero is an instant crypto exchange and you don’t have to register or login to swap BTC to XRP. You can convert Bitcoin to XRP in a few steps. For the BTC to XRP exchange we offer both the Best and Fixed Rate.

BTC to XRP Best Rate Exchange

In the Best Rate Bitcoin to XRP conversion, we scour through multiple exchanges for the BTC to XRP pair and picks the best available rate in the market. Our advanced technology enables us to finish this in a fraction of a second.

Right at the beginning of your BTC to XRP swap, we show you an estimate of the amount of XRP you will receive once the transaction is completed. The final amount of XRP may vary due to price fluctuations which impacts the BTC to XRP exchange rate.

BTC to XRP Fixed Rate Conversion

We also offer Fixed Rate exchange of Bitcoin and XRP. We select a good rate for the BTC to XRP conversion and freeze the rate for 15 minutes. The final amount of XRP you receive at the end of the BTC to XRP swap will be the same the as the one displayed earlier in the estimate. ChangeHero covers the price fluctuations and market risks for your Fixed Rate BTC to XRP exchange.

ChangeHero never holds your Bitcoin or XRP. The exchanged XRP will be sent immediately to the provided XRP wallet address. Usually, the whole exchange process takes less than 15 minutes. On ChangeHero, you can swap BTC to XRP fast and secure at the best rates in the market.


faq-arrow-down-iconHow long does it take to convert BTC to XRP?
On average, the transaction takes about 15 minutes to complete. However, in some cases, it may vary depending on the network and technical issues if any.
faq-arrow-down-iconDo I need an account to exchange BTC to XRP?
On ChangeHero you can swap BTC to XRP without any account. You are not required to register anywhere.
faq-arrow-down-iconDo I need to go through KYC procedure to exchange BTC to XRP?
There will be no KYC to swap BTC to XRP. However, we may ask you to complete a simple verification procedure if our threat detection system raises an alarm.
faq-arrow-down-iconCan I exchange XRP to BTC?
You can instantly exchange XRP to BTC on ChangeHero at both Best and Fixed rates on ChangeHero.

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