Crypto Affiliate Program – Earn Bitcoin
ChangeHero Cryptocurrency Exchange

ChangeHero Affiliate Program

Join the Crypto Affiliate program and earn Bitcoin. You can get up to 80% of our revenue!

Benefits of our Crypto Affiliate Program

  • Earn Bitcoin

    Earnings from all your crypto referrals are calculated in Bitcoin, instead of being spread between multiple coins and tokens.

  • Extra Bitcoin for your payouts

    Once you sign up for our crypto affiliate program, you get a +10% bonus for your first withdrawal and +5% to your second one!

  • Automatic Bitcoin Withdrawal

    For the crypto referral program, there is no need to check your stats every day. You can set an automatic revenue withdrawal to your address of any fixed amount.

Benefits of our Crypto Affiliate Program

I wanna become a HeroPartner and earn Bitcoin!

Join ChangeHero Crypto Affiliate Program

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