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Live Bitcoin to Tether ERC-20 price

Currently, one BTC equals to undefined USDT. In the last 24 hours, the conversion rate for the BTC to USDT was highest at 55456.78 USDT and the lowest was 52662.34 USDT.

 in a bag
price-0.50346315% (24H)
0.00 USDT20
 24-hour high
24H high
55456.78 USDT20
 24-hour low
24H low
52662.34 USDT20

BTC to USDT20 conversion chart

Bitcoin to Tether Correlation

BTC and USDT are not correlated to each other as BTC’s value depends on the supply and demand. Whereas, USDT is a stable coin which is backed by traditional fiats like the dollar and the euro. USDT’s value remains the same, which is $1 regardless of the market conditions. Hence, BTC and USDT do not share a strong relationship.

BTC to USDT20 Exchange Margin

Yesterday, BTC to USDT exchange rate closed at 54718.09 USDT per Bitcoin. Considering the current rate, for one BTC you will get undefined USDT which means you will receive 54718.09 USDT less to your wallet today.

How to exchange Bitcoin to Tether ERC-20

Follow these simple steps to exchange Bitcoin

Enter the amount and provide your address

Enter the amount of Bitcoin and click exchange. Provide the USDT wallet address.

Confirm your transaction

Check all the data once again and confirm your transaction.

Send BTC

ChangeHero will generate a deposit address, use your wallet to send BTC there.

Wait for the Bitcoin to USDT exchange to complete

Wait a few minutes – We will exchange BTC to USDT and send it quickly to your wallet.
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Bitcoin and Tether ERC-20 Comparison

In the year 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin which is aimed at providing a digital means of transacting value without a central entity. The core principle of Bitcoin is decentralization and digital freedom. Later on, many cryptocurrencies followed Bitcoin’s path and gave rise to a whole new industry.

USDT is a stable coin which was launched in the year 2014. Initially, it was called RealCoin and later renamed as Tether. USDT belongs to a new clan of cryptocurrencies called Stablecoins. Tether is pegged to the fiats like the US Dollar, the Euro, Japanese Yen and others to keep its value stable. In terms of the USDT, the peg will be in the ratio of 1:1 which means 1 USDT will always be equal to $1. Tether is used to minimize the volatility risks of crypto and also function as a bridge between the crypto and fiat currency.

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most popular cryptocurrency of all-time. It currently stands on top of the charts with a total market cap of xxx USD and a 24-hour circulation supply of yyy BTC. Tether is widely popular and stands among the top-5 most valuable cryptocurrencies with a market value of xxx USD and a circulation supply of yyy USDT.

Bitcoin to Tether ERC-20 Exchange Details

BTC to USDT Conversion Rate and Price

At the moment, one Bitcoin equals to undefined USDT. Bitcoin’s 24-hour highest price was 55201.55 USD and the lowest was 52166.37 USD. On the other hand, USDT remained almost the same as it’s a stable coin. BTC price decreased by 1.004% and USDT price fell by 1%.

Instantly Exchange BTC to USDT

ChangeHero is one of the most reliable instant cryptocurrency exchanges. You can exchange BTC to USDT without any signups and at the best rates. We take care of all the complicated stuff like finding the rates and placing orders. We provide both the Best Rate and Fixed Rate to your BTC to USDT exchange.

Exchange BTC to USDT at the Best Rate

In the Best Rate BTC to Tether swap, we search through various traditional exchanges for the BTC to Tether pair and pick the best rate for your transaction. According to the current exchange rate, we show you an estimate in a fraction of a second.

The exchange will be processed at lightning-fast speeds once you confirm the details and send the deposit. The final amount of USDT you receive as a result of the BTC to Tether swap may vary a bit due to the price fluctuations.

Exchange BTC to USDT with Fixed Rate

We also offer Fixed Rate for the BTC to Tether conversion. In this type of exchange, we pick a good rate and freeze it for 15 minutes. The price will not be affected by the market conditions and you will receive the exact amount of USDT that was shown as an estimate at the beginning of the exchange. We cover the volatility risks for your Fixed Rate BTC to USDT exchange.

ChangeHero is a non-custodial exchange and never holds your BTC or USDT. We send the funds in a few minutes once the transaction was successful. Besides, our support team is available round the clock to clear any issue with your BTC to USDT swap. ChangeHero is the go-to place to exchange BTC to USDT at the best rates securely.

Frequently asked questions

faq-arrow-down-iconHow long does it take to exchange BTC to USDT?
It usually takes less than 15 minutes to complete the BTC to USDT exchange. The time may vary if any unexpected issues arise while the transaction is being processed.
faq-arrow-down-iconDo I need an account to exchange BTC to Tether?
ChangeHero is a registration-free service. You don’t have to register or create an account to exchange BTC to USDT.
faq-arrow-down-iconDo I need to go through KYC procedure to exchange BTC to Tether?
Swapping BTC to Tether doesn’t require KYC procedures. However, if the system detects any suspicious activity, we may ask you to complete a simple verification procedure.
faq-arrow-down-iconCan I exchange USDT to BTC?
You can instantly exchange BCH to BTC on ChangeHero at both Best and Fixed rates.

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